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  1. Hi folks, I hope it’s been a good weekend ☀️ This evening at 9PM we will have the 10th round of my quiz. This will be the final round of the quiz for the time being. I hope it’s brought some light during what has been a difficult few months for us all. It’s been my pleasure, and would like to thank everyone that has taken part in the quizzes. The decision has not been an easy one, but with lockdown restrictions scheduled to be eased further on Thursday, I feel as though the time is right. Join me this evening at 9PM for one last time, hope to see you there! Rounds this evening incl
  2. Don’t forget! Quiz starts at 9! stay safe
  3. Scotty1869


    What a glorious Monday morning It’s time for the next round of the general knowledge quiz! Join me tonight at 9PM Tonight’s rounds include- sport, history, geography, branding and many more categories To join us this evening visit myquiz.org and enter code-383774. We had over 90 teams last week let’s see if we can reach 100 this week! Feel free to share away
  4. You’ll just have to hit the books this weekend and perform better on Monday hahaha
  5. Glad you enjoyed it mate And no that wasn’t me hahah I’ve General knowledge quiz on Monday too mate. I will post code on Monday. Have a good weekend
  6. Hi folks, I have decided set up a killie quiz since that’s 55 years since the club won the league. The quiz will start at 9. To participate click the link and enter-205962 enter wrong date.. code works now www.myquiz.org Hope to see plenty of yous there! Cheers
  7. Last minute i know but does anyone know of any buses that have a spare seat for tomorrow?
  8. thanks again for the support killie fans 12 hours till the voting deadline last minute votes would be appreciated cheers
  9. cheers folks means a lot and yeah its 2 tickets
  10. Hi everyone I am a lifelong kilmarnock fan and did an interview for grazpom on tuesday evening prior to the city v PSG game in order to win tickets to the champions league final I need your support by voting for me. It'd be greatly appreciated if you could spare a second a vote for me. Voting closes next tuesday evening and you can vote once an hour everyday until the deadline on tuesday. The link is below all you need to do is copy and paste the link below it takes a second to vote Thank you