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  1. Ken T

    Perf Saints Fred

    Was fully expecting it to malfunction (old card updated at the shop a few weeks ago) but amazingly it worked first time - Rugby Road turnstyle for the East Stand :-)
  2. Speaking of hope - his Twitter account describes him as "Congolese soccer player for Kilmarnock fc", his profile picture is him playing for us and he retweeted Boydie's recent hat-trick! Starting to believe here.....
  3. Ken T

    George Maxwell

    What a gent. He was playing beside Brian Rodman at the back when I started going.The Motherwell game at FIr Park he referred to we got beat 5-4 - one of the mad Willie Fernie matches, we were 2 up at h/t and cruising - he scored an absolute screamer which I think made it 4-4. This is a cultured eloquent guy who played at the top level and cleary loves our club - Sam for the Board!
  4. Ken T

    TIK Funding Update #8

    When you look at the number of folk who are passionate enough about the club to spend their time sharing opinions on this forum then 255 folk contributing is pretty poor. Not convinced the pricing model is right, 15 a month is getting into phone contract territory. Think we could easily have doubled the number of contributors if it had been a tenner, but who knows and I know it's always easy to carp from the sidelines. Fact is though after all the fuss about reaching 100k three months ago we still don't have representation on the Board. I'm not buying all this legal process stuff, surely all this could have been agreed with the club long before the magic number was reached. Fully appreciate the Trust guys have done a great job getting to this stage, but we can't expect subscribers to continue paying in their hard earned indefinitely when there's still no director after three months, and it's all a bit vague on which projects the money will be ring-fenced for.
  5. Ken T


    Wilson is certainly more effective for us. Folk say Tshibola came onto a game after Dicker's red card v Dundee but I don't remember coming away from that thinking he'd won us the game! As others have said enough time has gone by for Tish to show us what he's got to offer.
  6. Ken T


    Ability is one thing but attitude and game awareness is another. I'm sorry but getting increasingly fed up watching this guy doddling about. Really weak challenge on Allan directly leads to the first goal yesterday. For the third he decides to allow Whittaker to run forward and points at him instead to persons unknown whilst literally in no mans land. If he had Alan Power's commitment it would be a different story, but the harsh truth is he doesn't and you cannie just switch that on. I'm sure he's very good at keepie uppie but so was Rashid Sarwar!
  7. Ken T

    Fasan your Seatbelts

    Fair point but we do know crosses ain't Jamie's thing!!
  8. Ken T


    Can't say I'm missing him. Too slow too casual. For me the only foot Clarke has put wrong since he came here is thinking this guy is remotely suitable for Scottish football. And if I'm ever proved wrong will be delighted to eat my headgear.
  9. Ken T

    Fasan your Seatbelts

    MacDonald would have saved that every day of the week.
  10. "Is Mulumbu an inconvenience?" WTF does that mean? He's certainly not inconvenienced me, been a pleasure to watch and good on him for being prepared to pitch up at RP to get his career back on track.
  11. Ken T

    Bobby Houston

    To be fair to Roughy he always played a blinder at RP, they were a right bogey team for us then - not now though ☺
  12. Ken T

    Bobby Houston

    Did the h/t draw today which reminded me of the craziest sending off I'd ever seen (ironically against the Jags) - got me wondering what the quickest sending off record was and came across an article on this very site - well worth a read even if you're not an old stager, this is brilliant http://www.killiefc.com/en/bobby-houston_50409/
  13. Ken T

    Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Kirk Broadfoot was outstanding today. Reading the game, cajoling teammates, tackles, interceptions, distribution - didn't put a foot wrong. Take a bow big man.
  14. Ken T


    Think that's very unfair, was hardly in the Steven Smith category! Never a penalty for me. Beyond soft. Boyd was getting his jersey pulled all night in the penalty area right under McLean's nose but we got nothing. Broadfoot has been outstanding for us having started the season looking like one of the worst defenders I've ever seen in a Killie shirt. He was very unfortunate there. Think the ref decided to balance it up as he could easily have given a foul against Brophy for our goal - given who the ref was I was amazed he didn't at the time.

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