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  1. Good to hear the Killie Club doing so well. I’ll need to try it. Haven’t eaten in the hotel for years but visited the beer garden on Sunday. Had beers, wine and snack food. Very nice and the staff were excellent. My mother in law stays 5 minutes away from the hotel and has her dinner in there at least once a week. She can’t praise the quality of the food highly enough, and says it has improved greatly from the old regime.
  2. Saw an article with Burke. He spent a lot of time playing football with his son during lockdown and a lot of that time was in improving his free kicks. Certainly seems to be working.
  3. Griffiths is on way too much money for us. Added to that unfortunately for him he's a complete bomb scare. Involved in way too many off the field problems and would set a bad example to the younger players at the club.
  4. I bought the large home top. It's not too fitted like previous strips and fits well.
  5. Is the “stockroom” not a cupboard at the back of the shop ? If this is the case they surely don’t need a stockroom assistant, they just need to be better organised as a team. Just my thoughts.
  6. Managed no problem on iPad and android phone. However couldn’t get in on my smart tv. Need to download chrome to make it compatible.
  7. No chance of six figures. Personally thought he was too small at the time, but look at lots of really good small left backs playing at a high level. Hopefully the games he had last season will have brought him on.
  8. Of course we would mate and we all will. I think the original poster was simply pointing out that he thought we were moving in the right direction. ALL transfers have the possibility to be good or bad, even those at the top end of the market.
  9. Not a lot of laughter on the forum sometimes but that's a belter
  10. I made a similar comment on social media today about the very same thing. Surely if there are 3 staff someone could have taken your money ???
  11. I agree in the respect that on a regular basis there seems to be more coming out from other clubs. However I wonder if any of our media team are still on furlough making it more difficult ? Someone on here may know. What I am happy with however is the lack of media information when bringing in new signings. When Sir Steve was here we normally only heard when a player signed. Things were kept quiet. Mitch Pinnock.....I’d certainly never heard anything about him.
  12. Welcome back Craigieboy.
  13. Any news on Danny Whitehall. Have I missed something, is he still with us ?
  14. Totally agree. I like the guy but like others I’m not sure whether he’s the right appointment. However let’s get right behind him at these difficult times, and see what happens. As we all know even bringing in an experienced Manager cannot guarantee success.
  15. Hope there's a chance of getting him and not just paper talk. Scores goals and offers a real strikers presence up front.

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