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  1. Good to see you back Craig. Now, who we signing!!!!!!!
  2. Just spoke to Craigieboy. He's forgotten his log in to Killie Kickback. Can you guys help him out?
  3. He's ok. We hear from him regularly on our Killie WhatsApp group.
  4. Think he means giving the scum only one stand.
  5. His family certainly were/are. Monty defo KTID since his playing days.
  6. Need to do something about lighting or lack of it between hotel and ticket office. Accident waiting to happen.
  7. Burkie immense again. Summed up by tracking Kent the length of park and kneeing ball to Koprevic. Don't get this ''he canny play 3 times in a week''.
  8. Likewise. Hope he recovers fully.
  9. Well said Con. Sense at last.
  10. Especially sad at this time. Condolences. RIP.
  11. Prick. Back in pub in Killie before end of 5-1 at Shell suit park.
  12. All the very best to you and yours baggie.

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