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  1. Thought you were being a bam there cos the images took an age to load- finally worked after refreshing my page a few times. will reserve judgements until we get better images- looks like you’ve taken them from a mile away but better than nothing!
  2. They might look better from a distance of 2m
  3. In uncertain times, a forum trope gives us all a comforting hug.
  4. No worries. I’m sure you’ll acknowledge the limitations in your write-up. However, I would have significant methodological concerns at this point. Happy to be proven wrong when I read the study- keep going!
  5. Not trying to be overly critical, but how do you manage participant motivation bias when your survey wording and topic is so partisan?
  6. Favourite manufacturer or the Killie pie?
  7. Absolutely brilliant. @Wrangodog you should be proud of your idea- superb positivity and connection in these difficult times.
  8. They don’t look chuffed
  9. Voted for the away top. Was the first real brand-new Killie top I had. My parents bought it and I paid them back at £2 a week until the debt was paid. Sometimes it’s not about the design, but about the memories. (Insert Largo theme from Hovis advert here)
  10. Does anyone remember the posters issued to school to promote an anti-litter campaign? One had Bobby Williamson and the other had Tommy Burns with the caption ‘what a load of rubbish’. I was given one at the KGB (Killie Girls and Boys) party at Parker’s nightclub where I presented Danny Crainie with an award of some sort. Must have been around 1990.
  11. @Lroy once this is done, you should suggest a World Cup of best Killie moments. Good engagement in crappy times

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