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  1. I agree - we need to look in before we start casting stones at other supports
  2. 18 points and 19 goals worse off than this time last year. We need way more than a couple of players and to 'work hard' in training.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50956367 Two lengthy interviews - that explains why Holloway wasn't appointed! Why waste time with any due diligence when you can lurch from one hasty decision to another!
  4. I agree - Dicker should be stripped of the captaincy and Findlay given the job. I can't see it happening under Dyer though. Fowler as Head of Football Operations needs to make a strong statement in appointing a manager who has enough strength of character to relegate the alleged troublemakers to the sidelines. In addition, Alex Dyer, despite being a nice guy needs to go as well.
  5. I'd heard that Alessio was never around with a questionable work ethic. I was against him being let go but the bits and bobs I've picked up over the last week or so makes me think it was the correct decision. What's not helped, as always with Killie, is the very poor communication.
  6. I wonder with that line up if Clarke has given Dyer some pointers?
  7. I see on some websites we have been linked with Walsall attacking midfielder Wes McDonald
  8. Nigel Adkins is free and has a good reputation, though I would still prefer Warnock.
  9. Any recommendations on parking near the ground please?
  10. Interesting update in The Times yesterday from Graham Spier's. "I spoke to a leading figure inside Killie four weeks ago - I couldn't quote him back then but I will now - about Angelo Alessio who appeared to me to be doing well. 'What's he like?' I asked. 'Being homest? He is very, very hard work at times behind the scenes', came the reply". Interesting insight I thought - would be interesting to understand what the 'hard work' referred to?
  11. I have to say I was very disappointed today in the complete lack of structure and shape and the lack of attacking flair. Of course the lack of any creativity in midfield and upfront has hampered us all season but there were a number of games throughout Alessio's tenure where the football was, in my opinion, very good. A European style, which, whilst not the always the most exciting to watch, was technically very proficient and I thought, a positive change to the normal blood and snotters of the Scottish game. I am of course, not privy to all that went on behind the scenes, but from the outside, I still have a certain sense of frustration that Alessio was not at least allowed a couple of transfer windows to shape his squad and bring in players who were willing and able to work in his system. It strikes me that the club made a bold choice in appointing Alessio and then didn't have the courage to back him in the transfer market. Watching the game today, there was very little quality or technical ability from either team and I left somewhat downhearted, not at the result but with the realisation that we've missed the chance to develop as a team and a club and will revert to the regular dross we've been subjected to in years gone by. I'd be happy to be proved wrong but I fear the lack of any apparent strategy on the footballing side will see us toil for the foreseeable future.
  12. I thought there was an utter lack of structure or system today. Predictable; one-paced; and utterly lacking in invention.
  13. Surprisingly sensible and relatively informed discussion
  14. The only reason I can think for him not playing is that he is still being paid by Celtic to the end of his original contractual expiry date and that those payments would stop if he joined another club.
  15. I think Warnock could be a good stabilising influence until the end of the season at least

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