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  1. I've given it to Burke with honourable mentions to Tish, Millen and Kiltie.
  2. Dave's final sentence is the key for me. It's possible to make constructive comments/criticism without descending into 'bitching and moaning'. While agreeing with the sentiment, there is a danger in combining (1) justified frustration with those who whine for a living online with (2) praise for recent club successes (signings, results, commercial activities, whatevs) to arrive at the belief that (3) we should all fully support the board with every aspect of the club. It is through informed and constructive criticism (understood in its proper sense) that progress is made. Supporting the club shouldn't negate criticism, we have a responsibility to be critical. A lot of life is about what we say and do (and type) but I'm pretty sure the lasting memories we have of interactions are more often to do with how and why people spoke/acted when doing x. Have good motives, be informed and give constructive feedback and it's (usually!) appreciated. A good point is ruined by bitching and moaning, especially when it is rarely if ever counter balanced with proper praise where due. Constructive criticism with a love of the club at its heart > bitching and moaning PS If Bachmann comes back I might buy my first goalie top since 1992.
  3. johnnyham

    Club Shop

    Package arrived sans Coventry shirt. They replaced it with a Killie polo shirt. Ragin'... City Til I Die!
  4. johnnyham

    Club Shop

    I think I bought it! My eyes are terrible and even when I looked closely I thought it might be some kind of custom Killie crest so figured I might as well for £7.50. Waiting on it being delivered along with several other (hopefully Killie) items. Feeling a bit daft.
  5. https://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/news/liam-smith-joins-manchester-city/
  6. I was wondering about that. Does the site usually show ST seats as unavailable for Cup games and then release them if the ST holder doesn't buy a ticket for the game by a certain deadline? Not that important but just wondering!
  7. Brilliant performances all over the park tonight. I've given my vote to Kabamba. Get this man signed up on a longer deal now. A quality footballer and a joy to watch.
  8. Best feeling for me since the last game of last season. Everyone, players, staff, supporters, take a bow. Brilliant tonight. This is what it means to be Killie. YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!
  9. [Names highlighted to save you time in case the fanboy fluff is boring] I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to the Champions League Final at Hampden in 2002. Zidane obviously the highlight but a number of others who were exceptional players (Figo, Raul, Ballack). I vividly recall watching Zidane as he shaped his body whilst keeping eyes on the ball for what seemed like an age as it dropped from the sky, before volleying it past Butt in the Leverkusen goal. My wee team is Barcelona and I went to see them play Real at the Bernabeu in 2015. It was the best overall and individual performance I've seen in the flesh from any team. Barca won 4-0 and Iniesta ran the show. He was just sublime. He got a standing ovation from some Madrid supporters when he was subbed late on. That game included Cristiano Ronaldo but he, and the whole Real team, were played off the park. Got to see a short cameo from Messi as he was returning from injury. Next to Iniesta in my tiki taka lovefest is Xavi and I saw him play for Spain against Scotland in 2011 in Alicante. If my memory serves, we didn't touch the ball for the first few minutes and it's likely he alone had more touches than our entire team across the 90 minutes. We've had some incredible players in Scotland in the last few decades (I'm 36 and very jealous of some names mentioned in this thread who played before my time) with Gazza, Laudrup and Larsson probably being the pick of those I've seen in the flesh. The best individual performance by a Scot that I've seen in the flesh was a young Barry Ferguson running the show against England at Wembley in the Euro 2000 play off second leg in Nov 1999. The whole team were brilliant that night but he in particular was outstanding, bossing the middle of the park against an England midfield including Ince, Redknapp, Beckham and Scholes. I cannot write this post and not include Killie players so, for what it's worth, the best I've seen in my time are Tommy Burns, Ray Montgomerie, Ian Durrant, Alexei Eremenko and Kris Boyd - all experts in their various and varied roles. In years to come, I'm confident of adding Alan Power to this list. Has anyone mentioned a goalie yet?!
  10. Agreed. A warrior. Half man half bandage. Expect him to look like a Mummy come the end of the season...and still be playing.
  11. He's playing for Scotland U17s tonight v Armenia and it's being shown live on the BBC Sport website if anyone's interested. 6pm k/o. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/50014071
  12. I don't think this reflects well on KB; sometimes it's appropriate to say nothing out of respect. That said, the part that concerns me most is: 'The majority of the players found it hard and I am not sure how many of them enjoy it.' This is obviously a not-so-subtle way of saying the players are not (in his opinion at least) enjoying it. Putting aside everything else, it's worrying that one of our (ex) senior players is saying this about the group of players still at the club. It's surely no stretch to think that such comments are hardly likely to entice potential targets to sign-up. As for the substance of KB's claims - it's very hard to make any kind of comment without firsthand knowledge.

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