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  1. Unlike Spurs who haven't mentioned players taking a cut but 550 non playing staff will be put into the government scheme. The government should have stipulated that if a company earns over X million then the scheme isn't available to them. The government shouldn't shoulder the debt while these companies still earn more than all their staff earn in a single sponsorship deal.
  2. And what if key players haven't been infected? They are people like the rest of us. Ludicrous to suggest that we should be playing games while we are dealing with a global pandemic.
  3. I don't know if Gary Dicker got home or not but if he is stuck here he must be demented. Separated from his family throughout this must be tough.
  4. Return to addressing them as unskilled workers
  5. Then why are you posting on a football forum?
  6. If the SPFL have that in their rules then all legal challenges will be null and void.
  7. It's not against the rules for a club to go against the organisations. CAS will be inundated with cases and it also already has to shut down so the future seasons will have to wait till all legal challenges are dealt with.
  8. Club all across Europe will launch legal action if this was implemented. This season has to be played to a finish, it's the only fair way. Legal action would cause leagues all across Europe further disruption.
  9. I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese This is a nation that crashed a rocket into their own village
  10. We are in a fortunate position that most players contracts end in a couple of months, no debt other than to our owner. Plenty of clubs will be in a worse position than us. Not ideal for a lot of players, no contract means no wages.
  11. He wasn’t running out of contract though. We chose to sell a prize asset, and we should have held out for a record fee plus add ons. Celtic had just publicly done the exact same thing with a bigger(financially) club and sold an injured LB for £25m
  12. That's a get out and a half. How can you take out insurance to cover for such events but then when its needed refuse to pay because the virus in question wasn't discovered yet?
  13. We should already be talking to him. Him signing a new contract should be high up on JF's to do list

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