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  1. But you are free to get hammered in the house or in the pub before the game. Fans having a few drinks on a bus to pass the journey time. absolutely shocking that the police have spent time and money on pulling them over....and worse then back pat on social media
  2. under5


    Thank God for these 'operations' I'm sure we all felt safer in the knowledge that although Celtic fans were invading the pitch, smashing up seats, singing IRA songs....that they at least didnt have a drink on the bus
  3. I love the smell of killie pies in the morning
  4. Quite pathetic. Too much spare time, maybe he could use it more wisely such as to benefit the club rather than try and score points over people who actually care.
  5. Yes it was consult google
  6. I believe the club contacted lots of ex players, they wanted the full 97 team to play. Time of year and other commitments meant it wasn't possible for many. Can't really fault the club. Do agree with the time of it. 2pm would have been perfect imo, though the 20/20 lads woulda been on the booze before the game if that was the case, I have no doubt! I think this is a good time for it weekend of first game and a Scottish bank holiday Monday....don't know many who were off though.
  7. I'm not really into the ultra/pyro but it really does little harm. Calling them 'bombs' makes it sound much more serious its a smoke canister possibly smoke grenade is the correct term but also suggests an element of danger. Ive used them loads of times at the airsoft at nomad woods @Rowallan. They are relatively harmless, obviously don't stick your eye ball in it but you wouldn't do that with a cigarette lighter, I hope anyway. I have even had a couple go off in my trooser pocket Think we need to chill out with the OTT safety and PC stuff. It is meant to be entertainment......allegedly after last night
  8. That was a good night. I fair miss Merchants. Was my favourite in Killie.
  9. Maybe a list on the website with a list of the local companies who are on board with the trust or support the club in some way?
  10. Crowd of us heading to the golf tomorrow for the par 3 tourney. Have just suggested we pop in after it. I'm the designated driver so they have little choice! Good to see a lot of local businesses there yesterday. The Killie trust could be so much more than just about savings money/fan on the board etc. A good wee networking opportunity as well. Lets help each other as well as the club.
  11. Horrible news stayed at the Crown a while back. RIP Bill. As OP says, Guinea and Bill terrible start to the year
  12. I thought me and big dafty K started it after we had been to Chelsea game when they sang it about Benitez
  13. under5


    Went for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed it

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