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  1. Celtic don't have any rep on the boards anymore though? Rangers can't stand the fact that we now have a neutral running of the game. They have been so used to the likes of Campbell Ogilvie, Gordon Smith & the likes place for them they can't handle not getting preference. They can't stand no longer being 'the people',
  2. I think the opposite might be the case. They will be working on a way to go bust. Perfect opportunity for them to flip the company (not the club mind) and hide behind the fallout from the Covid situation.
  3. Wonder if he'l think it's shocking when there are over 7,000 empty seat at Ibrox between now and the end of the season......................................
  4. As long as we hide behind the shandy term sectarian abuse it will continue. Call it what it actually is, its racist abuse.
  5. Just waiting on the Gordon Parks article on why these Dom Thomas comments show why Kilmarnock must stick with the new manager & his methods...................
  6. Been discussing that this morning. If you didn't know who either was you would never be able to tell the gulf in stature. I thought SOD was very assured last night, if a little safe at times. That will be down to him feeling the pressure from the crowd who have decided to make him the target of the groans and moans. Robertson on the other hand looked terrified & everything was rushed. If he is as good as everyone thinks he is then he should be capable of adapting to his surroundings. Doesn't seem to have that to his game though. I'm wondering if the captaincy is a burden on him that he can't handle. Massive well done to SOD though!
  7. The peeps from the SPFL/SFA will be at Sunday's game at Ibrox tapping their feet to those traditional songs.
  8. Apologies in advance for posting this link, got sent it by someone at work. https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/message-for-gregg-slo-re-ge2-3-turnstile-failure.85874/ Surely that must've resulted in a crush with people being trapped in Glasgow?
  9. Bolingoli has only played a few games so a bit early for everyone in Scotland to have written off as a dud. He might turn out a £3 million player, he might not. Football folk always to quick to right off a new guy. Its not a new thing though. Remember the abuse Paul Wright got for first dozen or so games before he started scoring. He was very resentful at the time.
  10. Bryan

    Dom Thomas

    This. If and i know its a big & unlikely if we had the same start to the season under Clarke there wouldn't be anywhere near the level of hysteria we are seeing now. That's because there was complete trust in Clarke which AA hasn't earned yet. But it's only been 4 games. It was always going to be difficult for the manager because of the bar being left set so high from last season, contrast to when SSC took over we couldn't get any lower & the immediate improvements were clear. Take the 3-0 home defeat to Hibs. Under AA would we get the same reaction to the same performance & result?
  11. I've said this before but i really don't get that term being used against them as some sort of ridicule. Hate them but can't argue they are well run. unlike their sister on the other side. Remember Sir David 'for every £5 Celtic spend we'll spend £10!' How did that work out again? For Taylor, £3 million of F-off. If they decide not to pay it, we are happy, if they do we've got our value. Simple.
  12. I know but he had to leave Hull for Liverpool to see how good he was.
  13. I'm sure that Arsenal didn't read the Daily Record one day then say "there is some hype about that Celtic fullback, lets splash £25M". He need to go there to see how good he is. Same as Robertson had to go to Liverpool to see how good he was. Sad but Taylor will also need to leave Killie to see how good he can be. But it wont be from us direct to Arsenal or Liverpool
  14. And Raith away, last game of the season 92........just because!
  15. Close the Chadwick for the next visit. Put 800 of them in the corner of the FB. Fill the Chadwick with banners "Kilmarnock FC will not tolerate Bigoty, sectarianism, scum bags................

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