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  1. Every respect to the big man, he says the right things. Good to hear that he is enjoying the experience of being with the mighty Killie.
  2. He has been superb. He adds strength in the middle and is no mean passer of the ball. Not frightened of mixing it when needed either.
  3. If Mulumbu does sign, I hope he commits to at least a couple of years. Whilst we will not (and should not) be offering huge bucks to sign on, it would be a good indicator to the Killie fans that he meant business for the Killie cause and was not using us again as a convenient shop window. All this is of course on the proviso that he proves he is fit enough to warrant a deal. Should he re-establish the form this season that we all know he is capable, then at least he would not be off at the end of the season on another freebie.
  4. Given that some find the reaction to this laughable. Just for a laugh what do you honestly think would have been the media and SPFL's reaction had it been a Killie player that behaved in this way? I seriously doubt Killie would just have received a yellow card on behalf of Scottish football. Am I paranoid or just being realistic about the weaknesses within the governance hierarchy of our game. We need Nicola to express her displeasure but we hear nothing from Doncaster and his chums.
  5. My point in this is that Sceptic as a club should be punished for the gross misconduct of one of their employees who has placed others outside Sceptic at risk both in health and financial terms. How a 'yellow card' to all of Scottish football is considered punishment enough is beyond me. If the SPFA do nothing then it's up to UEFA to show them the way AGAIN
  6. Lets hope that UEFA have the balls to throw Sceptic out of Europe, as they seem the only governing party that seems to act with authority and independance. Boli will have trained with his team, when not on holiday and therefore the whole team should be quarantined. If not so then is there any point in having rules and protocol?
  7. And what exactly is the SPFA doing or is it SFA as usual.
  8. Sceptic should have granted Boli a lifetime holiday with immediate effect as soon as the news broke.
  9. Can you even begin to imagine the backlash by the media if it had been a Killie player doing what that Celtic idiot has done. Killie would be getting thrown out the league for risking Sceptics 10 in a row. Given them 10 in a row, deduct 3 points for their next 10 games! And award Killie 6 points for having been put at risk!
  10. I am absolutely livid at this. First Sevco get away with fielding untested players against Dundee Utd, then Aberdeen players think it's ok to go to the pub, and now Celtic allow their players 4 days holiday to swan of to Spain and back. The very 3 clubs that think they make the rules. Let them each have to pay for all the revenues that could be lost to all other clubs due to their arrogance and incompetence. Only the Government will act here certainly not the SPFA who repeatedly turn a blind eye. Scottish football is a joke to any one looking in at us.
  11. Welcome back big man. Let's have your full commitment to the cause and we will happy. You know you can, just prove you can perform every game.
  12. Now this IS interesting. If we could get the big man back even on a loaned basis with a decent signed back-up goalkeeper for the Backmann this would be fab. I for one have my fingers crossed.
  13. What a magnificent gesture from the club in these difficult times. That's exactly what a community club acting for the community should be doing. For Celtic it's just pin money but for Killie it's a high proportion of their 'zero' income at present.
  14. I think it would depend on whether he wanted to play full-time football rather than be a bit part player. He must remember how many plaudits he was getting week in week out when at Killie and all but disappeared since his time up North and with Sevco. What a joy it was watching him and Brophy together, they complimented each other perfectly. Alas I don't see it happening, but then again just may be?
  15. Excellent news, he looks like a good strong prospect and I can see him having regular involvement at first team level this year. I suspect if he had gone elsewhere then his opportunity for first team involvement may have been less.

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