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  1. I have to agree with that pragmatism, much as I want to be positive.
  2. very sad to hear some staff members have lost their jobs. It's easy to forget about the non playing employees and hope they get sorted with their situations.
  3. I'm a bit excited with these attributes. Sounds like a great signing.
  4. I have to agree. I ran an amateur team and any players with dodgy joints always suffered more than playing or training on grass.
  5. you nailed it. Also the immediate turnaround in form would have been laughed at if it had been a film script. 11 games in and only 3 draws. Then we beat thistle away and get a great draw with a dramatic late equaliser at Ibrox and so on......happy days
  6. and an absolute gentleman
  7. I'm sure Blair MIllar was and is a big Killie fan. Was a vital player for us as well.
  8. sadly...not getting a new manager
  9. Gary Holt looking a better option as time goes on
  10. i'm not a big fan of the accies, but I doo feel that Brian Rice has got them playing their best football in ages.
  11. Bisuits gave us credit - deserved to win
  12. I'm sure I read somewhere it was colitis. A very debilitating condition, and one that Darren Fletcher of Man U suffered from. Extract from BBC Sport.... Man United's Darren Fletcher explains ulcerative colitis illness. Fletcher was diagnosed with chronic bowel disease ulcerative colitis in 2011 but has returned after surgery. "You can be running to the toilet 10, 20, 30 times a day and losing a lot of blood," said the Scotland midfielder.

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