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  1. I'm not comparing him to Vardy or Kane, those names were the first to spring to mind of lone strikers who still manage to score 20+ goals a season. According to UEFA, 8 of the top 17 scorers for season 2018-2019 (last full season) all played as lone strikers, it's not uncommon for teams to play with a lone striker, our issue is the fact that the rest of our team are goal shy which increases the pressure and expectations that our striker comes up with the goods. There is no doubting his penalty taking ability, however if he showed the same ruthlessness in open play and you add in the penal
  2. Forrest is a winger, that’s not a great stat. How many Scottish born strikers have played as many games as he has?
  3. I never mentioned Scotland, throughout the world most clubs have moved away from the traditional 4-4-2. In Scotland Celtic and Rangers both only use one up top most games. In England two of the top scorers both play upfront on their own (Kane & Vardy) and still manage to score goals. Personally my issue is that since he has came to us he doesn’t seem to have improved his overall game, he is young and we should see signs of his game improving. Apart from bulking out his physique what has he been working on and why aren’t we seeing signs that his game is improving?
  4. Most clubs only deploy one striker these days. Plenty of strikers manage to rack up 20+ goals playing up on their own. I feel for Brophy as he clearly doesn't enjoy playing the lone striker role but he should have been working to develop this side of his game as the last 18 months he has mostly been picked up front on his own. From what I've seen I can't pick a side of his game that has improved, this is worrying in a player so young.
  5. Not when a high % come from the pen spot. Granted they all count but if his contribution is only a few goals from open play all season then you have a problem.
  6. Ask yourself if Clarke had started so badly and had two windows to address a squad he had inherited but had a win % of 22%, would we as a fanbase be happy? The current manager inherited a squad and has had two windows to address any weakness he seen fit, yet is riding on the goodwill built by a previous manager and he himself has no record to fall back on as sign that he can turn this around.
  7. That's bolloxs, he may have said publicly the priority was to avoid relegation bit we all no that he and the squad were aiming/targeting much higher goals.
  8. Get McCrorrie AFF, time wasting prick
  9. He's not a fan of the pitch however he would come "home" in a heartbeat. Personally I can only see him joining us if Dicker all of a sudden wanted to go home. I don't envisage that will happen so another club along the central belt would be my guess.
  10. Surely he would go back to Clyde before Darvel or EK? I would've loved him back here but I feel that ship has sailed and we are well sorted in CM so much so we have issues if we are planning on going 2 up top.
  11. He was born in Coatbridge but his family settled in Kilmaurs. I was at school with him since primary 1 and my dad was his big brother's football coach.
  12. I think you'll find its Kilmaurs