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  1. Michael Angelis, 76, Actor, Boys From The Blackstuff, Liver Birds, GBH
  2. Tony Scannell, 75, actor. Ted Roach in The Bill
  3. Was Harry Bunn only on a six month contract? I thought it was longer.
  4. Big Dario also saying his goodbyes on Instagram. I would welcome him back anytime.
  5. Astrid Kirchher, 81, Photographer, Artist, Girlfriend of Stuart Sutcliffe who gave The Beatles their famous mop top haircut.
  6. June Bernicoff, 82, Gogglebox
  7. Dave Greenfield, 71, musician, The Stranglers
  8. Jill Gascoine, 83, actress
  9. Its obvious to everyone that Chris Burke has the potential makings of a great manager so I would like to think that any new contract that we offer him includes a prominent coaching role or even assistant manager position.
  10. I remember Bobby Williamson getting sent off at Broomfield for punching an Airdrie player, I think it might have been Alan Lawrence
  11. Michael Robinson, 61, Footballer, Manchester City, Brighton, Liverpool, Osasuna
  12. Did he not once score direct from a corner and do a great big GIRUY to the Killie fans as he celebrated?
  13. Finally got round to digging these out of the bottom drawer
  14. John 'Spud' Murphy, Footballer, Ayr United

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