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  1. I see someone else is trying to make ago of this London Road venue. The Urbanist, opening soon apparently. Always like the place, not sure it's the best time to be trying though.
  2. Did the 3 Peaks 24 hour challenge a few years back, with only experience of climbing Ben Lomond once! Planning to get some more under my belt once the kids are all old enough to come too.
  3. This. Some of the crap being spouted here is mental & all based on bitterness towards Celtic & Rangers. If anyone seriously thinks they somehow knew about him being away & threw him on for 3 minutes against us regardless, needs there head read. Haven't you heard they are going for 10 in a row this season? DO you think they would do anything stupid like this that could in anyway harm that? The guy is a moron who thinks laws don't apply to him. He's been fined his £480 and probably be sacked from his job. Appropriate punishment.
  4. This completely. The beaks had the chance to put a marker down on Sevco at the start when they just went ahead with a friendly before the test results arrived. They did nothing. They will do nothing about Aberdeen either. Even if Celtic didn't know about Bolingoli's wee trip they should be accountable. Will the bosses do anything? Spineless the lots of them. As for the players, it's just typical of the attitude - too much money for brain bead w@nks! Think they are above the law.
  5. Always remember thinking we had hit our lowest when we lost 2-1 to East Stirling at Firs Park. Dave McCabe missed a penalty i'm sure. Couldn't believe where we were then,
  6. Only in this country would we even be discussing league reconstruction mid pandemic. There is no chance all clubs will survive this, i'd say top league of 12 and 2 leagues below made up of the rest who survive. Leave any reconstruction talks until we see what the damage is.
  7. Celtic don't have any rep on the boards anymore though? Rangers can't stand the fact that we now have a neutral running of the game. They have been so used to the likes of Campbell Ogilvie, Gordon Smith & the likes place for them they can't handle not getting preference. They can't stand no longer being 'the people',
  8. I think the opposite might be the case. They will be working on a way to go bust. Perfect opportunity for them to flip the company (not the club mind) and hide behind the fallout from the Covid situation.
  9. Wonder if he'l think it's shocking when there are over 7,000 empty seat at Ibrox between now and the end of the season......................................
  10. As long as we hide behind the shandy term sectarian abuse it will continue. Call it what it actually is, its racist abuse.
  11. Just waiting on the Gordon Parks article on why these Dom Thomas comments show why Kilmarnock must stick with the new manager & his methods...................
  12. Been discussing that this morning. If you didn't know who either was you would never be able to tell the gulf in stature. I thought SOD was very assured last night, if a little safe at times. That will be down to him feeling the pressure from the crowd who have decided to make him the target of the groans and moans. Robertson on the other hand looked terrified & everything was rushed. If he is as good as everyone thinks he is then he should be capable of adapting to his surroundings. Doesn't seem to have that to his game though. I'm wondering if the captaincy is a burden on him
  13. The peeps from the SPFL/SFA will be at Sunday's game at Ibrox tapping their feet to those traditional songs.
  14. Apologies in advance for posting this link, got sent it by someone at work. https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/message-for-gregg-slo-re-ge2-3-turnstile-failure.85874/ Surely that must've resulted in a crush with people being trapped in Glasgow?
  15. Bolingoli has only played a few games so a bit early for everyone in Scotland to have written off as a dud. He might turn out a £3 million player, he might not. Football folk always to quick to right off a new guy. Its not a new thing though. Remember the abuse Paul Wright got for first dozen or so games before he started scoring. He was very resentful at the time.