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  1. Ever wonder why you bother?
  2. Or get a Moffat family and keep a seat next to you empty… Agree- worst legroom in Scottish football and FB for me.
  3. We’re gonna win this thing
  4. Why Waters doesn’t put that in the stand I don’t know
  5. Solid and hopefully reasonably cheap. Tommy knows that as well as quality, we need depth to escape this league at the first time of asking.
  6. We’re doing fine. The better team and deserve to be drawing this game.
  7. For a family of 4 to attend and get a pie and drink, they’d have to find £82. Joke.
  8. Yep I’m the same. Robocam is gubbed
  9. Not a stinking performance by any stretch. We’re a good quality championship team. Still need a focal point up front.
  10. What a team we had a few years ago- fair enjoyed those highlights
  11. Killie set up well but I’d still take a point right now.
  12. @CB’S jokes fall under the category of ‘dad comedy’ rather than satire and we love him for it. I would bet that the thread title is innocent, silly wordplay rather than a scathing commentary of our opponent’s facilities and structure. But CB can answer for himself, I’m sure.