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  1. Darryl1869

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Mark Connolly tweeting that he’s just landed back in Scotland, if it’s to sign for someone and he can get back to the form he showed before his injury for us, they have thereselves a cracking player.
  2. Darryl1869

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Waiting patiently..
  3. Darryl1869

    Incomings and outgoings.

    On another note, Craig Bryson is expected to be released by Derby, would love to see him back at Killie under SC
  4. Darryl1869

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Yes, I think we need at least 6 right backs, also, none of them can be good enough for a first team place and we should play another player out of position if O’donnell gets injured, it’s only logical
  5. Darryl1869

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Think I’d rather have a couple of players from Livi than Patrick, the two centre backs look decent enough back up possibly, Pittman has a great attitude as does Byrne.
  6. Darryl1869

    In Praise of Scott Boyd

    Was just thinking that, if they had him this season they might have just survived
  7. Darryl1869

    Incomings and outgoings.

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/44057195 list of players released so far in England, take your pick.
  8. Darryl1869

    Season tickets

    Went into the shop to renew and was in and out in 5 minutes, couldn’t be easier from my experience, disappointing to hear about online issues though.
  9. Darryl1869

    Next Season's Strip

    Another off the field improvement, well done to all involved
  10. Darryl1869

    Celtic away

    I don’t see how smith being out is a “problem”? He’s nowhere near good enough
  11. Darryl1869

    Season tickets

    How many season ticket holders do we have this season?
  12. Darryl1869

    Incomings and outgoings.

    He’ll be too busy celebrating Ayr’s massive achievement of the League 1 title..
  13. Darryl1869

    Aaron simpson

    Very pleased to have been proved wrong by his second half, much better and put in a perfect ball for Boyd for the winner
  14. Darryl1869

    Aaron simpson

    Going by his first half performance they may have been right..
  15. Darryl1869

    Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Simpson has been dreadful, could have cost us at least 3, no worries for O’Donnell about losing his place.

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