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  1. ekblue

    Moffat Stand Tickets?

    I thought our support at Falkirk was magnificant, we showed that the passion is not lost. There was a good balance of Johnston out chants leaving everyone in no doubt that we are KTID which is something MJ will never be. We need the same level of vocal backing at RP everyone including NAPMs have to be there and everyone must make themselves be heard for OUR club.
  2. ekblue

    Moffat Stand Tickets?

    Is there any prospect of the Moffat Stand opening up for Sunday, if not then the not a penny mores have taken this too far. I will be there in the clubs final hour of need with my yellow and blue scarf. I will support the team for every minute they are on the park, then win or lose I will use what voice I have left to make my feelings felt We want Johnston out say we want johnston OUT !!!!!!!! Lets get right behind the team for Sunday.
  3. ekblue

    Big Flag for Thursday?

    I started the topic so its only reasonable that I should be at RP for 12ish to help where I can. As I will be picking my son up from Glasgow en-route then that is two extra pairs of hands to dust down the flag and get it positioned in the Moffat. The occasion has to be worth the effort - come on the Killie lets pull together and surprise the doubters and stick it up MJ - we cant let the club die because of one man.
  4. ekblue

    Big Flag for Thursday?

    I have to admit that the practicalities of getting the big flag to Falkirk is perhaps too much to tackle, but surely Sunday's match has to be a must. Perhaps the away support will be energised enough for the occasion, but we do need something to fire up the passions of our home support. The flag will help do this I am convinced. We need to pull out all the stops as our club could be in danger of dissappearing all together as a force of Scottish football. If we can get motivated for a cup final surely these games must do the same.
  5. ekblue

    Big Flag for Thursday?

    Whatever happened to that fantastic flag which highlighted our fantastic history? Surely if ever there is a match that we should remind everyone including the Ayr lawyer that we are proud to support our team its Thursday night in Falkirk. Lets not let one man destroy our future. We are Killie and together we will win, he is nothing and should be reminded loud and clear that this is the case.
  6. ekblue

    Player of the year...

    J McD is a player who has improved his all round game in his time at Killie. There can't be too many players that could claim this to be the case, if you discount those who have come through our youth system. If this season has not been his peak season then I'd be astonished, it has to be or he'd not be at Killie!
  7. ekblue

    Miles Addison & Alex Henshall Sign

    It is a gamble to bring in players so late in the season especially as match fitness will undoubtedly be a big hurdle. LC must be applauded for effort as he has clearly recognised that the team needed a shake up. Lets hope what we saw of Faubert in his performance against the tic that he knows what he is looking for. If our two new recruits have kept themseves fit when not getting game time in recent months like Faubert, LC has seen enough of them to be confident that they can make an impact. I for one applaud LC for being willing to take the risk as without a bit of risk we were certain of the drop, now we just may have a chance. It will be some run in to the season so lets get fully behind the team and support them over the line.
  8. ekblue

    Firhill Calling

    I think that this is the first game where we can truely judge whether Lee Clark has what it takes to get our team fired up enough to gain three vital points. If we miss out on this one then it is going to be a tough fight to avoid the auto drop. I for one will be right behind the team, what a difference it made last year when we gave them our full backing at firhill, Thisle did not know what had hit them. At least Josh and Jamie won't be squaring up to each other this time. Come on the Killie!!!!!!!!!!

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