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  1. Charlie's Dad

    In Praise of Scott Boyd

    Absolutely spot on a great guy to have in the squad.
  2. Charlie's Dad

    Ian Wilson

    For me Wilson is a cracking prospect. Had a great game yesterday, hard in the tackle and is a box to box player with energy to burn. Playing alongside our older midfielders can only assist his progress.
  3. Totally agree. Lee Erwin was sensational.
  4. Charlie's Dad

    Next Season's Strip

    Isn't it wonderful how good it feels when things both on and off the park are working the way they should ? Great football on the park, getting back into the local community, a major improvement in social media and a board that seems to be moving in the right direction. Please let it continue for as long as possible.
  5. Charlie's Dad

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Can't wait. We have the nucleus of a very good squad. I assume we may lose Mulumbu, Greer and Burke along with a couple of others. I'm sure Sir Steve will have some great replacements lined up. If only we could just start again and forget the summer.
  6. Charlie's Dad

    Confidemus93 Blog: Neill Collins

    Fantastic interview.
  7. Charlie's Dad

    Next season ambition

    For me realistically in terms of spending power another top 6 performance with a decent cup run would be a good season.
  8. Charlie's Dad

    Rangers away, Fred

    For me the defence especially Broadfoot were brilliant today. Our problems came from further up the park. Rangers got on top of our midfield and we gave the ball away far too often. Don’t remember Mulumbu ever giving the ball away so cheaply. Power was sadly missed. Up front we showed very little other than a couple of Jones runs.
  9. We all have an opinion but for me Broadfoot should win this week by a mile. At one point he cleared the ball from the box several times in a row. He was outstanding.
  10. Charlie's Dad

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Renewed mine and my boys yesterday. Shop was really quiet so no queue. Can't wait so see who Sir Steve manages to sign.
  11. Charlie's Dad

    Sheep home, Fred

    For me I’ll sum up some of the points covered. Like to see the first goal again but I think Fasan never saw it until the last second,if he saw it at all so I’ll reserve judgement. He had a couple of good saves to keep us in it. Normally we’d have closed the shot down. Aberdeen were the better team simple as. Too strong,too quick and much better when it comes to gamesmanship and closing out the game. We were lacking with Jones,Mulumbu and Tshibola missing and our midfield performance simply wasn’t good enough. Only real issue I have is with Christie and May diving all over the place. I’d like to see the Christie/O’Donnell incident again. From where I sit in the F.B.it looked like Christie was late and O’Donnell retaliated. Didn’t understand some of the substitutions for once but in Sir.Steve I definitely trust. Onto Easter Road and remember WE ARE KILLIE.
  12. Charlie's Dad

    Open Training Session

    Another positive move by the club. Please please let's keep this going it's great being a Killie fan just now.
  13. Charlie's Dad

    Greg Taylor

    He’s been outstanding as well recently....although who hasn’t. Great time to be a Killie fan. Shame Scotland have Robertson and Tierney competing for his position.
  14. Charlie's Dad

    Killie 3 Rossco 2 10/03/18

    Cannot believe the difference Steve Clarke has made to Rory McKenzie in particular. Before he came I’d have let him go in the transfer window. He was always a hard worker, but for me he always seemed to run about like a headless chicken without actually achieving anything. He now has purpose, covers every blade of grass, links up with the attack, tracks back, and puts in some cracking defensive tackles/blocks. St. Johnstone would be a real backward step for him.
  15. Charlie's Dad

    Hearts 1 Killie 1 27/02/18

    Taylor for me has been outstanding in the last two games.

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