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  1. Think we’ll see changes at the break. Need two up top.
  2. One of the midfield three need to be deployed in a more attacking role. I can’t see any of them capable of making intelligent passes forward. County are set up well.
  3. Really chuffed with that performance.
  4. ALL IS GOOD AGAIN Seriously though- brilliant from Kabamba
  5. Well worth the yellow card there Dicker
  6. In addition to a sexual harm prevention order, which is important. There will be many who believe this to be a despicable sentence and others who default to ‘let them rot in jail’ / ‘castrate him’ forms of justice. However, this depends on one’s notion of justice. For me, justice would be ensuring he was not able to harm again (that’s where you can debate the effectiveness of the prevention order) in addition to a punishment (in this case, unpaid work, a lifetime of monitoring by the English equivalent of the public protection unit, and a reputation which will completely alter his once affluent way of life). The sentence is far from a reasonable one when attempting to achieve revenge, but certainly a just one from a rehabilitation point of view. The moralities of ‘managing’ sexual offences is complex and uncomfortable to navigate. It’s understandable why the ‘throw away the key’ narrative, in its eloquent simplicity is often drawn upon in these cases.
  7. I don’t see this being a ten-pager given the OP would win hands down! Great anecdote for every occasion. Back to fencing.
  8. Away for a few days with the family. Got a £83 lunch for £43 yesterday and going for another expensive lunch today- might as well rip the arse out of it. Oh- we also really like Lido. Never had a bad meal there
  9. Can’t believe Beaker has the brass neck to talk about improvements in the attainment gap when children in the most deprived groups have been disproportionately penalised yesterday. The cherry on top was then deflecting blame towards teachers. There is no discernible difference between downplaying everything as SNP BAAAD than blindly defending the indefensible. You seem like an intelligent chap with a passion for politics- use some of that grey matter to think more critically of the Scottish Government. Society would benefit from a more critical electorate. You can still vote SNP while acknowledging their limitations.
  10. Interesting twist of thread. However, if anyone would like to try to convince me that violence against children promotes their wellbeing and development, well, don’t bother.
  11. Avoid sugar puffs and asparagus

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