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  1. I don't believe Aberdeen will get near 7500 capacity allowed, I believe it's an advertisement ploy to sell season tickets.
  2. No way we will get 5-6k socially distant at rugby park.
  3. Some kids go without there parents, to withhold the tickets denies them the chance to watch Killie on the TV till clubs are allowed to admit fans. I think also if it's reduced allocation then it should be who purchased their ticket first (I haven't bought mine so not trying to be Uber fan) are first back in the stadium. I think this is what Aberdeen are trying to push by saying they plan to let 7500 fans in and so far have sold 6000+ plus season tickets.
  4. Fowler will know how much the budget is and be looking in that bracket.
  5. When folk have blindly supported the club in the past and heard the promise of increased budget etc. It's not unsurprising that folk are reluctant to spend more money blindly. The club need to show intent and get fans excited and onboard and hopefully fans will be more willing to part with cash at a time that people are financially struggling.
  6. From reading his comments it sounds like promises were made about playing time/chances and he feels those promises weren’t kept. Probably the reason he signed his extension.
  7. Compensation is simply buying out the contract, you can't speculate what may have been and ask for extra. Realistically we were possibly paying Clarke 2k-4k per week, the compensation would be 100k - 200k unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. We wouldn't be entitled to any compensation for Dyer as he remained contracted to us.
  8. The issue with Celtic would be his demand to be first choice, I'd imagine Scott Bain would expect a shot so Dan isn't guaranteed to be first choice initially at Celtic. I'd be more worried about Hibs and Motherwell.
  9. But we need 2 so Bachmann becoming available shouldn't be an issue, besides if he hadn't already asked the question about Bachmann then that's the issue!
  10. When j worked in England I still considered Killie to be home.
  11. McGowan was announced before his contract with Hamilton was up. We can approach and tie up any player irrespective of if they have weeks left on their contract. Dyer said that he expected to make progress with the GK situation in the next couple of days, this was weeks ago and still no announcement.
  12. The problem is he would play at most clubs up here, hopefully knowing the place and having such a good experience before means that he wants to come back here.
  13. I suppose itll depend on finances and relationship with the club. If the company is financially struggling then they would be looking for some compensation possibly same if the person behind the company isn't a Killie fan and it was purely a business relationship. These are matters that the club will deal with and probably keep to themselves to maintain a good relationship with the sponsors.

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