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  1. Worst thing about the first half was the killie tv commentary, Kiltie looks right up for it.
  2. He was excellent before then, just showed a bit of inexperience and dived in, nothing else, he deserves to be playing.
  3. Worrying performance that first half, no creativity
  4. If he couldn’t get a game in front of Pereira and Zlamal it’s very worrying
  5. Thought Waters done much better than ok if I’m honest, can’t remember him doing anything wrong for the full 90 minutes.
  6. Looked really composed today, looks like his defensive work rate has improved as well
  7. Broadfoot far too tight gets turned for that foul
  8. Pleased with this, hopefully the option of an extension on the years contract.
  9. Away and boil yer heed
  10. Downloaded Nordvpn and managed to sign up for the international subscription on Killie Tv, what time does coverage start?
  11. If I download a vpn will I need to make a new killie tv account to watch the game today?
  12. Arabzone were planning on streaming it as a test but the site isn’t ready yet
  13. If he could put in the type of performance he had against Celtic (and Mulumbu) at Rugby Park most weeks it would be a no brainer, unfortunately it seemed to only happen every 10 games or so.