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  1. Exactly. Maybe those of us who are less than enthusiastic about the standard do have a sense of entitlement that their team will actually try to play some football. The most entertaining football I've seen from us over the years were usually in the lower league (73/74, 78/79, 92/93) so I'm not buying this dogfight crap that means we can't expect to see a decent game of football in this league. The people with a sense of entitlement are those at the club who take for granted that fans will continue to show up to watch this pish. Folk have better things to do with their time.
  2. Dunno, don't remember his tactics being this bad at Saints so was prepared to give him benefit of the doubt. But agree he was completely outhought by James Mourinho McPake so you do wonder
  3. Don't believe for one minute Wright is happy with that. Defending his players publicly, but behind the scenes must be fed up watching this hoofball rubbish week after week
  4. I think his problem with us stemmed for the fairly shameful treatment of Eddie Morrison. Eddie gave him a lift to training from Port Glasgow and as well as being a club legend was an absolute gentleman. For some reason Willie Fernie didn't fancy him and he was punted without any fanfare at all. Not only that but Fernie paid by our standards good money for Rikki Bloody Sharp to replace him (don't think he actually scored a single goal for us). So the charitable me thinks Provan was disgusted at his mate's treatment. The uncharitable me think he was hacked off his lift had disappeared!
  5. Careful Chubbs, this is a no humour zone today
  6. That's more like it @Mclean07, been missing the grumpiness!
  7. So was just thinking there, I've been watching this lot for 50 years but can't think of a single season where we've won our first three league games. Thanks to David Ross's magnificent book charting our first 125 years I was able to check the archives. Turns out we last won our first 3 league games in......(drum roll) yes, the ultimate season, 1964/65! Well done lads Ps now told it was on the match thread on Saturday, sorry guys am not keeping up here!
  8. Better than last season's false 11
  9. I'm not buying this young kid stuff. The guy's 20. Plenty of under 20s have scored goals at the World Cup let alone the Scottish Championship. I'm working on the assumption (bear with me, suffer from pre-season optimism syndrome every year) that circumstances at a relatively big club have meant that he's not had a proper chance yet, and with a run of games at our level he'll thrive. Tommy's comments suggest we've actually done a bit of research on this one, which is probably more than can be said for certain other loan signings in recent years
  10. That's how I see it. Complete lack of mobility in midfield last season, got away with it under Clarke because the shape of the team was so good and everyone had a role which played to their strengths. Turned O'Donnell into Cafu on Friday! Power is a very tidy footballer but I can't get see you getting away with no pace against hungry teams in the championship unless you have Adam's range of passing and dead ball expertise (neither of which he has). Surprised at this, his last performance in Paisley wasn't great, caught on the ball a lot
  11. Despite being a loanee that guy showed nothing but passion and commitment towards our club. Congratulations on representing your country at the Euros Danny, we're all proud of you
  12. Of course we would take him back! Significant upgrade on anything we've got. We don't need badge kissers, need quality to get us out of the championship ASAP so it's certainly a yes from me!
  13. You'd think Lafferty was a club legend with some of the hyperbole on here. Tabloid trash fuelled by his agent. To paraphrase Piers Morgan I wouldn't believe Kyle Lafferty if he was reading the weather forecast. This is a fans forum. Would it be possible to give our club the benefit of the doubt here?
  14. Let's face it Admiral Nelson would be an upgrade on last season's pair. Pity Cerny's packed it in