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  1. For the life of me I really don’t know what ‘he knows how the club operates’ actually means in a results driven business. In fact this interview goes further and discusses the reserves and developing their own players. No mention of the club informing 10 reserve players on Wednesday that furlough would not be extended and they would be leaving the club in 10 days time, with no support offered at all. This at a time when there are no clubs recruiting, no training facilities available and a lack of jobs everywhere, especially in Ayrshire. Some of these young players (age 18-20) have spent HALF their lives at the club, sacrificing their education, to pursue their dream. They surely deserve more consideration from a club who only recently at a Trust Event and Supporters Event boasted about being a community club and looking after the welfare of their young players. Maybe the club’s media silence on this decision, without so much as a thank you for the boys’ service, speaks volumes. The club is PERFECTLY ENTITLED to get rid of these players who they consider not good enough. However furlough extension, even for a couple of months, costs the club NOTHING and would have been better than being dumped in the unemployment queue in the current unprecedented difficult climate. A decision has been taken and for these Killie young players they will move on, but it could have been handled in a more respectful and dignified manner. Here is a statement from the PFA on the actions of club’s such as Kilmarnock FC.
  2. Following today’s defeat against Celtic, the 13th game Alex Dyer has been in charge, the stats read: P13 W4 D1 L8 It’s been a bit of a mixed bag really but at least the team can now wholly concentrate on the remainder of the league matches and make a push for the top 6. The 4 teams directly above are all now struggling to find consistent winning form, so it’s hugely important to secure a top 6 place, in light of curtailed runs in all 3 Cup, which negate any extra income. I’m sure the club would have budgeted for at least top 6 prize money, so I hope Killie can achieve that, as it’s important for next season’s squad budget. What do you think?
  3. Interesting to see QOTS started with 5 players (Paton, Kidd, Hamilton, Oliver and Irving) who had already started in 80 first team games this season alone, nevermind their vast previous experience. QOTS had no game at the weekend so obviously used this game to freshen the team up. All 5 regular first team players were midfielders/attackers so Killie’s defence were tested. Killie team in total have played zero minutes of first team football at any level. Pity the club haven’t yet put up the highlights, as Killie created and missed a barrowload of chances. Just shows you that Killie kids need to be given a chance to develop, as it was an impressive achievement, beating a team comprising of players with vast Championship experience, despite the scoreline flattering QOTS.
  4. My point for anyone who actually read it properly is: one player (Taylor) will earn Killie a considerable sum and the other (O’Donnell) probably won’t. The one that will earn Killie the money shouldn’t be hindered from moving on is my point. My initial post on O’Donnell merely stated he exerted his “RIGHT” not to extend his contract. You have turned it into an anti O’Donnell point which is poor from you but not unexpected.
  5. You’ve completely misconstrued my point. I made no criticism of O’Donnell, he has every right to run down his contract just like Jones did. My point is this, just because Taylor still has 2 years of his contract left, and allegedly wants to leave, then it should not be held against him, or indeed his opportunity to move on to a bigger club. He did the club a big favour by extending his contract in the first place.
  6. When players such as Taylor agree to extending their current contract it does two things. One it provides a player with a guaranteed income and secondly it protects the club from bidders who come in for the player. The club knew Taylor was a commodity and he thankfully extended his contract. Now there is a chance of him leaving, the club will be able to cash in and insert a compensation clause for future transfers. Taylor should have everyone’s best wishes. Contrast Taylor, with O’Donnell who so far has exerted his right not to extend his contract, who will be free to negotiate a decent signing on fee for any new club, and Killie will receive nothing.
  7. No complaints about the standard of the game today. United played a vastly experienced team today and their players were up for it.
  8. Craig Ross scored the second. Thomas, Kiltie, Frizzell, Wilson and Millen played an hour and all came off at the score 4-1. Brutal decisions by referee spoiled the game. United played a high tempo team game whilst Killie were a slower and too individual.
  9. Scott Gemmill was a big fan of Iain Wilson through the National age groups. Unfortunately his lack of first team appearances appears to have cost him his place this time around.
  10. Iain Wilson is still training away with the first team squad. He scored a cracking goal last Tuesday in a 4-0 win against Queens Park. He was the best player in that game. I said in a number of posts that despite the enormous success under Steve Clarke there was no development of young players. Wilson, Cameron and Graham all had featured before his arrival but apart from Wilson’s tremendous impact against Dundee there was no integration of these players into first team squad contention. Many will argue that our young players weren’t good enough, but all other Premeirship teams managed to do it. Relying on other club’s loan players is fine, but when the blip happens, there is no fallback position, as there is no legacy. I’m delighted that Alessio has re-introduced Cameron back into the squad. I just hope we don’t lose Wilson as he has enormous potential.
  11. What is embarrassing is that Killie were actually leading 1-0 not Stewarton as repeatedly quoted on this forum. Stewarton equalised from a very soft penalty. Killie dominated the game and won 4-1, it could easily have been double. Killie team made up entirely of the youths who beat both MK Dons and Norwich City last week down South. If you’re going to be critical at least get the scoreline right.
  12. There is a Twitter post by the Nomads to say they expect to play the first leg at Rhyl. Subject to confirmation.
  13. A true penalty box predator, goal scoring machine, who has enjoyed a remarkable career. I’m sure he will continue to have a successful career in football.
  14. That’s Aberdeen now withdrawn from the Reserve League citing among other things sporadic games providing no development for their players. That’s 3 already gone (Hibs and St Johnstone the other two). It’s anticipated that the Old Firm will withdraw too once they’ve secured their plans. I only hope Killie get their finger out too and seek proper alternative development opportunities. Latest stats on Academy players reaching first team level doesn’t reflect well on the club’s youth development structure.
  15. The new Reserve League 2018/19 as predicted proved to be a disaster. It failed to offer any progress on the previous U20 League, in fact in most areas it was actually worse. Killie faired well enough to finish 5th in the 18 team league. However in Killie’s case it has clearly failed to assist in the development of young players and provide a pathway to the first team squad. Going forward Hibernian have opted out of season 2019/20 and I doubt they will be the last. http://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/news/9996

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