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  1. Rangers ended the tournament after that calamity, we were there as the whipping boys! Was particularly enjoyable seeing Gordon Smith miss a penalty!
  2. As far as I'm concerned Bachmann can play an hour after arriving!!
  3. I wasn't really advocating it, just using it as an excuse for a dig at the Old Firm. It could easily result in a negative supporter experience with folk getting up up and down all the time during the game either for a beer or a pish. Drives you nuts in all seater stadia when you're just wanting to watch the game - in America most of the folk seem to go for the catering, half of them couldn't tell you the score without checking the scoreboards!
  4. Heard on the radio this morning the new Hibs owner wants the authorities to revisit the alcohol ban. For younger viewers the ban was brought in as a direct result of this "game" As usual the Old Firm spoiling it for everyone else. There is surely a simple solution - allow clubs to sell alcohol during matches except not in the away end when Rangers or Celtic come to visit!
  5. Aberdeen away. One of the worst draws to get in the cup. We take them to a replay on the back of outplaying Hearts on their own patch 3 days previously, and some folk are actually COMPLAINING? Get a grip FFS. If you want something to complain about in a cup game try trailing up to Inverness and losing 3-0 when they are not even in the league, yet we still turn up the next week!
  6. The next Trust investment has to be that scouting software for @Craigieboy - he's earned it!
  7. Cheers @rb_506, yes I did manage to miss that!
  8. Problem with Cathy is her appointment seemed (at least to folk like me not in the inner sanctum) a coronation. Surely we should be running an open process with a vote of members. Those willing to do it give a personal statement with their experience and explain why we should vote for them, how they'll deal with different types of situations, how our views will be represented and fed back to us.Then they go into the boardroom with a clear mandate the majority of us have approved. The current set up just appears to be an old pals act - it may be completely the opposite but that's not how it look
  9. I think we need to calm down a bit about Broadfoot. As others have said there were plenty others complaining off the record but at least he was willing to put his money where his mouth was and move despite having another year on his contract. Yes he's got opinions but if any of us get a new boss whose approach we don't agree with we'll have a good moan. He had the balls to say to his face unlike some. When he first came I thought he was hopeless and when he got a daft red card I wasn't too upset at the time seeing it meant he was suspended) but won me round that night at Ibrox. He's a good tra
  10. Wilson can 100% fill that role, anytime he's played there has looked assured. For me he's a better defender and passer than SOD anyway and we know he has the engine to get up and down the park. Hasn't had a regular game or position so this could be just what he needs. Otherwise he'll be off in the summer and that would a real waste of potential.
  11. Here's one for the old gits like me. Was thinking what we need up front to help Brophy and it reminded me of the predicament we were in when Ian Fallis was tragically killed. Fair play to Rangers as they immediately offered us Colin Stein on loan for the rest of that season. I was thinking at the time he was a has been (although checking back he was actually only 30!), then in his first game v Dumbarton I think he picks up the ball 25 yards out and with minimal backlift crashes a torpedo off the crossbar. The rest of that season he turned Donnie McDowall into a previously unseen lethal finishe
  12. That AD interview doesn't fill you with much confidence. Don't know what he's like in the dressing room but I've seen more passion from a grapefruit. As soon as these guys don a suit it always goes tits up! For me the biggest loss this season on the field at least is actually Bachmann. Bossed his area and the defence (even ko'd Broadfoot) which gave so much confidence right through the team. Despite being on loan it really mattered to him - look at his reaction on the last day of the season.
  13. This boy clearly doesn't know any Morton fans. Our last few games under Shiels were just as painful to watch as what we're seeing now. Sentimental appointments do not work.
  14. Ken T


    Klopp, yesterday - good enough for me, keep it going Alex!