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  1. I think AD did say he’d be playing what he thought would be close to our starting 11 for next week’s opener. Looking at the personnel that started - would look to suit a 4-2-3-1?
  2. Although we’ll undoubtedly be adding fewer players I’d like to think that after what James Fowler said at the AGM we’ll have fewer bad signings. They should actually want to be at the club properly fit into the team’s desired style of play have successfully come through 360 review with JF or manager having spoken to former teammates, coaches and managers to assess character etc Maybe this was the kind of thing that always happened anyway without the buzzwords being added, but I do suspect some managers only looked at the Individual football ability without considering the other factors
  3. Did he make a habit of the gobbing? I’m sure it’s the Stirling Albion game that I remember it from, but did not realise it was 1977. I had assumed it was maybe a wee bit earlier than that as it was one of my earliest memories and I know I’d been taken to a few games in the first season of the Premier League. I had trawled through the “Everygame” book trying to find the game it happened in with no luck.
  4. I’m sure this happened in one of my early or maybe even my first visit to Rugby Park in the mid 70s - does anyone remember if Davie Provan got sent off for spitting on an opponent? It’s certainly my first memory from a game, but I’ve never found any mention of the incident.
  5. I love the tricks the mind plays about football games in the past. You're certain that you remember a particular incident and the game it took place in. There are already a good few already in this thread where the memory of once incident spans about 5 games probably over the same number of seasons! McCoist hat-trick game was in August 1998 I think (from memory!)- about 6 years before David Lilley actually signed for us!
  6. In his BBC interview I thought he did quite well; summed up the game accurately and even gave us some credit. He then reverted to type and started whining and blaming everyone else though.


    I think everyone realised it would be pointless to bring it up - the same way it’s pointless asking questions about specific players.


    When that slide went up Phyllis’s words were that it was something she came across on the internet and thought it would be interesting to share. I think it was about a few months ago and picked up by the media then, but it’s not something the club have put together themselves.
  9. It severely does my head in the amount of times “work hard” and all variations of it get trotted out, I know it’s just a bland euphemism that all managers use to avoid answering in any detail, but AD does seem to use it more than most. Night and day the interviews between Jack Ross and AD both pre and post match. That said, no one says anything of any substance. The most important thing is if the manager can communicate with the players though not the media.
  10. Always Thought there was a version of the Ayr song going about in the 80s which used “black and white bastards” in reference to their colours. That should cover all bases! Might be mistaken though.


    Hopefully you're not employed in any accounting capacity
  12. 2019 accounts are due by 29th February
  13. The admin seems to have slipped a bit as well and I thought we had someone who was taking care professionally of all these matters. The annual Confirmation Statement (details of Directors, Shareholders, Controlling Parties, where the Company registers are kept etc) should have been filed by 14th January, but per Companies House it remains outstanding.
  14. Realistically we are limping towards the end of the season. I'm usually quite optimistic, but can't believe the mess we seem to be in at the moment with the managerial appointment to the end of the season and only a skeleton squad signed beyond the summer. I think we will get one or 2 players in during this window, probably on loan, but I'd be astonished if they were of the quality or fitness levels to make an immediate difference. I hope to be surprised! It seems quite difficult just now to assess whether we are 1 or 2 players away from being decent again and that a return of confidence would make a monumental difference or a team that is un-fixable and heading for the rocks. I thought there were hopeful signs in the Celtic game that the break had done us good and we might be able to get back on track. Defensively, we were just about all right against a hugely potent Celtic team. The midfield were back to being organised and combative and we created a few chances with Kabamba looking like he could offer something. At Perth it was back to pre SC days though. AD has said that we need to get back to what we were good at. I think there is a bit of the rose tinted specs on this one, because without the sprinkling of real quality that we had then, we are left trying to be compact and hard to beat with a poorer defensive unit and a poorer attacking set up that makes it very hard to create chances. So, we leak goals and can't score. Generally, our attacking line ups don't work even against the bottom sides in the table. Whenever we deviate away from the standard midfield 3 we get outplayed. It's been obvious to all and sundry since the start of the season that Dicker and Power need some legs around them and that El Mak was not the solution to that. Personally I think that El Mak was the replacement for Dicker and that AA wanted 3 at the back with El Mak being the guy to bring the ball out and start attacks, but that never happened. It's those 3 that are the real problem area in the team and some ruthless decisions are required to improve us. I like them all individually, but their best work is done on our side of the half way line. Maybe just a 10 type creative player would help, but I think we need to swap 2 of them out for younger more all round type players. It looks like mend and make do for this season though. Biggest worry is the wrong managerial decision - just can't see it ending well at all unfortunately.
  15. Far too much made of the CQN game. In the 1st half second leg we created a stack load of chances, but missed them all. The bottom line on it though- it was the first signs of the lack of proper preparation for this season. Everything has been in recovery mode since then. Suffered from a lack of pre season friendlies because we presumed we would be playing a bit more European football. We had to resort to playing some cobbled together Motherwell side on a public park ffs.

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