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  1. Riccarton Bluebell

    Supporters Clubs and buses

    When the Bickering was demolished in 1984 the bus moved to the Howard and after a year or so moved to the Killie Club where it still remains.
  2. Riccarton Bluebell

    Tommy Burns

    The guy was a class act on and off the park. He could have went to many clubs when he left Celtic but came to a third tier Killie. He was a Celtic man but he loved Killie with a passion.
  3. Riccarton Bluebell

    sellick away, Fred

    It was superb as usual. Kaiserslautern were already relegated to league 3 but almost 30000 fans turned out. The only way is up I hope.
  4. Riccarton Bluebell

    sellick away, Fred

    Rodgers has never won against Saint Steve,
  5. Riccarton Bluebell

    Kris Boyd has 130 goals...

    The big man is up there with the Killie greats. We are lucky to have witnessed his achievements as future generations will only get to read about them.
  6. Riccarton Bluebell


    Follow Follow will be in denial over this just as they still can’t admit their club died. The Killie fans should really show Stevie their support now by buying season tickets.
  7. Riccarton Bluebell

    Kaiserslautern Killie Story

    They might be down but hopefully can return soon. Biggest problem was the World Cup 2006,which as the Fritz Walter was a venue millions were spent expanding and upgrading it. Kaiserslautern as a result now rent the stadium from the local council at a cost of millions per annum and because of this have not a lot of funds. There is ongoing talks to try and renegotiate the rental. They need investment though to get back to the top.
  8. Riccarton Bluebell

    post split fixtures

    Tv league home games make no extra money for the club and probably cut the crowd which will loss the club money.
  9. Riccarton Bluebell

    post split fixtures

    Six home clubs.
  10. Riccarton Bluebell

    Prize Money

    A lot of the extra cash will go on win bonuses.
  11. Riccarton Bluebell

    Sevco - most odious institution ever in Scottish football

    Alex Rae spouting on about how Rangers fans deserve a good manager and Steve Clarke should be that man. Does the wee numpty not realise that Killie fans also deserve a good manager?Could you imagine the press and media trying to move on a Rangers manager every day because he was doing a great job? What’s wrong with Scottish football, can find its roots in the Scottish media. They say they want competition but in reality, if it’s not the ugly sisters at the top they can’t handle it and will do what they can to bring back the status quo. Scotland’s shame aided and abetted by their pals in the media whilst the rest of the teams are only expected to provide the cannon fodder.
  12. Riccarton Bluebell


    The big man is buzzing like the rest of us. We have one home game left before the split against Hamilton, Every Killie fan is needed to help keep the momentum going. If it was up to me I would reduce the admission to this game to £5 and £2. I don’t think it would cost the club much and would probably further entice old and new fans to come. A bigger crowd can only be a good thing in our quest to move our club upwards.
  13. Riccarton Bluebell

    Tiger & Boydie strike again.

    The world keeps getting better.
  14. Riccarton Bluebell

    Attendance tonight

    For anyone that thinks the crowd was 9000. Ask yourself this. The East and West stands can accommodate approximately that amount. Does anyone think the Aberdeen support on the night could have found room in the FB Stand? Added to that, does anyone think that the Killie fans in the Moffat could have found seats in the East Stand? Instead of making Killie bigger in the eyes of the press we continue to understate our potential.
  15. Riccarton Bluebell

    Attendance tonight

    Looked over 11000 and probably was. There was no way another 9000 could have got in.

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