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  1. Superb again! Tom Black was a huge favourite of mine in that first season back in the top flight.
  2. I went to school with one of Paul's sons. Great family.
  3. I’ll sign up to the app when Tory party donors aren’t making money out of it.
  4. Douglas Ross resigns from government. Stays on as backbencher. Curious.
  5. Better together.
  6. Unfeasible for those working in many sectors, unless mass numbers are going to be hired.
  7. The smart senior pros will be working hard as f**k to keep at a good level of general fitness. That is evident through many old players' social media accounts.
  8. I'd really like to hear from players who played in THAT 0-0 Falkirk game and those 0-1 and 4-0 Falkirk games. Those were big games for me. Don't think I have ever been so nervous in that 0-0 game. ETA - Monty one is excellent - well done.
  9. Chairman has done a number on him.
  10. Curiously enough, the whole SPFL voting issue has been reached Private Eye, especially due to the connections with Murdoch MacLennan:
  11. Sometimes it’s hard to defend the club.
  12. Here’s the issue, I don’t think it’s clear enough that the top quote, or bottom quote, is obviously the intended process.
  13. A bullying c**t with a complete permarage.
  14. Did you get an answer to this? I was wondering if we just paid the cash at the same time as submitting the form, or awaited approval.
  15. Aye mine arrived moments after this post.
  16. Will anyone actually reply to emails concerning the share release?
  17. Is it better than The Stand, by Stephen King (my favourite apocalyptic fiction)?
  18. https://gph.is/1fApfBH
  19. Scottish nursing students have been told they may be drafted in to work as nurses in the next couple of weeks, as the NHS prepares for the inevitable Italy-style boom.

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