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  1. Doyle teaching him everything he knows 😃.....sorry, couldn't resist it
  2. agreed. Very creative and very energetic. A stand out for them.
  3. i thought our corners looked very poorly used. I don't remember one chance created from them , and we had a few. If we can create a threat from these it will surely add a few more goals.
  4. can we change the colour scheme, i struggled to read the players names. naisy for me. Vital goal and always up for it
  5. yep got to agree. It was like watching Aberdeen. loads of s**tey wee off the ball niggly fouls. Horrible t play against that crappy style.
  6. TBH I thought it was a fantastic tackle. I'd love us to be that good at timing a heavy challenge. Not pleased Burk was on the end of it but same rules apply and all that
  7. any news if Burkes has an injury from the game
  8. that WAS funny. I dont know how anyone could reddie that comment
  9. good one ! Took me a wee while though
  10. i think he may be to small for a c/back
  11. another guid yin gone. RIP
  12. i hope they run around a lot
  13. Doyle will keep more fans away from RP than the fear of catching Covid
  14. @Blue Walteryou and are both unlike most people. I had a great year in Lancashire and another in Chester. Nothing but fond memories, hope its a Scotland England final....and Scotland win
  15. anyway back to McGinn....I think he is a good player. Good positional sense and physical when needed. He is getting on but has never based his game on pace. Disliked him playing against us, always a god sign
  16. the clue is in the description wingBACK. start at the back for a reason. Defend and then get forward when the situation allows. A wing back that cant defend is a huge liability.
  17. spot on. Firstly, defenders defend. Going forward is a bonus
  18. The current board know very little abut pro football, and seem happy not to let any one else in that might show them up. Our fall from grace has been simply stunning and almost unbelievable.