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  1. Killie-Fore-Erm


    Rangers don’t have any £££ to spend???
  2. Killie-Fore-Erm


    I think he needs another season with us for Steve Clarke to improve him fully and especially his final ball. I myself did get a weird feeling with him over at the east stand next to me. I also commented to friends I was with about it.
  3. Killie-Fore-Erm

    Super Ally Mitchell

    One of my favourite players growing up! Burst a gut every time he played. Singing Ally Ally Mitchell down the wing, down the wing!
  4. Killie-Fore-Erm

    Rangers tickets

    In east stand today at the back towards the Moffat side. Turns out there was 2 sevco fans in front of me. Never realised till we scored and they stayed seated. When we scored again I made sure to say plenty of derogatory terms about there so called team so they could hear. Wasn’t long till they left soon after. KTID
  5. Killie-Fore-Erm

    Kirk Broadfoot

    Broadfoot has come along way in my opinion. Solid today! Good partnership with Scott Boyd
  6. Killie-Fore-Erm

    Pie stalls

    Was in Frank Beattie stand Went to the killie kiosk straight at half time Never got back to my seat till 59mins in second half.
  7. Killie-Fore-Erm

    173 not out......

    Great issue as always!! Can I ask being from a younger generation, what was the Cairney shuffle?
  8. Killie-Fore-Erm

    Referee Stephe Finnie

    Ref was terrible today. Berra was working him all game. What happened when McKenzie was running through in 2nd half? I was in the main stand and missed it as one of the pillars was blocking my view??
  9. Killie-Fore-Erm


    LM just stood with his hands in his pockets nearly the full match. McCall was constantly screaming, urging his team on and organising them. He needs to take a long hard look at himself, his staff and those player. This is going to be one long season if we don't get players in positions we need sooner than later.
  10. Killie-Fore-Erm

    Alan Power

    Suppose so mate
  11. Killie-Fore-Erm

    Alan Power

    Hopeless, fat, lazy, lost. Ohh how killie have dropped the standards signing this... the size of a house and has the turning capacity of a tank
  12. Killie-Fore-Erm

    The "That was f**king c**ting s**tey s**te" Thread

    That's the worst killie team I have seen in many a year. We are playing our biggest rivals and not one person showed any heart, desire or passion. Shirking out of tackles, nobody wanting the ball, the obvious long ball up to Boyd who couldn't get a killie standard under him. We don't have one player to take the game by the scruff of the neck or lead a team. I think LM has had the boys on the ran dan out in la manga. The number 6 is fatter than Stevie Fulton!!!
  13. Killie-Fore-Erm

    New strip release date.

    Matchwinner is the make this year Classic!!!
  14. Killie-Fore-Erm


    I was in row G in section 22. Spot on The new gaffer.
  15. Killie-Fore-Erm

    Johnston OUT - I'll Renew

    I like how someone called McLean likes to have a go at a supporter like me. The fact that I had a season ticket for 20 years means nothing to him going home and away supporting the team. When I have kids eventually, they will also be killie through and through the way my father and his brothers are, my grandfather and his brothers!! You really are totally backwards thinking McLean and I pity all you have to do is come on hear and have a go at people who are supporting the same club wanting to push the club in the correct direction which defanetly is with MJ gone. I do attend some games as its hard to stay away but if MJ goes then I will be the first in line to renew. Hopefully he ends up down the road at the piggery that is Somerset. Wishful thinking....

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