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  1. red_dug

    Supporters Clubs and buses

    Used to love coming out of away territory in a long line of buses after a win. Generally upsetting the locals on the way. Fun times. Not sure why buses have tailed off..............should be easier to operate given we now have mobile phones etc. Can only think more folk have newer "more reliable" cars these days.
  2. red_dug

    Paper Roses....

    We were talking about paper roses today. I'm generally a traditionalist but its had its day. Must be one of the dullest "club anthems" out there. All you can say is it's unique.
  3. red_dug

    Next season ambition

    Top 6. Draw Ayr in the cup and smash them. Trip to Hapden Beat Aberdeen.
  4. red_dug

    Hibs away, Fred

    Wtf were the defence doing today? Keeper not directly at fault for any but didnt get near them either. 5 goals from about 5 shots.
  5. red_dug

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    They can when i can no longer sit with my mates as they cannot purchase a season for the moffat. They were happy to move but now we're all split up. This is gonna affect the atmosphere in the same way the privelge seat scam did when the ground was built. Split up all wee groups that had stood together for years.
  6. red_dug

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Unsure now. Fully intended renewing my family season ticket but don't want to return to the Moffat due to the lack of atmosphere and can't pay near 700 quid for 2 adult tickets. Feel a bit let down. Expected to be able to do what i did this year and add old firm games onto my season. Can't see any way we'll get near selling out the east so makes no sense to me why the qts section is being shifted again.
  7. red_dug

    Fasan your Seatbelts

    Woodman wasn't great until he played a few games. As said above, keepers need games.
  8. red_dug

    Season tickets

    Is the Moffat purely a family section? As a current family st holder i don't really want to move back into the moffat but £380 vs £650 is a tough call to make. Does an adult ticket still come with a free u16?
  9. red_dug

    Let's be realistic

    Season as good as over. Very decent effort though so can't be too disappointed. Would like to see Cameron given more minutes especially if erwin is likely to be out. Boydy still has a season in him but we need to look to other options before we're in dire need of replacing him.
  10. red_dug

    Jordan Jones

    Brilliant from JJ! Injured and still made my weekend!
  11. red_dug

    George Green

    Hope the boys career and life work out well. No doubt he has footballing talent.
  12. red_dug

    Fasan your Seatbelts

    Zorro incoming!
  13. red_dug

    Let's be realistic

    I feel our own result yesterday coupled with the green bromance in the early game has pretty much ended our season, especially if rangers win today. Been a great 6 months though and cant wait to see what we can achieve next season.
  14. red_dug

    Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    We need a "shakes head" emoji on here. Nobody is saying Steve Clarke isn't tremendous or that Lee Clark was..........however, he did have us playing decent football and winning an odd game which is more than the clown either side of his tenure managed.
  15. red_dug

    Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Likeable guy. Full of positivity and think he genuinely liked his time here. I have no ill will towards him.

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