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  1. Great response to this poll so far,definitely don’t want refund either.
  2. Dyer will get us relegated next season if Bowie gives him the job.This guy well out his depth .
  3. Could be right mate ,all his signings for Livingstone have done well and our pitch not an issue.
  4. Did anyone else think he didn’t look anything special yesterday. Still same wee moaner having a go about pitch .Aberdeen are welcome to him ,we can do better.
  5. Don’t see a problem mentioning his father ,SSC bemused at how anyone can referee so bad,McLean should be demoted simples
  6. Stuart McLean should have a word in his sons ear ,family member or not and tell him to pack in refereeing he hasn’t got a clue
  7. Just watched highlights again and decision to send off Kirk is pathetic.entitled to challenge for ball and keeper holds his head ,there is no contact there.Also Shinnie runs some distance towards incompetent ref to help make his mind up.Boyd booking a joke as is Rory sending off.Steven Thompson a sniggering git.
  8. Tim sherwood quoted 1/5 favourite ,SSC at25/1 with Betvictor ,looks like we are okay with this one.
  9. Sorry guys can’t see that as a sending off from any angle,just a goalkeeper holding his ground in area.
  10. Will say it again Jordan Jones Did Not Dive,please believe our own player and not media clowns on Bbc sport sound.
  11. 100% fell over his own feet ,not a dive so no story here.Mr Steven McLean owed us that decision for sure .
  12. Jamie Murphy two pages in this wrag today bleating about praying for safety of his pals v Livingston match.what a load of pish ,his own fault he got injured against Killie.Crap paper only interested in Rangers non stories
  13. Aye you couldn’t make it up.last home game I was at v Hearts; steward approached me and confiscated a small plastic bottle of water from me,said police had advised.police run scared from old firm
  14. Neil Lennon quoted in paper today said more or less Killie should have had a penalty,cheating Beaton and SFA done us again though

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