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  1. This is that scum of a man yesterday watching for migrants at Dover and the lady with the child arrived down the road at Dungeness. Would anyone with a heart turn them back?
  2. Scooter quite right. It diverts attention from the tens of thousands of covid deaths. It's ok to offer 3 million Hong Kong chinese residency though rather than a few hundred desperate immigrants. I do acknowledge each case should be assessed. Patel is a hypocrite of the very highest order.
  3. Be interesting as the season progresses whether the absence of their baying hordes of vile fans will affect their performances (and that of referees being influenced by their screaming howls of outrage)..
  4. Fabulous pic! McLeans right on this but not necessarily down to the club imo. Just stop f**king singing it. End of.
  5. Go Kamala! Trump already disrespecting her.
  6. As suspected another blatant lie/deception from Johnson yesterday that schools safe
  7. Also heard Bojo today saying two things need to be done. 1. Stop the migrants and 2. Change the law so they cant stay so easily. Maybe this shallow twat of a man and his pathetic cronies should have added 3. Establish the root cause of why Syrians, Iraquis, etc want to come here and look at helping them in their own countries to make things better and not in the way Blair and Bush did.
  8. UK govt say "little evidence of school transmission". You only find evidence if you look, so quantify the looking/ testing please and report back. Its like them saying "little risk to carehomes".
  9. Well done Killie! Enjoyed that! WE ARE KILLIE!!!
  10. What's good about this topic is it shows you folks North of the border are quite right to criticise the SNP on this ( if it is appropriate), and in an independent Scotland you could also rightly be criticising whoever is in government. You do not need WM and personally I need to get my head around criticisms of the SNP could or may not be valid but not necessarily associated with anti independence. Hope that makes sense
  11. Yep! This fence post hole very interesting so going to have to be enlarged. Just took this out of it. Presume its from a pig
  12. Bomb disposal gone now. Said it was decommissioned and likely a souvenir. Course got obsessed now and just dug this (carefully) out of same whole
  13. I'm putting a fence up at back of garden. Dug this beastie up whilst digging hole for fence post. Police been here last two hours. Currently waiting on bomb disposal lads.

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