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  1. al j


    Except at Pittodrie where you have to be 75+ to get a ticket at £15!!, otherwise 65+ pay £19.
  2. al j

    Sébastien Bassong

    Tony Spearing is the Head of Recruitment at Norwich City. He was in charge of Scouting and Recruitment at both West Brom and Reading whilst SC was the manager. He has been at Rugby Park recently as there is a strong relationship between the two.
  3. A good communicator, administrative experience with SFA, played a good level of football, knows football and footballers and still has an affinity for Killie. We need the right chairman to lead us into what is a new beginning.
  4. al j

    Development League - St Mirren (H)

    The Development side are being coached to play in the same style as the first team - long ball kick out from the back. At no time did the full backs go wide or centre backs move into space to receive the ball from the keeper. Definitely back to the Johnston/Clark and then Locke style of play. Morrison and McLean showed some good touches, and the centre forward Innes Cameron looks like he has something to work with. His running and style bears a remarkable similarity to Paul di Giacomo. However, overall very disappointing, no wingers and little to get enthusiastic about.
  5. al j

    AGM (merged)

    Looking through a copy of Articles of Association there is no mention of the procedure to call an EGM. In part 2 section 22.8 of Articles - Termination of Director's appointment - "the company receives a written notice to such effect from a member or members holding such number of shares in the capital of the company as carry 75% of the voting rights in the company" , which would mean that even if BB sided with other shareholders, MJ owns 40% and therefore cannot be removed.

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