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  1. agreed. Mind you I don't think Waters has done too much wrong. I suspect once Haunstup gets in the starting 11 he will take a lot of shifting back out
  2. I still much prefer Rogers to what we had last season.
  3. totally agree, he sparked us back into life when we were at our lowest ebb.
  4. Agree. I wonder what would he be worth in todays finances ???
  5. I might be wrong, but I dont think the chap was aware the shop closed at 4.
  6. If I owned a shop i'd be delighted to take someone's money on or slightly after closing time. Businesses are in the business of making money. Turning it away , nah.
  7. I hope that had you explained you came down from Edinburgh they would have exercised some flexibiity. Did you ?
  8. I thought he looked very competent when he deputised for Taylor. Only 1 or 2 matches mind you so not a lot to go on. I'd happily take 6 figures for, must be nonsense
  9. cheers @Blue Walter. I like others on here hope he comes to us. All the best to Pompey for next season and hoping you get back to the premiership ASAP.
  10. I have to agree with that pragmatism, much as I want to be positive.
  11. very sad to hear some staff members have lost their jobs. It's easy to forget about the non playing employees and hope they get sorted with their situations.