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  1. But the Brexit you appear to support Killiepies has made the situation worse, a whole lot worse. "The driver shortage predates the coronavirus but it has been aggravated by govt policy. First Brexit has increased bureaucracy and custom regulations for lorries entering the UK. Second the govt wish to curtail net immigration has led to shortages across many sectors not just lorry drivers" On your last point, of course I wouldn't but I fully expect the UK govt to go down that path to some degree in their desperation.
  2. See Kate and Emma having a game o tennis on the same day as wait, surely not, yes the court papers on that other very serious matter were accepted by the Royal "team".
  3. Boris showing Brexit failed like we all knew it would. He allowing temp visas for EU drivers. Kwarteng disagrees saying pay drivers more. Schapps smilingly says Brexit shows this latest fiasco is a good thing to address. If you were an EU driver would you come over here with risk of getting stuck? What an absolute farce. We will all prosper mightily my arse.
  4. Don't panic! Don't panic! Remember the bog roll hoarding. I'm sure all the Tory diesel vehicles have all been filled up. Mind you the diarrhea (the hardest word in the world to spell) that comes out of Downing Street probably merited the delivery.
  5. Was being reported this am that 8t was only affecting the South east of England. You can't blame folk for topping up I guess given the shambles of who is running this country and the confidence we should place in them.
  6. Prob long cold nights parked up at a miserable services with s**t facilities isn't very appealing, coupled with many hours sat on your arse with little exercise aint the most attractive of jobs for the long distance HGV lads n lasses.
  7. Stop lying to people, Grant Shapps ! Yes there are shortages of drivers in the EU too but it's not leading to empty shelves or petrol stations closing because drivers work freely all over the continent And to say Brexit is making things better is just mind-boggling @KayBurley Gaun Yersel Kay!
  8. Wouldn't it be nice to just go about your business with as little govt inflicted hassle as possible. Just been to Wem garage and folk panic buying fuel. Yet another feckin fiasco. It wouldn't have happened without Brexit.
  9. Oh the charisma of the man. Off to Washington, will he secure the marvellous trade deal he espoused so much and that we will be prospering mightily? Nope! Too wee and too unimportant in US priorities. Crisis after crisis. Tens of thousands of tons of vegetables rotting. Energy prices gonna rocket. Everything is just tickety boo. Wait for the pathetic explanations to come.
  10. That's laughable. They'd ditch us in a flash if the English people were given a vote. We are constantly told, including by you, we are subsidised significantly more heavily than England. Well let the English people decide then if they want to continue subsidising us. Give them a vote. Tell them they will all prosper mightily by being rid of us expensive jocks. Yeah right.
  11. Was in Morrisons in Shrewsbury yesterday. Couldn't believe the amount of folk coughing and few with masks on. Could've been common cold but was vv noticeable and almost surreal as the weather been beautifu.. England prob won't be far behind at this rate. As far as Morrisons, Shrewsbury is concerned "ah'll no be back" (for a while).
  12. Will a Snickers become a Marathon again?
  13. I'm gonna study this tomozza when sober.......sounds interesting
  14. Wonder who advising him now to ditch his fellow imbeciles but keep himself.
  15. Cammy boy. I'm sorry. When I said Let it Rip, it seems to me this is what certainly the WM govt want and I did get the impression from your responses. you were content with the approach of now doing nothing The txt below kind of shows where my leanings are on this: Anyway no offence to you either. We can have different views and I accept that. "The aim of vaccine passports, supposed to come in at the end of the month, was to reduce Covid cases and avoid lockdowns. But it was criticised by venues, some MPs and people who've not yet been vaccinated. Laith Alobaidi tells Radio 1 Newsbeat the lack of a vaccine passport is "another blow to sick and disabled people, the most clinically vulnerable to Covid". The 26-year-old lives with Crohn's Disease, and due to the medication he takes to manage his health, he's highly immunocompromised and clinically extremely vulnerable. If there are precautions in place to make people like me feel safer, then definitely I would be less hesitant" He's spent most of the last 18 months shielding, even when the guidelines have said it's safer to go outside. "Many of us are used to being more cautious around catching viruses because we're more prone to it," he says. Laith, from Devon, feels vaccine passports would make him feel more comfortable attending clubs and events. "It would give me reassurance. And it feels like there aren't too many accommodations for the most vulnerable at events." He says he's less likely to go to a club or large event following the government's change of mind. "If I knew everybody there was vaccinated, it would make me feel safer. 'I feel very unsafe' For 22-year-old Ana, the effect of Covid on the arts is why she wanted to see vaccine passports introduced. She works part-time at a London theatre and feels anxious because of the close proximity of people - including some who may not be fully vaccinated. "We are one of the industries that have been closed the longest, and have had to function on our own," the theatre student tells Newsbeat. "If I sit in on a show, I have people next to me, they cough, they sneeze, they don't wear masks." "It's quite a small theatre, the corridors are narrow, so in the interval when everyone rushes to the toilets, they're talking loudly and not wearing masks, I feel very claustrophobic and unsafe." She's worried that if she gets the virus, it'll hurt her work and education. "I don't get paid if I take time off and I'm at university so it would impact my studies." And without a vaccine passport, she has no intention of going to a nightclub or festival "for a very long time".
  16. I don't consider myself delusional. I'm saying take precautions as winter approaches. Your view is any such measures pointless and that says it all. Let it rip. Hope you don't get affected.
  17. Read John Prebbles "The Highland Clearances", a while back saying the British Army at Culloden basically viewed the Highlanders in the same way as they later viewed the Zulus. On topic tho, if you have nothing to answer for, then show the security records of you being in Pizza Hut on the night in question.
  18. If I get served a lawsuit and then hide in my garden as its delivered, does that absolve me from responsibility for my (alleged), crime? Just asking.....
  19. I'm looking for folk to be immortal? Seriously? Let's agree to disagree. I'd have measures in place to protect folk whether it be small measures such as masks and vaccine certification or if necessary tougher controls. Its interesting how many folk conveniently are now dismissing even measures such as these as pointless to suit their own self rightousness. I was not saying total lockdown but hey ho let's just follow your path.My heart bleeds for young folk not getting to night clubsetc when old folk in care homes etc could not see their loved ones and died alone. On a flippant note that film Logans Run springs to mind where old yins exterminated. Forget immortality let's just try and get everyone, whatever their health to live as long as naturally they can. I do acknowledge our society, led by Boris and chums do not appear to want to do that.
  20. See gdevoys response. I'm not saying life should halt for the "tough" folk. Im saying more consideration should be shown for the old yins and vulnerable instead of simply shrugging shoulders and being told to accept it coz that's the way it is. Someone coughed by me in shop today. No mask. Did she have covid. Who knows. A mask mibbe just mibbe would have helped if she had. Just learned last week a friend of mines bro in law died of covid. He was double jabbed. If wearing a mask or showing a fecking vaccine card had helped the likes of him and so many others then so be it. I can live with that. The utter selfishness across the UK seems quite evident.
  21. Perhaps the strategy makes sense if as many vulnerable folk die now as possible and more folk vaccinated supposedly easing the pressure come winter. This shows a lack of duty of care by govt to those most likely to die which is probably of no surprise to some of us and may look shameful in the months to come. Those dying now are clearly expendable. Oh how proud it is to be British.
  22. Whether that newspaper article has grains of truth or not, can you imagine if it was the Frenchies bringing it into England. The significant upsurge in Cornwall certainly seemed to be caused by erm, English staycationers likely with a number of Scots and Welsh thrown in and taking it back to the homelands.
  23. Invite more nurses, doctors and cleaners in from abroad....oh wait.....