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  1. Kiltie had a good game.
  2. Who cares, Rangers couldn't handle the pressure, they bottled it big time, Stevie G said so.
  3. Findlay, Power and Burke should be next 2, 2 and 1 year deals respectively
  4. Agree we did not have much on the bench, Findlay and Burke big losses, thought we played for a draw as well.
  5. Is Pittodrie within reasonable walking distance from Train Station?
  6. I see Watford have signed an 18 year old goalie, so maybe Bachmann is surplus to requirements???
  7. Old pic, before park suite was refurbed?
  8. Looked fine no limping, no strapping evident.
  9. Bryson in Top Tesco doing his shopping at 4.45pm today, Asked if he was signing for us he was non - commital?
  10. Nisbet guy from Dunfermline, scoring goals may have to pay a small transfer fee, along with an experienced striker?
  11. St Clair surplus, and give the slovenian goalie a start.
  12. Just saw the main man walking to his work this morning whilst sitting at the lights on Dundonald road. No big Ferrari for this guy.
  13. maybe, but only one winner having coached multi million pound players for years. Dicker and Power should be offered contract extensions at least 1 for Dicker and 2 for Power.
  14. lol, I was starstruck and just wanted to share it!

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