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  1. Not a lot of laughter on the forum sometimes but that's a belter
  2. I made a similar comment on social media today about the very same thing. Surely if there are 3 staff someone could have taken your money ???
  3. I agree in the respect that on a regular basis there seems to be more coming out from other clubs. However I wonder if any of our media team are still on furlough making it more difficult ? Someone on here may know. What I am happy with however is the lack of media information when bringing in new signings. When Sir Steve was here we normally only heard when a player signed. Things were kept quiet. Mitch Pinnock.....I’d certainly never heard anything about him.
  4. Charlie's Dad


    Welcome back Craigieboy.
  5. Any news on Danny Whitehall. Have I missed something, is he still with us ?
  6. Totally agree. I like the guy but like others I’m not sure whether he’s the right appointment. However let’s get right behind him at these difficult times, and see what happens. As we all know even bringing in an experienced Manager cannot guarantee success.
  7. Hope there's a chance of getting him and not just paper talk. Scores goals and offers a real strikers presence up front.
  8. Loved the guy when he was here, but again with his injury problems it's a no from me.
  9. Was just thinking the same myself. Even pictures of the guys arriving put a smile on my face. By the time fans return we'll all be like kids in a sweet shop.
  10. Totally agree with all the comments made. I'll miss my away day to Tynecastle and my yearly overnight stay in the city with the troops. I'll miss the three points they have been giving us. I don't think it's fair that anyone gets relegated in the current situation. However Hearts and Anne Budge deserve all they get. They've been garbage for over a year. They've won 4 games all season. She was supposed to be a wonderful business person but has spent too much money. She's made numerous poor decisions especially the Levein disaster. She's turned in to a bully and has now thrown her rattle out of her huge pram.
  11. Initially I was (like others no doubt) disappointed there was no free under 16 ticket. However now I understand why that is I have no problem with it at all. Come on the Killie boys.
  12. If we can get him he would be a great signing. Really good player who is very fit and likes a tackle. Exactly what we need.
  13. Absolutely fantastic news. I was really worried that he was off to Celtic to follow his brother.
  14. Recently I've heard a radio advert by Richard Gordon advertising this company. You subscribe to them for free and link yourself to your favourite sports club(in this case Killie). You then use your linked credit/debit card to shop normally with companies that use them(for example KFC). For every transaction a small percentage is paid to your club. In theory it looks like a good idea. Has anyone subscribed and what are your thoughts ?
  15. Agree mate. However please remove your dancing self please....it's giving me the fear

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