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  1. They absolutely cannot be worse than the last drummer we had tbf.
  2. Scott is rotten. Can't believe they signed him.
  3. The loss of stokes has also cost us some unpredictability in attack as he is partial to strolling out and committing the opposition midfield.
  4. Ah fair enough, I thought Monaco was their first tie.
  5. We did. We got sent to some backwater while saints drew Monaco. Gutted.
  6. It'll be interesting to see how we get on next week when a team has to attack us. Think we'll do better in that scenario.
  7. Forgot Andy Millen was with this crowd! INTAE THUM!!!!!!!!
  8. Think if we'd stayed up Tanser would've been at Killie.
  9. But installed 100 years ago when the average height was about 5'5.
  10. There's even less room in the safe standing section if you were told to sit, as the seat backs are far higher. Going to almost every other ground in the country is a much more pleasant experience as far as comfort goes. Not sure anything can be done bar taking out every second row of seats and even then that'd leave a massive step for folk to fall down when there was a goal etc. Think we're stuck with it sadly.
  11. Remind me not to stand behind you at Arbroath!
  12. Anyone else heard Barrie McKay mentioned?
  13. Thought TW got the subs all wrong today. Shocker of a performance all round but ICT deserve some grudging praise for the way they played. They've shown the others how to beat us so we absolutely must find a way to win these games. Not losing the first goal would be a good start.
  14. red_dug


    Maybe part of his deal to sign on again was that we allowed him some space to do other stuff on the side.