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  1. virtuocity

    East Kilbride

    Thought he lived under the East stand
  2. virtuocity

    East Kilbride

    Aye- I was in it. Me, big Smegsy, wee Raz, medium Billy and Johnny-Bawsax.
  3. virtuocity

    The Wrestling Thread

    I say the above only in jest, particularly as I have no clue about it- I'm sure it's exciting for those into it. Like a soap opera with metal chairs.
  4. virtuocity

    The Wrestling Thread

    Mind that Papa Shango? WWF stickers were all the rage around 1995 for kids aged about 8 to 12. I completed the Legion of Doom page, but didn't have the financial backing of parents to go any further. For kids. Aged under 12.
  5. virtuocity

    Ice Cream

    I always buy vanilla. I'm a boring person. Forum's is good.
  6. virtuocity

    Penalty shoot outs

    I think you can make a team better at penalties. Such as not picking players who expect to score 5 goals between them in a season to take one. Beyond that, I would consider it basic technique to be able to hit a football no more than half a foot above the ground with pace. If the keeper saves them, fair enough. However, chipping a ball at keeper height nowhere near a corner is combination of stupid thinking with s**te technique. Then you have Dicker's 'effort'. He absolutely responded to Samson's dive and made an arse of it. Completely bizarre selection of penalty takers. When Broadfoot put his hand up, SC should have told him to 'sit down son'.
  7. virtuocity

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    Stunning entertainment.
  8. virtuocity

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    JJ has not been practicing his crossing then.
  9. virtuocity

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    Complete rustiness is causing our problems. Struggling to find a pass and get to grips with the game. There isn't much to learn from this game IMO.
  10. virtuocity

    Very Uncomfortable ...

    McLean has gone from wanting 4000, to 5000 and is now quoting 8000 as a target. This divides people between: a) McLean's a moany prack- never happy with anything. Always wants to find a way to conclude that the fans have failed to adequately support the team b) McLean only wants what's best for the club, is enthusiastic and doesn't think Killie should settle for micro successes For me, I think McLean sits more in the 'b' category, but also think he is more than aware of the divisiveness he creates and plays up to this big style, cos he knows anything he says causes a Pavlovian-esque reaction of seethe and mouth frothing in the usual suspects. Tedious to most, but all consuming and crucial to a small band.
  11. virtuocity

    Now we have our leader....

    Now we have our leader, his name is Stevie Clarke And thanks to Scott McClymont, we're no longer in the dark.
  12. virtuocity

    SSC & AD sign new contracts

    Yes, clearly a "we don't want to lose you on the cheap, so we'll give you more cash in return for allowing us to put a chunky release clause in your new contract". Fair enough for all parties.
  13. virtuocity


    Srs bidniz.

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