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  1. The two scientists tho both said they didnt want to be involved politically but then cowardly did not answer the most basic direct question. Arseholes. This is not a political matter that they now say it is and hiding behind. c**ts
  2. It was shocking. Watch it on playback if ye can. Every media question cut off and not allowed a response. Total state control
  3. Big style manipulation on conf tonight. Scientists need to grow some balls too. Disgusting state arrogance
  4. He broke the rules. End of. Shudda been sacked. Even if he can hide behind the bit about going North, the jant to Barnard Castle shoots it down. They can f**k off. Zero credibility on everything
  5. Why should we to be fair gdevoy. Simple action wudda beensack Cummings. Maintain trust but no, the old boys network knows best
  6. My inclination too Drew given the complete state of denial by Johnson Hancock Gove etc that Cummings out of order.
  7. Going live on 1st June according to Boris. With this continuing defiance over protecting Gollum I'm ever more inclined to carry on as I have for the last few months which is following the social distancing advice and they can feck off.
  8. Not just home counties gdevoy. Widespread in Salop and I assume elsewhere in England. Kawczinski very supportive of Cummings here. Says it all. Hopefully when the impact of c £40k deaths sets in a realisation will dawn.
  9. Adhere to it or follow your instincts? Your next to someone in Aldi. You then get a text and told to isolate 14 days. Do you trust the technology given WMs performance on all of this and their own interpretation of the rules? ps might be more relevant to English based Killie fans!
  10. I've found most places I've been to abroad cleaner and tidier than here. Northern France seemed particularly well kept. For me the whole debacle has been caused by WM dithering complacency, incompetence with respect to care homes, an over reliance on scientific, rather than common sense advice and also a high degree of "we know best" arrogance. Re McLean. It doesnt matter how much the SNP is slagged off, we will always be dragged along by the UK and heavily influenced by them til we are independent. Any other party running Scotland would be in exactly the same position albeit possibly worse. If, god forbid, there is another war somewhere Scotland politically may not agree with, such as Iraq, as part of UK, we will be in it, like it or not. If Trident renewed, f**k all we can do about it. If things go tits up with Brexit and skirmishing and tension on the fishing front, f**k all we can do about it but of course McLean will no doubt still find SNP blame somewhere.
  11. If they didn't have covid what was wrong with them? Flu season over. Why was kid at hozzy? The whole thing stinks of lies and deceit. No surprise and pathetically predictable.
  12. Never mind folks Bonbon was spot on, the shops are all re-opening
  13. It is a lovely spot to be fair.....

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