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  1. Tuned in from Australia this morning - it lagged a little bit so I missed the Jones goal but can't wait to be watching every week!
  2. LINK: http://www.hesgoal.com/news/36520/Kilmarnock_vs_Aberdeen.html
  3. A few months ago I was walking down Argyle Street at around 5am. I walked past an old woman who stopped dead in her tracks, took out a harmonica, and started playing it to me. I was wrecked and kinda freaked out so I walked on and went in to a 24 hour shop for a bag of crisps, next thing I know she's right behind me in the queue, playing away. I wasn't sure if she was expecting money or not so I just awkwardly bailed out of the shop. Mental.
  4. Sanny1869


    Anybody been to this new(ish) restaurant on Titchfield Street? Best Ayrshire tatties I've ever tried.
  5. Sanny1869


    I've not tasted a better lager than Harviestoun's Schiehallion.

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