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  1. Dreadful game even given the conditions 2nd half no apparent tactics just crosses and hope something happens. As for AD his only change when they had player sent of was to move kiltie inside which left no width and then take of our top scorer with 5 minutes to go clueless.
  2. We lost because of 2 brainless challenges by makrani and findlay. Findlay was the best player on the park but why he made that challenge I'll never now. Going to b hard to pick team up for a top six challenge.
  3. Great result what a difference a week makes. But they must realise with the bench today we need 2 new signings asap. Safe home for lillie support.
  4. Agree it was a good interview gave insight to what happened last week and plans going forward. But bottom line we are still short of players which was fowler’s main job last month and there are big games coming up starting tomorrow night. All well saying we are looking at out of contract players but how long will that take ie to sign and get them match fit as expect players we are looking at have not played for a while. I am sure they all tried to get signings sorted but they did not and a good interview is not going to make up for that. We will not now the affect on the club of the decisions taken during the transfer window for a few weeks just hope the positivity after the result and performance on Saturday continues and we challenge for top six.
  5. If the Bruce leaving is true on transfer deadline day we have ended up with one less player than we started the day with. You just cant make this up
  6. I am not saying we had great options on the bench but surely AD had to try something. To make only one sub while watching virtually all 11 players put in the worst 45 minutes in a long time beggars belief. Massive 7 days for the club we need at least 3 higher quality players in the team for next Saturday and 3 points. On today's game how did bunn come out for the second half he looked done in after 10 minutes.
  7. That was torture no tactics apart from aimless punt up the park no heart from the team. Possibly only 2 centre halves get pass marks. More worrying it seems the club have no direction or plan in place. We are only 5 points of play of place a massive couple of weeks for the club.
  8. I thought we were better today than last few performances. Obviously can talk about some individual errors - enough has been said about keeper - but no matter how well that squad play they will not provide the goals we need. Unless we get the right new recruits in its difficult to c were the wins to go with performances will come from. Allot of pressure on fowler and others in next few weeks. Still confident we can turn things round with couple of quality attacking options.
  9. Defence is not our problem its creating and scoring goals. AA like any manager needs time to sort this problem which we have had since last xmas. We are in the top 6 and if we stay there it will b a great season and something to build on. Saying that def need a win next Saturday..
  10. The last 20 minutes of last weeks game showed again why SC and AA never play / played dicker power as our midfield as they do not have the pace to cover that area ie get up and down the pitch. The only way that system will work is if we have a number 10 of the level of Stewart. Tight game today early xmas present with a 1 0 win.
  11. As plenty have said dreadfull performance today not one player performed everyone of them could have been subbed. We all now where the main problem lies think I'm correct but has an attacking player had s decent shot on goal in last three games. It was crying out for a change today at half time not sure why we had to wait until 2 down by that time it was too late. Need a big performance next week but still great to be in top 6 would have taken that at start of season.
  12. What a result shows the character of the team.
  13. Great performance what a first 15 mins totally agree with burke motm but also special mention for Niko great game.today what a signing hes been would be great to get him on a permanent deal.
  14. Think we should all focus on next Saturday hopefully 2 centre halves back 3 points and back in the running for 3rd place.
  15. I agree with sentiments ref attacking options as we tend to play the safe pass back or sideways but this is the way the manager wants to play and we have we won the last 3 games look solid at the back so more than happy with that. SOD did have opportunities to cross but could see why he didn’t often looked like 4 against one or no one in the box. I would not drop millar for Wednesday as we need that out ball away from home and I think he plays better away from home when there is more space. We are third and deserve to be there what’s not to enjoy about that, footy is about winning.

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