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  1. Help

    Sheep home, Fred

    I read all the comments last night in total shock we have played Aberdeen with all the the missing players in the team and still didn't win so all of a sudden it's Gregs fault, I'm sure he will get back to where he was a good pre season and hopefully he will be there ,
  2. Help

    Sheep home, Fred

    Still agree with killieboykfc
  3. Help

    Players contracted beyond this season

    He will be training tomorrow and are you sure you like him as you have an awful lot of negativity towards him
  4. Help

    how bad are our footballers

    Two years Kiltie hasn't played for you talk some amount of s**te
  5. Help

    How Far is Greg Kiltie off fitness?

    What other pre season did he miss ?
  6. Help

    Development League - ICT (H) 14.00 KO

    How many times have I got to tell people they didn't bring him back to early even if they had rested him till today it wouldn't make a difference the dead blood would not have moved and the club have been great with him Alec the physio is in total control of his comeback and he won't let them do anything that he thinks is wrong
  7. Help


    I cannot believe you are doubting my statement ,suppose he had rested till now it wouldn't have made any difference I was the the one who went to the hospital with him as I said in the first statement he is in good hands
  8. Help


    No it wasn't
  9. Help


    He has been very well looked after by the club over the next couple of weeks he will build it up with the sport scientist and the physio he's feeling great so hopefully he will pick up where he left off
  10. Help

    Kiltie to miss the rest of the season!

    Think you would be surprised who is interested in him people like you I despise you think you know and you know f all the we man is going for an opp why not come on here and wish him well
  11. Help

    John Kiltie Interview

    I've been reading these posts over the last few days and John is a killie man he took me to the killie games with my dad when I was a young boy also if you back him I'm sure in the end you will be happy he only wants the best for killie he doesn't fail in many things and trust me no one on here knows him better than me
  12. Help

    failkirk away 19/05

    Oh well wee Kiltie is Pish I would start with this or he would do this all I can say is get it roon yezz wee man was magic
  13. Both lads have been injured
  14. Never got booked spoke to the forth official

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