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  1. If we have flung a bid in for Shaw at the 11th hour then who was originally lined up? According to everyone we had 2 deals at 98% done ready to go.
  2. Given the right service he was an effective striker for us, not amazing but effective. Personally I think Brophy would flourish in this side especially at this level.
  3. How much wages are we paying Burrell? The season is only 9 months long, he is missing at least 2 months. We did this last season with the young GK and paid him till January to then go back, who's to say the same won't happen here? I'd send him back and use the wage on another player.
  4. For someone who isn’t a “goal scorer” he still managed 8 in 16 the last time he was here along with 6 assists and that was playing at a higher level. If there is any chance of him coming back I’d bite your hand off,
  5. The problem is the club can't write off the season to try and give players the opportunity to blossom Players are given a chance and they have to be ready to grab it, 20 yo is not that young. I appreciate some players mature later and become good for this level slightly later than your average player but Killie can't afford to wait, we need a proven striker to push us to promotion.
  6. Now you want a part time ref to do the job rather than our full time club secretary? Just accept it was our responsibility and we deserve our punishment rather than coming up with ludicrous ideas to prevent it happening.
  7. By implementing this system you give an excuse for missing a suspension, the "I thought he had played in Scotland and already had a reg number". The system is fine as it is no point trying to fix an issue that doesn't exist just to give someone (probably on a decent wage may I add) an easier job.
  8. Players come from all over the world, such a system is simply not feasible. You sign a new player, while registering him it's a simple additional check at the time to see if he has any outstanding suspension to serve. It's not rocket science FFS. If the daily record journo can check for ALL the games that day and come up with a comprehensive list how difficult is it for a club secretary to do it with our own players? Amateurs!
  9. Yeah, Naisy did this exact thing when signing for Hearts to ensure he got an extra months wages out of Norwich.
  10. Cause Killie offered him nowt, so in essence you are correct Morton offered more.
  11. Have you listened to Boyd on the TV? He knows f**k all, what would a young striker learn from him droning on about his time at Rangers?
  12. No way he was in the dark of our bid. I'm not usually a conspiracy theory kind of guy but we were in the heads of Rangers (not just the fans) at the time and I wouldn't put it past them to have had a word with his agent to ensure he went elsewhere.
  13. After over a year with no fans in I'd expect this to be more, people are desperate to take in a real game of footie and if this had no restrictions for max attending I'd expect 10k+ if Ayr were allowed to attend too. I agree the club has to reward it's fans especially those who have supported the club financially throughout this pandemic but it will be a weird derby with no away fans in attendance.
  14. Have we signed him or is he on loan?
  15. With a well renowned GK coach we will be fine. Oh s**t!