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  1. I think it might be the Fowler/Bowie relationship we need to worry about. We may well be identifying signings that we cant afford, currently???
  2. I will renew and will renew my son's ticket too despite the £200+ hike in his ticket price. However given the date for retaining seat is end of July, I see no reason to renew before this date, when far more things will hopefully be clear. Perhaps I am not alone.............................
  3. I’d that not up to Ref to decide ??
  4. Cracking looking kit especially if all white. But do agree we will need a third kit can’t see us being allowed to wear that at Porkheid or Methadome. we could wear home kit v Celtic, but not St. Mirren.
  5. Hard to believe.........
  6. If Rod Stewart gig was anything to go by mind you.............
  7. Wow, as a Junior Convener of many girls that comment is beyond belief to be honest.
  8. 100% they seem to manage way better than men at the golf course.
  9. Are u seriously suggesting all golfers can go in a bush. Wummins/Girls Lives Matter Too. What a terrible world we live in, where folk assume golf is for men..............
  10. Fine but they can do so without facilities.
  11. Hence I think they will be shut until next year, which gets back to my point why buy a family ticket this season????
  12. Loads of Killie fans of all ages won’t be able to return for shielding reasons, hence if you can’t do it u need to stay away. Those over 70 not meant to be shielding ???
  13. I get that but still can’t see many games next season where we will be able to get in to watch, so buy my ticket, get Jnr one next season, when I am discounted ??? If we need to he can pay as he goes. Its a bit of a gamble, I will prob end up just getting them both, but will prob wait until much nearer the season start, with no early bird I don’t see the rush this year, other than to help the club out. Think it’s better to wait and see what the lie of the land is come late July ????
  14. Do we need toilets ?? Golf courses have reopened everyone coming to the club knows there are no facilities. Three hours without a loo is actually very doable. Some folk might need to experience a game sober for a change. Open the grounds close the toilets, if u can’t hack that don’t come. If toilets must be open then they can also be adapted with one way system and screens installed to allow for distancing, again u will need to Q. So prob better to limit your fluid intake. These ain’t normal times.

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