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  1. And those same rats that were fighting with police setting fire to public buildings and stabbing each other we’re probably out clapping NHS and key workers every Thursday VERMIN but it’s ok they donate to food banks. Only the media are deluded by these loveable Liverpool fans .
  2. All those protesting etc during this lockdown should have have been dealt with then you wouldn’t have this problem of mass gatherings,so yes it does matter. the mayor of Liverpool warned about this and was shot down in flames by the spirit of shankly mob ,and if you don’t know that Liverpool tried to claim heysel was Chelsea fans you have your head up your arse ,of course your happy they have won the league for the first time in 30 years I would be too but let’s not be kidded about their fans no matter what the media try and spin Victim fc offended by everything ashamed of nothing
  3. Quite right too,we would all be demanding the same if it was killie
  4. Obviously NOT you melt, a stabbing as well lovely they’ll blame Chelsea fans.
  5. At least they never killed anyone winning it although after last night where thousands were congregating firing fireworks etc that might not be true but it won’t be their fault obviously.
  6. 100% right. A true captain.
  7. Clowns I take it there is no lockdown at all in London
  8. Remind me again what the petitions are to do with Covid or the NHS
  9. No never even looked at them no intention to either, people being told they are not allowed to go funerals of family etc but it’s ok for thousands to go protesting without social distancing anyone that was that protest should tell the NHS workers where they were if they catch it black, white whatever see what they think.
  10. So it’s all right to ignore social distancing etc as long as it annoys the torys

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