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  1. Bus booked for Fraserburgh. Was up there last year. Falr old jaunt.
  2. Sums it up for me. The youngsters in our support absolutely love him and it reminds me of how i was with Burns and how i felt when he left in 94. All the best Burkie - i'm sure you'll not be a stranger to RP.
  3. Great watch. Brilliant to see Yeti being fully involved in the celebrations!
  4. It does when you beat them ya wet wipe. Watching Killie at ANY time is a good day.
  5. That's the attitude that means our crowds versus that mob are utter pish and have been for close to two decades. Can be a number of reasons why folk don't have season tickets. What if you can only make games on a Sunday due to work/kids football/ or whatever? Should these folk just stay in the house and not attend just cos folk like yourself think they should their head looked at? Gie us peace.
  6. Samson had a habit of making easy saves look impossible.
  7. Can't trust the yanks not to shoot kids on a daily basis.
  8. Few seats left if anyone looking.
  9. I prefer to look at it Al's trying to fleece the OF. Need to find a way of not fleecing our own fans though.
  10. £100 for family of 4 to see us vs Celtic 1215 on a sunday 😂
  11. Buckie, Montrose, Cove, Kelty, Bonnyrigg, Fraserbourgh or Montrose away please.
  12. I'll trust DM on this one. Had we had Power last season we would have won the Championship with a bit to spare IMO.
  13. You're in the wrong thread then.