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  1. Piersquared

    POTY Thread

    I deleted it this morning. I didn't see the point in having a thread titled 'Boyd -POTY' when my misplaced faith had been so massively wrong! I'm sure the banter was great on it but not being a mod I couldn't move it to YNTTK.
  2. Piersquared

    Second Place?

    Celtic 13 points Aberdeen 4 points Rangers 8 points Hearts 2 points Kilmarnock 8 points Hibs 5 points Final standings Celtic 88 Rangers 70 Aberdeen 66 Hibs 64 Kilmarnock 63 Hearts 48 I took a swing at the fixtures and with the best will I got to this. Basically we'd have to win at Easter Road, Ibrox or Parkhead while winning both home games. I doubt I've been kind enough to Hibs tho as I can't see any team drawing all 5!. At least we're in this rather than a relegation battle.
  3. Piersquared

    2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    I took two Forfar fans (fiancee's brothers) to the game and initially they were just going to meet me at Hamilton and drive back after the game. I text them in the morning and told them to come to Glasgow first and we'd get the train through. From the pub pre-game to the train through to Hamilton and the atmosphere inside they loved it. I didn't have to big it up because the fans didn't stop singing and we sat pretty close to the young team. They were pretty complimentary of Taylor, Jones and even Boydy for his knack of always scoring. It was a great day all round and I was getting snapchats from their car after midnight singing the 'our leader', Mulumbu in the middle and Killie Boys songs all the way home. It felt like a Scottish Cup away day from yesteryear and my favourite part of the day was about 10 minutes from kick-off and spotting a guy in his 60s taking a photo of the crowd. The look on his face said it all. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Piersquared

    Aaron simpson

    His first half was a shocker but our entire playing system revolves around O'Donnell having space to run in while Jones/Taylor play in combinations on the other side. It wasn't entirely Simpson's fault although he did linger in possession in the first half. He played better second half and I wouldn't be surprised if Clarke asked the midfielders to offer him a bit more help.
  5. Piersquared

    Gary Dicker

    Think Broadfoot is 2020, be surprised if Taylor is past 2019.
  6. Piersquared

    Gary Dicker

    So our squad/team for next year could be based on; McDonald Taylor O'Donnell Broadfoot Findlay (possibly) Power Dicker Jones McKenzie Kiltie Boyd Erwin Brophy This sounds brilliant!
  7. Piersquared

    What’s our new target for end of the season?

    We surely can't keep up this run, or can we? I played around with some permutations and probably 17 points is required from 8 games for Europe. That includes beating Hibs and although a mental thought in September, we could snatch 4th. Having said that Hibs are also on a great run so it seems unlikely they'll drop enough points. I think we'll fall 3 or 4 games short and that start to the season will cost us a European place but have gained us a whole lot more.
  8. Piersquared

    Top Six Secured

    Top 6? I've spent the last two hours explaining the ramifications to my fiancée and how our honeymoon needs moving!
  9. Piersquared

    Ibrox on Saturday

    My first thought was that this could be an easy Rangers win against a tired Killie team but now I'm not so sure. We're still on a great run and this team just keeps finding more. I would be surprised if Boyd started after playing 90 minutes midweek and think Brophy or Erwin will start. They will be up for it but then again they were also for Admin Saturday and that didn't go their way.
  10. Piersquared

    Saints home, Fred

    Jones is running riot and the wet weather / pitch certainly helps as his quick change of direction is causing them all kinds of problems. Tommy Wright, Chris Millar and the rest can complain all they like, if you keep kicking a player don't be surprised if you lose goals and men. Hope we keep this up and Erwin / Jones can get a couple too.
  11. Piersquared

    Jambos, Fred

    Daft challenge from Mulumbu but Lafferty was begging to go down. Even in our recent carnation I've never seen us as the Harlem Globetrotters but Levein would get football stopped. What a complete s**tfest of a second half. We'll take the point and be glad of it but how anyone can slag our pitch while allowing football to be played on that shambles of a park is beyond me. Findlay definitely helped us push up in the second half, although given their strikeforce was about 110 it wasn't a surprise.
  12. Piersquared

    Jambos, Fred

    Wouldn't blame Greer, it's the midfield that have struggled in the last 20 minutes. Having said that they might be sitting too deep because we have no pace at the back. The full backs have been untroubled as the main Hearts tactic is lump it to the middle of the park and win headers. Got to think that Dicker might be an option now that Power and Tshibola have both been booked and even for his ability in the air. We still look like countering and Jones was nearly through and might have been fouled by their last defender, on the half way line right enough, so still all to play for. With the pitch playing fast and the uncertainty around bounces/slips etc there's bound to be a goal or two in the second half. No point in settling for a draw because one ricochet and we'll lose this.
  13. Piersquared

    Jambos, Fred

    Tshibola lost the ball after colliding with Power/McKenzie and then Hearts broke 4 on 3. We recovered the situation only to give it back to Hearts. They crossed and it bounced at the near post straight to Naismith. Horrendous defending but though Tshibola was fouled at the start. Power has had a shocking last 5 but we look good on the counter. Jones should have done better after the equaliser but Berra got back.
  14. Piersquared

    Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Brophy, Mulumbu and Boyd were all gubbed by the second half on Saturday. It was no wonder Jones went off with cramp, he was a one man bleep test for the last 40 minutes. He's had a bit of stick for his final ball on Saturday but he was carrying it for 30-40 yards before having one player to hit most of the time. I tend to agree about playing a 4th midfielder though and play Jones off Boyd against Hibs.
  15. Piersquared

    Dizzy heights.

    Looking at Motherwell and Dundee's fixtures we probably only need another 6/7 points to take 6th place.

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