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  1. Oh for a first half Killie goal this season.
  2. Without elaborating, Provan is a nonentity to most Killie fans.
  3. Without checking but was this TW’s first win on grass as our boss?
  4. PATG is the future. Could someone please invent it .
  5. It had the best selection of whisky in Glasgow. I’ve not been in for a while but I hope it still has. The Pot Still was another good one.
  6. Under 18’s v Hamilton under 18’s at home tomorrow at 7pm.
  7. This year’s Kilmarnock FC poppy badge is now available to order from Poppy Scotland.
  8. They are indeed embarrassing. Fans being treated like school kids.
  9. We will not win the league playing like we have done in our last two league games. A huge improvement is needed.
  10. I have done now on two occasions.
  11. Open a gate for PATG or at the very least have the ticket office open up until kick off. The thinking at the club regarding this is very poor.
  12. Does anyone know where that big Killie flag went?