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  1. A recent Si ferry interview, cant remember who it was, confirmed JJ's daughter is actually married to Danny Invicible.
  2. Reading back two weeks ago I am fairly happy with my performance, lol. Others were way off the mark though........or were they ??
  3. Luckily I am no expert on Rankgers, but what would match day income actually be, not looking for a figure, but what do they still own ? All fans are season ticket holders, they will have spunked this a long time ago. Shirts sales, these still go to Ashley? Hospitality prob out sourced ?
  4. Agree with the comment above about deaths. However we have cut their allocation by 4000 on a game by game basis, and our home crowd is up by 2000 for these games. Get real.
  5. I asked this very question last night, they are in the process of checking insurance be amazed if we are covered.
  6. Was more for the scale of the potential support at silly wee games, yes all footy fans will want a fix. Might get us all playing in the streets again.
  7. Worryingly Cathy said last night the club relies massively on the match day income. From the horses mouth.
  8. Massive earner for the treasury, many predicted after Chelts it would be close down.
  9. Take those loons the green brigade for example: Nae Selick, go watch reserves Nae Reserves go watch St. Roch's Nae Juniors, go watch the kids Hence everything need to shut down.
  10. Not if crowds increase to say........500
  11. Does this go ahead as planned ? Given events ??
  12. Must be clubs on the edge who won’t survive this..............like Rangers.

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