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  1. Shropshire_killie

    Diageo and hypocrisy

    I boycot all their stuff
  2. Shropshire_killie


    Great city. Lovely people, beautiful buildings. Check out the Rijksmuseum. Had a scary ride on the canals in a Pedalo
  3. Shropshire_killie

    Trump latest

    Trump said he would have run into the school "unarmed". Oh Really?, None of us can predict our reaction to such events but its a fact Trump nicely evaded his Vietnam call up with a "sore foot", despite being witnessed playing Golf, Hockey and Football. Big brave Donald my arse.Draft Dodging Coward!
  4. Shropshire_killie

    Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Im no telling ye.........ooops!
  5. Shropshire_killie


    I love the East Stand. Im fond of the West. I dont get to see my beloved club often. Can you rowdy lads and lasses in the East not try and get a Bayern thing going where East sings "Killie" and West are persuaded to echo and if they dont sssssssh!
  6. Shropshire_killie

    Cities you liked

    And in England Bath is beautiful!
  7. Shropshire_killie

    Cities you liked

    Also enjoy Siena Mclean. I agree. Saw em play Hellas Verona.
  8. Shropshire_killie

    Cities you liked

    Napoli for me. Seething full of life.
  9. Shropshire_killie

    Trump latest

    Would it not have been more strategic to say commendations to North Korea for opening phone line to South Korea rather than infantile "my red buttons bigger than yours"
  10. Shropshire_killie

    The Killie fans

    What a fabulous heartwarming story for Xmas. Makes you so proud to be Killie.
  11. Shropshire_killie

    snow challenge

    Very unusual for heavy snow in Shropshire so can ye beat ma Westie!
  12. Shropshire_killie


    Theres a very good pub in town called The proud Salopian.
  13. Shropshire_killie


    Hey Killie fans. Its not a county many folk come to but if any of you ever down this way, would love to see you and buy you a beer at one of our gigs as miss me team and my home folk. Shropshire Killie (Bassman) www.facebook.com /tengunsalute.
  14. Shropshire_killie


    Really missing pre season friendlies as gives a chance to see the boys down here against English or Welsh opposition and something a bit different. So is the view generally that this parochial "pre season" league cup a good thing?
  15. Shropshire_killie

    old RP

    Fabulous Lroy!!!!!!!! Nice one.

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