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  1. Without an upturn in season ticket sales I can’t imagine many new incoming players.
  2. I think the over 60’s would buy a ticket before the fickle under 30’s. When you reach 60 there is little chance you let anything sway your decision to follow the club you’ve followed all your life.
  3. This is a very important season coming up. The money the club gets in could determine not just next season but our long term future. If folk can’t afford a season ticket, then they can’t be expected to buy one. However any fan that can afford one should do so without question. Every penny will be needed by our famous club due to this unprecedented stoppage in peace time. If ever there was a time our club needed us, then that time is now. KTID.
  4. I usually can but so far today I can’t. I got it on my notes for now.
  5. It’s actually £3.68 per game for the under 16 ticket. We need to compete and that costs money.
  6. An under 16 ticket works out at £3.68 per game to watch the first team. Hardly a game changer.
  7. I think Killie will guarantee fans that buy a season ticket,19 home league games for their cash. This could be the way to go in the future with fans loading up their card with games whenever they want.
  8. I just can’t get into watching football on TV. I’d buy a season ticket though if they were available.
  9. Nice gesture but I do not want a refund.
  10. I hope Killie vote against this. The big relegation can is only getting kicked down the road. This is not the time for reconstruction and certainly not just to please Anne Budge.
  11. I would not want anything back.
  12. There might not be a 20-21 season. Some time to go till we can even think of finishing this season.
  13. Durrant also played in an away match against Estonia on 08/09/1999 in a 0-0 draw.
  14. I never knew Coronavirus affected the brain.

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