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  1. In regards to Steve Clarke’s sons twitter comments, I think putting “fans” in quotations is a tad disrespectful on his part, particularly when his own bio says “currently Kilmarnock” Steve Clarke is godlike in Kilmarnock and you won’t find a single person who thinks otherwise. He is a household name for families that don’t even follow football. Christ my mum is even talking about him. Having an opinion about how many attempts we had or any individual players impact on the game or team is allowed without it being suggested you’re not a real fan by the managers son. He needs put over Steve’s lap and his arse needs a skelp. Poor show!
  2. Ill just never understand his decision if financially the offers were similar. Hes out of contract and will be 29 in the summer. It’s his last chance really to get a contract where he will be able to look back on his career and say he had any sort of meaningful impact. He finally found that with us, arguably the first time in his career he wasn’t potential but critical to the team. There is no doubt he would have maintained this form into the second half of the season and could have opened all sorts of doors for himself in the summer. Instead, he’s gone somewhere that never worked for him previously and has took a huge gamble. What happens for him in the summer isn’t quite so guaranteed anymore. Stupid twat.
  3. Your final point is fair and on reflection maybe I’m being overly harsh.
  4. I’d never dare suggest I know better than the manager or indeed anyone else who is a professional in the game, but, I am not sure Tshibola is an asset to our team and his previous transfer value is irrelevant to this view The perceived lacklustre approach to the game is fine and has a place but to be that type of player you need to be able to provide a killer ball or a moment of magic that changes a game. Ozil is being phased out at Arsenal for fairly similar reasons but he does actually pop up at times with a moment of magic. It never really comes from Tshibola, there appears to be no heart so I’m not sure what fans should be latching onto in support of his inclusion. He’s basically an empty shirt 90% of the time as far as I am concerned and whilst I know there are other priorities (CB and Stewart replacement) I think we need to be looking to make sure he is not a regular starter for the rest of the season by finding a new midfielder over the next few days. Well done to all who travelled. Nice to see Stewart continue to do f**k all up there and we move on. The next few days are going to be very interesting. KTID
  5. Dan-a Dan-a Dan-a Dan-a Dan-a Dan-a Dan-a Daniel Bachman
  6. Wow scooter. These are serious charges. You seem more concerned about his “great career” and as for “job done” deary me. It’s like the type of comment that would come from the camp of she deserved it cause she wore a mini skirt If this comes to pass I’m sure you’ll be embarrassed by the perspective you adopted.
  7. I think we all move on now. There is literally nothing that Jordan Jones could have done more than he has to allow us all to just move on. One daft tweet which we all rightly lost our s**t about pales into utter insignificance when you think about that goal tonight. Its over. The JJ hate off is over. He will have 100% of my utter support until the end of the season. Greg Stewart on the other hand......f**k that guy.
  8. Work, but managed to squeeze a couple days in at the end to do my own thing. Was in Dallas the whole time but managed to get to two Dallas Stars Ice Hockey games and do some other Interesting touristy things. Pretty amazing place to be honest, I loved it all and I loved the people. Heres some cool photos of somewhere I never expected to ever be
  9. Been in America this past week....Texas no less. Every single person I met thought Donald Trump was an utter embarrassment. Not a single one I met thought otherwise and I met plenty.
  10. Mental torture should not be televised.
  11. Relax. I misunderstood. I think you have too. Sorry. X
  12. Oh aye, my bad! I dont ask why I’m being downvoted or is be asking that every post I make, even if I posted unicorns and candy canes.
  13. Stevie Clarke post match interview was very good. Basically said he’s pleased with the result but he’s quite disappointed with the start to the season. It’s a satisfactory start but not good enough, not enough points and not happy to be out the cup. Shows how far we have come!
  14. You quoted yourself. Do you have two accounts numbnuts and debate with yourself but forgot to log out and back in again to talk to yourself?

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