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  1. Andy

    Standing Section

    Yes, will it happen, doubt it.
  2. Andy

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    £1 million, Sunderland are debt free and have rich new owners.
  3. Andy

    Stadium Renovations

    The plastic pitch will go once we have one to use at the training complex, and not before, which makes complete sense.
  4. Andy

    Concerts at Rugby Park

    I had my son of 13, there, he grew up quick that night.
  5. Andy

    Concerts at Rugby Park

    Have to say altho not a massive fan, I really enjoyed the Rod Stewart gig, its a decent venue. Mind you aw they wummin in the gents was an experience.........................................
  6. Andy

    Season tickets

    Anyone know this years numbers ?
  7. Andy

    Kris Boyd

    Here here we’ll done Bydie
  8. Andy

    Season tickets

    Renewed online do I just keep last year’s ticket, think that happened last year........so do I just keep two years ago’s ticket ???
  9. Andy

    Next Seasons Strip Speculation Megathread

    Hated those strips, WHITE = AYR. Stripes or hoops please.
  10. Andy


    Erect a statue now.
  11. Andy


    If that’s true it’s off the scale.........
  12. Andy

    Season tickets

    I am told (tho I never saw it) that I was photographed in one of the daily papers either the day after, or the Monday after and it was captioned: KILLIE RAGE ! This was the day of the infamous Rod Stewart impersonator, who was later arrested for goading the Killie fans. Always wondered if its possible to get hold of that paper now.
  13. Andy

    Season tickets

    Great to see the Moffat open again, however I think the recent improved atmosphere at games could be related to having more fans in the East and West Stands, because the Moffat was closed. Opening Moffat may not be a good idea if there is not a significant increase in ST sales. Fingers crossed.
  14. Andy

    New contracts

    Aye everyone loves a smart arse...... My father made a speech at my sisters wedding where he said, "The only place where reward comes before success is the dictionary" Of course it should have been - Where reward/success, comes before work, is the dictionary. Perhaps ts a family trait.
  15. Andy

    New contracts

    Can I blame auto correct for that, possibly not.

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