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  1. I wouldn’t say it was a good result but at least we’re still in the draw. That second half was unplayable with the wind. Embarrassing and both teams hoping to avoid any slips. Aberdeen were dreadful but serious questions to be asked of both fullbacks. SOD has checked out completely. I’d play Gus let alone Millen ahead of him.
  2. Farcical. An absolute disgrace.
  3. If only for the 6-0 win at East End Park, Dunfermline are always welcome in the top flight.
  4. Casillas, Buffon Ramos, Puyol, Pique, Thuram, Cannavaro, Zambrotta, Cafu, Van Dijk Iniesta, Xavi, Vieira, Makelele, Ribery, Pirlo, Coutinho, Giggs Villa, Trezeguet, Benzema, Batistuta, Totti, Suarez, Torres Have to say that's not a bad list. Cafu and Iniesta were jaw-droppingly good.
  5. See if you don’t fancy it, I’ll take your ticket.
  6. It’s without doubt the most boring podcast around about Scottish football. I did listen to the Alessio one but some of the others are bone dry and over reliant on stats.
  7. It reads that Kirk enjoyed his summer off, came back to training and expected to run off the holiday weight. After not getting run up sand dunes during pre-season his now 35 year old body lagged behind in terms of fitness. The lack of respect for the manager and poor aptitude in training contributed to some below par performances against CQN and Rangers. Kirk has served us well but there’s been signs for a while that this would be his last season at Killie. If we’re looking at playing a higher line we can’t play with central defenders with no pace. For that reason I don’t think Bruce will play as first choice too.
  8. We can’t seriously have been expecting to splash the Taylor cash already. We might get one that’s been lined up but I’d be surprised if we ever spend any of it. Reasonable 3 signings with the prospect of a couple of free transfers after the window shuts. I’ll panic when Mulumbu signs for someone else.
  9. If they aren’t all announced at once with handwritten name placings I’ll not be happy.
  10. I reckon we’ll sign a belter by the end of the day.
  11. Stick this on YNTTK board now....
  12. Maybe Kirk has been offered a 2 year deal and has accepted that Killie won’t renew his contract at the end of this season. Equally Alessio night not rate him and is happy to go with a pacy option like Hendry rather than keep Broadfoot as back up. 4 centre backs in Hendry, Findlay, Bruce and Dario are very good options for us.
  13. Forget that he’s got 3 years left. That’s the best part of 500k. I presume if he does leave they’ll offer him half that to do so or Killie’s contribution will be higher.
  14. Hendry is on £5k, presumably Celtic would pay up £3k of that till the end of his contract.
  15. He deserves this win. No idea how his tenure will pan out but you can’t deny he’s been getting it far tighter from the media than any British Manager would.

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