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  1. Guy would send you to sleep.
  2. Brilliantly dealt with tbf. Even managed a wee invitation for that guy to stump up some of his own cash.
  3. Brophy is the only quick player we have. No from me.
  4. red_dug


    What length of contract did he sign? 18 months was it? Time we were talking to him before he is outed as a boyhood (insert bigoted institution name here) fan.
  5. A good keeper is worth a lot of points in this league. We seem unlikely to find one.
  6. All of Hearts keepers have been red rotten in recent years. Thats the last place I'd be looking.
  7. Didnt see the ktv coverage but had to be better rhan ian crocker attempting to tee up wee stats, all in the hope of celtic scoring obviously. Forest is on 49 goals......... Edoard is on 49 goals........... A dozen other examples which now escape me.
  8. Christie is an absolute simpleton.
  9. We must be the slowest team in the league. Celtic can play as high a line as they want and know fine they'll catch anyone who breaks through. Ajer is strolling this.
  10. Good day to play them at home. Hope the pitch is nice and dry.
  11. If you think our stadium is identikit then you need to get to more grounds.
  12. All new stadiums with precisely zero history or character.

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