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  1. Aberdeen players bring the game into disrepute every week with Thier brand of "football".
  2. Think you've got your games mixed up. The 3-6 game was in November 2011. Connolly signed for us in 2014.
  3. Would that not make it a 533?
  4. It must have been updated since then though, because Tshibola has been added.
  5. Your username's out of date. Maybe you could change it to BBout?
  6. Just call it Rugby Park then. Problem solved.
  7. He's not listed on the squad page on the official website. https://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/squads/first-team/ I thought maybe it just hadn't been updated since he signed but Tshibola is on it and he signed more recently.
  8. Di Canio left Celtic the year before we signed Hoody.
  9. We're up to our necks it debt again And soon we're going to die For we are the silly Billy boys
  10. Each team can stop the game 3 times to make substitutions. Half time doesn't count, as the game's already stopped.
  11. He's number 11, not 9
  12. One of them thinks Sevco will win the league...he definitely knows what he's talking about

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