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  1. Yes I'm guessing less issues in getting league to start soon after the summer.
  2. Hearing Hearts, Aberdeen and both sides of the old firm are now pushing for this.
  3. Thankfully I never got involved in this debate and let the courts do their job,. Having read through the thread now....dear. oh dear McLean.
  4. Aye, he never grew up a Killie fan but is one now. His wee bro is a mad Hun, has run plenty of Rangers buses in the past. Pretty sure he ran one to Manchester in 2008.
  5. That pic is 100% RP. Away end in background at segregation.
  6. If one good thing comes of this horrible time, it'll be that c**t catching it and crocking it.
  7. Season ticket sales will be massively down next season regardless of prices. Will take a long time for some people to get over the financial implications of this sadly and paying £350+ for a season ticket will be nowhere near the top of the priority list. I can see me taking a serious hit on away games for starters.
  8. Two of my fave videos on the internet.
  9. Aye, folks selfishness is beyond depressing. Don't even start me on the "Brits abroad" w****rs we've seen in the news the past few days in Benidorm taking the piss and not paying one bit of notice to the restrictions. Cretins.
  10. Tonights viewing sorted.
  11. Shame half the c**ts in his country can't afford the doctors to treat them. Not one to wish ill on anyone but if Trump get's it and snuffs it, it'll be poetic justice.

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