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  1. Extra two matches in, their game at the weekend is off too.
  2. Players who breached the rules should be banned for the next two weeks once their clubs are back playing. I also don't think Lennon had any idea about Bolingoli - he might be a lot of things but don't think he'd even contemplate having him near the squad, let alone played him, had he known.
  3. From what I've heard, both weren't fit enough and that's led to Waters/Millen getting their chance (and taking it) Both positions are Millens/Waters to lose IMO and up to the other two to take their chance if/when they get one just like Millen/Waters have.
  4. Saw that - guy Hollywood got put in his place. Lovely to see.
  5. Agreed - he's a brilliant striker when he's at it and a step above Brophy IMO but Griffiths is also a lost cause. Issue after issue.
  6. She's not kidding on she's president, she's First Minister, whether you like it or not. The pandemic was the reason for this issue, so not sure they are hiding behind it. You know, there's quite a few things on the go just now. Maybe Swinney did think he'd get away with it, who knows. Folk get away with lots in politics. You'll know that all to well, see as your hero Blair killed 10,000's (including 100s of UK citizens) based on a lie and got "away with it". I'm glad they've done a U Turn, plenty haven't in the past.
  7. He left Griffiths out the squad though, I don't think even he'd bring on Bolingoli for 5 mins (or have him near the squad) had he known where he'd been.
  8. Finish season now, award Hibs the title. Huns still won f**k all since their reincarnation and Celtic 10IAR borefest ended. Simples.
  9. We effectively ended the Huns 10iAR back in 98. Felt good to put a tent in the Tim's bid yesterday.
  10. There is a right to appeal in England this year.
  11. Well say that then instead of throwing an entire profession under a bus.
  12. Basically how any politics work. Glad they've performed a u turn and glad there was plenty of discontent from SNP voters/members on it. You'll always get folk who will never see wrong in their political party, I've said countless times Labour got away with murder for years up here as they were answerable to nobody and last thing I want is for that to happen again with the SNP. Most of all, I'm happy that the kids should now get the grades they deserve.
  13. Least we've not got a top flight team. Not arsed about the draw being boring, not as if any of us will be at the games!

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