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  1. Motherwell have first dibs on any return move
  2. Great club and staff. Product on the pitch I don’t agree with and horrific but got the job done.
  3. Will the fans come back now?
  4. Let’s just not sing it at all :-)
  5. GeeM19

    Steve Clarke

    Games by. I’m by. Won’t see me again. What’s the point
  6. Steve Clarke’s at the wheel Tell me how good does it feel Alex Dyer, our number 2 We’re going to Europe for a few Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du To United Ole’s song. Get it bouncing at ibrox
  7. Alexa, play Earth Wind & Fire - September on repeat!
  8. I have no worries at all about SC handling this sensibly and professionally. Who was WBA manager when a certain Mr Odemwingie drove to QPR? So he’s dealt with similar situations before.

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