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  1. I think there were pictures of the support at both games and it shouldn't be too hard to pick out most faces from them
  2. When supporters clubs have their share and I would expect 300 would be more than enough, then we could possibly put the rest up for sale to those who went to the last match at Parkhead( less than 200), most would be on the bus or the 122 who went up to Dingwall on a Tuesday night in December the previous season. It has been said that these people are putting money into other clubs funds at the time but if you stop and think about it you are doing the same going to Wales. Just a suggestion.
  3. Happy 20th birthday today to Louise Hanlon from all the family.
  4. H-T Killie up 3-0. Monk with first and third and Utd no.2 with an own goal for the second.
  5. Happy 83rd birthday to Arthur Hanlon today Friday 22nd December from all the family
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    QP (A)

    Killie are playing some nice football but a lack of height at the back has cost us two goals from corners but the boys are sticking at it.
  7. Today was the New York tartan day parade and my cousin American born and bred decided to go with his Killie top on and met up with these guys