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  1. If he went to another club up here I’d be gutted, seemed to love his time here, surely one of the club is us.
  2. Worst. Agent. Ever.
  3. Wasn’t it Curtis Main who scored?
  4. Only downside is it’s only a one year deal, 3 years left in him yet
  5. If he’s signed to be number 1 we’d have been as well keeping Jamie on as 1st choice
  6. One of the main reasons we weren’t relegated a few seasons ago
  7. It’s almost as if this is place for people to voice their opinions..
  8. Like the design, just think the sponsor is a bit big and overwhelms the rest of the kit
  9. Always been impressed when we played them, delighted if this goes through.
  10. A lot of Hibs fans seem to think they’ll sign him.
  11. Wasn’t keen on him in the summer but the job he has done at Livingston has been superb.
  12. Burke would be my choice, even when things aren’t going for him his effort levels never drop.
  13. Summer might be too late.
  14. Judging by Bowie’s comments it won’t matter, Dyer could have us in the bottom 2 and still get it

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