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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DkbvQOUXoAIhfcX.jpg
  2. Those one on ones were normally due to Samson parrying a ball out to the striker's feet.
  3. Power was excellent in the new Nolan film:
  4. See the bold bit. [disclaimer] for those with a sense of humour bypass - just ignore this post [/disclaimer]
  5. He is doing that excellently.
  6. Is that the game where Dicker allegedly walked off the pitch at full time and straight out onto the bus without even changing? Or was that another game?
  7. Chris Iwelumo was excellent.
  8. Always been super fit:
  9. Page one of this thread is a hoot.
  10. Solid. <insert thumbs up>

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