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  1. It infuriates me at times at how hard it os to give the club money.
  2. Absolute shambles. Junior teams have more business acumen.
  3. Exactly what I said in group chat earlier. I'd have bough the training top for gym but no chance with that logo on it.
  4. They tried to take nearly 15k from one of the boys earlier!!! Amateur hour.
  5. Unless you want to buy, erm the strip.
  6. It's a teddy bears picnic these days. Same with their pals in Govan - although game on Boxing Day got a bit tasty!
  7. I'd imagine it's permanent.
  8. Aye, their cheapest tickets are for the s**tey wee stand with restricted view in just about every seat and leaks all over the place.
  9. 2 adults and 2 kids at us is almost £100 cheaper than Motherwell.
  10. Castrated then hung preferably.
  11. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/eric-joyce-guilty-indecent-photograph-child-former-mp-a4490921.html Wrong un.
  12. Crowd that day was 1850 in away end. Exactly. Love how folk just make up numbers to suit their argument. We've not taken over 2,000 up there since first few years back in the top flight.
  13. We've not taken 2,000 to Motherwell for about 20 odd years. Never even had 2,000 on boxing day when Clarke was boss.
  14. Lovely send off for him today at RP, with the players and management staff all out to see his coffin pass the Frank Beattie Stand. Fittingly. Greg Kiltie laid flowers on the back of the hearse when it stopped outside the Frank Beattie front stairs. Sadly taken far too young and his voice will certainly be missed but I'm sure the wee man would have been chuffed to see the turnout, both in Killie & Galston today. Few of us had a beer afterwards to toast him - I'm sure there will be a few bottles of wine the Valley tonight to do likewise!
  15. Saw him at RP there as we were in beer garden.
  16. I've got The Rum Shack then Stag and Thistle booked for Wednesday,
  17. Walked along to RP there for wee Paddy's send off and toasted him the Park Hotel Beer Garden with a few of the 20/20 boys. Nice and civilised. Burns looked busy enough when I walked past the beer garden. Saw @DrewWylie and big Craw over the fence as I walked past!
  18. Couldn't be further from the truth if you tried.
  19. More of our support comes from out with Killie than the town itself. Think the last poll on here had the support being about 40% from the town.

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