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  1. as much as I dislike the fella Griffiths is a talent but think he could cause more problems than we need... shame he could of went very far in the game..
  2. We can suggest keepers until we are blue in the face but fact is seems this guy will be joining as a number two so lets give the fella a chance. I know we all wanted Bachman but hes not coming by looks of it so lets get behind him...
  3. Hopefully septic and the player get hammered for this as although negative could have put our players and staff at risk.
  4. 100% mate, no point in taking part if we don't believe we can beat any team...
  5. New World Order! Hopefully wipe out a few of the tims and huns and the great unwashed to the south. Joke btw
  6. true - the bench is not the strongest
  7. the shape of the team when we were playing well against the sheep was better however we missed Power when things got tough. Personally I would start with same eleven as we did the other night then see how the game goes Noticed AD doesn't like using to many subs or is that just me that thinks that
  8. always take a decent support to Hamilton. after their victory against the huns they will have a bit more confidence but if we play like the first 20 minutes as we did against the sheep we should have enough for a win.
  9. horrible little man
  10. and their dirty neighbours next door too - both horrible set of fans
  11. Hummel gear is smart, I like it
  12. did he forget he had a yellow card when Aberdeen were fouling
  13. St Clair's birds a looker for one thing
  14. we are really thin squad wise, no strength on the bench. Noticed few players were blowing out there arse last night and don't blame them but we need much more depth.
  15. Shay Logan - twice nipped round the side of the Chadwick stand and done a pish. Just where the gym is in that area. I'm not moaning for moaning sake because of the result but that is down right disgusting.
  16. feck sake folk wanting Dyer to walk after yesterday are crazy, we didn't play badly. Yes we should have taken more from our crosses and corners but big Kabamba wasn't at the races. And it evidently showed that our squad is too thin but for Dyer to walk - give us peace!
  17. Shortie


    looking forward to this one. lets hope we can keep our good little run of form. Sometimes a high scoring game against them so here is hoping it is and goes in our favour.
  18. top six and Scottish cup winners
  19. aye he was silly but we have all done silly things. Hopefully he will learn and move on but some of the comments I have seen are a bit OTT!
  20. mate am a beacon of society now, not had a drink since last year - dry January - done! However that will be blasted on Sat ha. Ill be fresh as a daisy - looking forward to it buddy
  21. or celtic park - plenty of sectarianism and racist abuse at both they places.
  22. Shortie

    Big flag

    Any BIG flags being displayed on Saturday at Aberdeen?