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  1. Were are lucky to have a club..some won't survive the next 12 months in their current form. People from the Chairman, down to the club shop ladies, actually care about the club. Yes they make mistakes, but who doesn't.There are always opportunities for improvement, but just remember back to MJ, if you think things are so bad these days. I'm lucky to be able to afford a season ticket, others are not so fortunate and I fully understand priorities right now. The next year will be really difficult with unemployment, Brexit and, the virus impacting peoples lives.. Thank God we have something to get excited about, be passionate and show again, that getting behind the team will make a huge impact. Everyone can have an opinion... Just keep the negativity in check... Especially on here right now.. As I'm sure the players get to hear the comments. Get behind the team.. August is a challenging month for fixtures, especially with no supporters present. Let's have another great season like 18/19.. The best I can remember as a Killie fan.
  2. This year everyone will have a Primark budget. But the clubs who depend on big crowds especially walk-ups..will struggle especially if they have high paid players and big squads. Given we lost players, haven't spent our budget yet, even if it's down.. We may get one or two good signings as players struggle to find a new deal I'm always an optimist so let's push for Europe or even 2nd in the league when the zombies spend all their season ticket money and go bust again....
  3. Bought my first season ticket in years... This morning.. Now if I can just order some new tops from the Willie shop... I'll be skint but happy
  4. 100% right.. In my team every week. All the haters expect us to sign Mardona. Outside the top 2, every premier team would want him, except Aberdeen, who won't like him, as he's not a thug and aledgely not a sheep she**er so no use to them.
  5. I wish Stephen all the best He has been a great professional for us...week after week picked in team of the week. I give him the benefit of the doubt over what others call downing tools. I think like any of us, when you boss (AA) tells you to do the wrong thing, you get frustrated and confidence drops. Then what was easy becomes hard. I hope he moves onto a big money deal that gets him £5k more a week. He deserves it. This would be great for Killie too, shows proposed signings that if you come to Killie you get a chance for the big contract..as Killie can help put you in the shop window.
  6. Hopefully we can get lines of credit to cover wages and other costs More important that the staff remain safe and well... Along with the supporters. These will be very tough times for everyone
  7. Your a pratt... Looking after your own supporters is always the best policy
  8. It's great when it doesn't go away some clowns jump out and start slagging Bowie off. Before he stepped in... We were nearly bust.. Relegation playoffs. Signed the best manager since Tommy Burns Gets us to 3rd in the league... And Europe again Short memory.... Yes the last 9 months haven't been great... But he signed a manager who coached at the highest level... Pity our players aren't that good. AA was terminated but does anyone on here know all the facts as to why... So when he takes his money...will anyone step in... no... All the people who were mention back in AJ time didn't step up. You all have a right to complain about performances... Manager decisions...in the cup and today our best player gave away stupid penalties..if they didn't happen and we took at least 1 of the many chances we had to win both games.. No one would be complaining. When SC was here these narrow games went our way.. It's very small differences that make the difference..that little bit of quality.. Which we don't have.
  9. Spot on assessment... Looking at both Hibs and Aberdeen we competed well.. Was set up the right way.. Agreed with changes he made during the game. Got the players motivated.. Looking far more like last year.. Against Rangers he turned it around at half time with tactics and motivation... Just like Clarke did. We know we have certain player weaknesses like goalkeeper... But realistically every team outside the old firm would love to find a Backman. The winter break helped Dyer sort out a few players and sign a forward so we could go 442. We are paper thin on substitutes right now and that impacted the recent losses... Last year our bench was far stronger... We don't need a new manager but a few signings or youths stepping up.
  10. So you must be confident we are safe... Also every place in the league is worth money... We will need next season...all makes sense. The manager is the least of the problems we face, we budgetted for top 6.. Which is going to be hard...so money is tight I get that. But only Ally Taylor is fit and in an area where we have cover.. Right now we still need a striker as we have no cover at all.
  11. Like everyone else I have called out for a creative midfielder...which we still do need. But one area that we are weak in is shooting from outside the box. Yes Burke does that as a wide player but Mckenzie, Dicker and Power are weak in taking a shot on from outside the box. Other reams have figured us out in this regard and expect us to pass, keep possession, instead of shooting when the chance comes. Our team can normally defend, we had good pressure on Hibs yesterday..but we are predictable with ball just outside the 18yard line. Even just taking the shot on yesterday, get it on target would have created problems. Our reluctance for Power, Dicker especially to take a shot, maybe has something to do with Brophy not holding/laying back the ball, instead of trying to shoot himself always.. Or maybe he is a gready bam... A bit of both I suspect
  12. Totally agree with you. Folks criticse his passing. Apart from Findlay he is the only one to try and make the difficult pass that opens up teams. Yes he makes mistakes but he doesn't just do 5 yrs side way passes. Glad he wants to stay and his extension will automatically cut in. He is another one..that once he leaves we will realise how much we needed him.
  13. If you remember at the end of the game there was a scuffle with a few gers players having a go at Millen... He may have wanted a part of it... Hence the Drogan stare.
  14. The goal came from poor marking and failing to close down quickly enough.. Loads of movement on the ball. If saved it you'd all be saying wonder save. Yes we need a creative midfielder / #10 but we can't afford £250k a year salary... That one is sitting on the bench for rangers. Watching this in Prague with a decent beer on Killie TV... Good pictures but commentary is 10secs ahead of the pictures Still in it.. Just need a break
  15. Can we get an emergency loan for a goalkeeper..reason ones an idiot and the others crap.

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