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  1. Waiting until Friday to buy mine as may not get away from work early enough, plenty left I’d assume?
  2. Zach Hemming really is a cracking keeper, what a difference having someone who commands his area.
  3. I’ve got one, can meet at the ground
  4. Good player, get him in at LB and send Haunstrup down the road
  5. I want him to be successful, but it’s getting more and more difficult to ignore the inability to get deals over the line.
  6. I’d be happy enough with that
  7. 1 assist doesn’t make you a smashing footballer, It was a good cross last week, he was long overdue one.
  8. Brandon Haunstrup is a terrible footballer
  9. Boyd spouted constant pish about rangers and referred to them a “we” or “us” and Celtic as “them”, Burke giving an honest, balanced opinion on not having a manager on the touch line and how it might affect rangers is completely different, nothing to see here, move on.
  10. Assuming it’ll be almost back to “normal” no social distancing required in the stand so can sit in usual season ticket seat.
  11. Fans f**ked over again, shock
  12. Hopefully they just open a pay gate for Killie fans
  13. Same here, I applied and put my dads email as the second email address and it’s went to him
  14. I don’t think it’s a rumour, just mentioned on here. I’d be surprised if there was any interest when Kennedy is predominantly a wide player.
  15. 2 clean sheets, There will be plenty of games like today, frustrating, but last season we didn’t win those games. More than pleased.
  16. Got an email through this morning, no QR codes or anything just saying that I had tickets for the standing section, almost looks like an invoice.
  17. Apologies if already asked, I’ve had my email confirming my tickets have been purchased, not been given any QR codes or anything though, has anyone has theirs through yet?
  18. This squad has what we have been missing since SC left, desire, superb every single one of them 👏🏻
  19. If there’s still ST holders with no ticket yet that’s beyond embarrassing
  20. I think they’ll come and sit in, similar to what Morton done, I’ll happily take a 1-0
  21. Ticket office staff getting some overtime tonight then 😂😂😂😂