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  1. Because they were................(opposition for the postponed games)? It was a pause for these clubs Aberdeen and Celtic rather than a punishment to be honest, a delay to get their houses in order and players in line. St Mirren and Hamilton were unfortunate.
  2. It was postponed as a punishment for the players behaviour a wrist slap, as was Celtic’s games.
  3. Got the go ahead, but that will be it until 5th Oct.
  4. Just reporting what I saw and heard, may be wrong ??
  5. Fairly sure she said in response to a jurno question........Wait until I make my statement tomorrow (Thursday), she suggested she would be reeling a few things back in, when asked why 300 people in Aberdeen could attend a football match when numbers on the rise.
  6. Just heard the daily briefing and sounds very much like this test event will not go ahead.
  7. Very happy for ours to remain in situ, once it arrives, altho they will need moved dependent on areas of the stadium being used, if we ever get back to a normal situation I am sure some may want them to take to away games, or in case of the smaller ones to hang at home?? Makes some difference having them displayed in a uniform manner and properly laid out. Superb initiative.
  8. These were posted on Twitter at weekend...........
  9. Here here, been chatting to the bloke who produced most of them he is astounded at the numbers we have ordered. Well done the Trust and well done the fans.
  10. Think you need a closer look at the photo there is a gap front and behind each individual. Each person has at least one empty seat right left front and behind them, if you look closely.
  11. The man, the legend......................................... CRAIGIEBOY Cheers bud Andy.
  12. East Fife away TB debut Dundee Away in the rain to be rescued by Bobby F, after battling police Peterhead................................... Brechin fence collapse after TB screamer Social clubs at Stenny, Cowden and Lurgan worth mentions Every protest in the 80's 8-1 Meadowbank Palmerston disaster, after pitch invasion Streaker at St J's ?