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  1. Does anyone have a kids season ticket for the East Stand going spare? My mate's wee boy has taken an interest in football this summer and we're thinking of bringing him along to a good few games.
  2. riskyneil


    Ndjoli's on fire, Your defence is terrified. Ndjoli's on fire, Your defence is terrified.
  3. Looking for recommendations for pubs in Livingston near the ground, that let kids in and serve food? Cheers folks
  4. I thought this was going to be about Gordon Sawers, lol
  5. Killie 40/1 to win. Worth a fiver?
  6. Anyone got a stinky linky?
  7. Oh my island in the sun, Killie 2 and Rangers 1. I remember a t-shirt that was brought out in 1993 after Roberts and Williamson scored at Ibrox in a game which finished the same scoreline as today. Anybody remember that t-shirt or got a photo of it?
  8. Haha, lol, BRILLIANT!
  9. Why's there no club shop in the town centre open for the same hours as other shops?
  10. Could offer it to The Brass and Granite as they might frame it and put it on the wall along side other old strips. Then you still get to see it if you're ever in there.

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