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  1. So you are saying that no player below Premiership level can play football on the ground and that hoof ball is the default of all players below that level!
  2. Do you not think he would have recruited players he felt capable of playing his preferred style. if he didn’t is he not negligent or are we saying all new recruited players need “re-programming”
  3. Some saying we were brought down to Arbroath’s level - I wish we had been that good. We are not even playing decent hoof ball we were rank. in relative terms it was a balmy night in Arbroath, maybe we trained for an expected hurricane which did not materialise and this messed up our plans - not. Forget the tactics you cannot overlook the complete failure of the majority of the players to pass the ball five yards. The passes hit straight out of play, the powderpuff challenges, the headers straight to the other team. We thought after last seasons debacle at least we would have effort but there appears to a fair number on last night performance unable/unwilling to get stuck in and are anonymous for most of the game. The Manager needs to get things sorted.
  4. I would be interested to hear fans view of our Managers game philosophy. We have an almost complete re-build of the squad and I appreciate the need to get games together. People more aware of the game than me seem to consider that the personal brought in are at the upper end of Championship players. The said players recruited will clearly fit the Manager's vision of how he wants us to play. While I think it is unreasonable to expect us to bang in six every other game it does very much concern me that we cannot seem to be on the front foot and boss games. I then think back to Wrights time at St Johnstone. They were in the main a solid workmanlike side , difficult to beat with in general terms little flair. Is this his preferred strategy at Killie. Play tight and get the winning goal. I suppose if that strategy worked over the season we will be fine. From memory the away trips to Perth were in my view the most consistently boring games in the league. I suppose it takes two to tango! Maybe the ground, smallish crowd etc. also played their part. Is it just not his syle to play expansive football?
  5. killiefife


    Yes looking at the picture reminds me of someone from many years ago whose nickname was Jasper. Are you any chance John Paton from Galston.
  6. Yes Kris was not a speed merchant but he was still quicker than Innes especially at that age. In addition he had a natural strikers instinct which was there for everyone to see at all levels of his career something I have yet to see with Cameron. It is the "Forum" thing that he is a young boy. He is 21. A young player these days is 16/17. Good luck to him but he appears not to have shown any great progress in the past 2/3 years. Hope I am wrong.
  7. Difference is that both Brophy and Sammon had a bit of pace. Cameron is still as slow as he was two years ago.
  8. Cameron is still as slow as a week in the jail. Reminded of the quote by the great HughMciivanney in respect of Joe Bugner. " he possessed the physique of a Greek statue but with fewer moves”
  9. Maybe wrong. Are you thinking of Billy Murdoch brother of Bobby?
  10. We have been segregating Society since this thing started, shielded, elderly etc. Why the difference now. Are we now saying that our behaviour is to be determined by the weakest link in the chain ie those who CHOOSE not to be vaccinated.
  11. The only thing that will motivate that bunch of frauds is MONEY. The majority have no affinity with the Club, Don't care what happens to the Club. They don't even seem to have personal pride. As I said the only thing that will get a performance from that lot is a juicy bonus to stay up. Basicly bribing them to do something that should be at their hearts.
  12. Personally I think he lost the coin toss. In either case both of them probably dropped it!
  13. I think Wright has a few decisions to be made regarding Sunday. Accies are virtually but not mathematically relegated. I don't think this will impact on their performance on Sunday. They will still be the bitching time wasting niggling dirty team they have always been albeit with a couple of decent skilful players in their ranks. Our record on the ground is awful when we have had much better teams than the present shower. Given the above I think there is a strong case as said above in other posts to rest Lafferty. I honestly cannot understand how he has not been sent off during his short spell with us especially when we have seen such soft dismissals this season. How his hand ball did not result in a second booking amazed me. Added to his lunges/elbows in other games he has been fortunate. It appears to be a concensus that he is the only reason we have not been automatically relegated and he is our main hope of winning a playoff. Given the above you can guarantee the Accies players will be doing everything in their repertoire to get him dismissed and his luck will probably run out which I assume will see him banned for the Dundee game, someone can maybe confirm. So we play him with an outside chance of gaining 10th spot with I think a fair possibilty he will be sent off or we ensure he is available for the play-offs which seem more likely. I appreciate he could still be dismissed in the first five minutes of the first leg given his temperament/commitment. Difficult call but thats what Wright is paid for.
  14. Controversial. Rest Lafferty v Hamilton?
  15. I would sub Lafferty. Cannot afford him being sent-off and there is no chance he will survive another forty five minutes without a second yellow.