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  1. mathematics

    Killie Trust tshirt s

    Don't bait me.
  2. mathematics

    The Bleakest Novel I've Ever Read

    Atlas Shrugged. Eugh.
  3. mathematics

    Killie Trust tshirt s

    There is only one option:
  4. mathematics

    Incomings and outgoings.

    For the avoidance of doubt, do you know that you are mocking a deaf man with that post?
  5. mathematics


    As you won't be able to provide proof of any bias moderating decisions, I'll say that you are still a liar.
  6. mathematics


    I went there, to that very hotel, with a burd a few years back. Got dumped while there, she left early and I spent the rest of the holiday on my tod. The reason: hotel was s**te.
  7. mathematics

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    Maybe you should remove two words from yours.
  8. mathematics


  9. mathematics

    SFA Referees - What We Already Knew

    A good, yet disappointingly unpredictable read.
  10. mathematics

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    I don't know much, but I know enough to spar.
  11. mathematics

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    It's all mathematics. I said that I'd be black affronted, because I hate the misuse of numbers for what you call manoeuverability, and what I'd call lies. I know what a range is, and a mode, and a median, but I have never heard of a "median average", "range average" or "mode average".
  12. mathematics

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    No, I meant mathematics. Ignoring every piece of data apart from the highest and lowest points is downright idiotic. For example: Take the data points 2, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10. The "analysis" used by the creator of that table would give an average of 6. The average is clearly not 6.
  13. mathematics

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    Because of the mathematics involved in creating the averages.
  14. mathematics

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    I’d be black affronted with that table.
  15. mathematics

    Scottish Labour (trying) to return to their roots

    Probably the same person who uses derogatory names for homosexual men.

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