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  1. Killiesub

    Club Announce New SLO

    What exactly do the KFCSA do? Aren't they supposed to be the voice of the supporters? Are their heads stuck in the sand? What is their role? Stand up and be counted or move on
  2. At least one highlight of a miserable weekend. before you come back, please go on a course related to not writing senseless posts thanks
  3. Killiesub

    TIK Are you In?

    I truly believe in TIK and that we need people who know KFC to be running the club above the current Board. after the past few weeks and after hearing stories about the internal running of the club, I have decided that I will be cancelling my subscription from this month. i refuse to support the current board and the direction they are taking they are taking us all, including TIK, for mugs.
  4. Killiesub

    Burke, Broadfoot, Bell, Power

    IF we had a board of directors who could question the manager's signings we may have a chance if we had a CEO who could question the manager's signings we may have a chance unfortunately we have neither and this wasted money on guys who can't or won't add value to the team will continue but hey, the manager was the players choice and he was well liked From Jim Mann to the current incumbents we see the negligible knowledge they have
  5. If I were you I'd start getting used to getting told your posts are senseless if you continue to write such drivel
  6. Killiesub

    Before LM goes

    That was woeful today. A team devoid of a game plan. A dire journey home! this isn't all LM's doing we have a board who appointed GL who then appointed LM we have a board who installed a plastic park we have a board who make appointment after appointment without any logical thought We have a board who think it's a great idea to install a hospitality suite in the corner of a stand Our football club isn't your play thing. It isn't a test bed to see how far you can go in life. It isn't a means for you to have something to do in your retirement. there is nothing in that boardroom which I would trust to run Our club. I wouldn't trust them to work as a group in any business I'm questioning why I support TIK to put money into that group. Where will it all end up. One against three imbeciles So before you sack LM, take a look at yourselves and realise this club is too big for your sh1te moving and installing fences..... oh and probably too big for your counting numbers move over before you kill our club and take LM with you!
  7. That is the most senseless statement I've read for a while..... well at least since Killie Hippo spoke about 10,000 season tickets. you can't just work for a communications company, send out tweets and think you are a marketing genius
  8. Good luck to the lad, a nice guy who deserves every success he gets. I hope the club don't let him dwn Our master tacticians at it again however employing someone with no marketing experience as head of marketing. Do they never learn from past mistakes?
  9. Killiesub

    What we have

    We have a Board of Dirctors who know nothing about running a fitba team We have another useless manager who will be punted in 2 years time We have a fitness coach who canny get our players fit We have nae grass We have a good squad who can't win games We have a CEO who has never and will never run a business We have a SLO who doesn't or canny engage like the last puppet We have a Hotel which isn't ours We have clowns who thought we could get 10000 ST's and new investors when the parasite left where is the fat Hippo now We have the lowest moral of any support in the league Any more reasons why our home support will continue to fall?
  10. Killiesub

    Club Announce New SLO

    Maybe it's because u r involved in KFCSA that you don't get members, u thot of that?
  11. Killiesub

    Club Announce New SLO

    Why should I do ur dirty work, it was a lame excuse which could be accountable for past few years but not for ur entire life why should u be creeping into all games free of charge when guys like us have a full family to pay for? even folk that work at RP talk about you
  12. Killiesub

    Pathetic Support.

    Where is the KillieHippo when you need him he had told us about us havin 10,000 season tickets
  13. Killiesub

    Club Announce New SLO

    Why don't you answer the question? all I hear is that you've never paid to get in with your big ego some chairman of KFCSA you are how can the supporters relate to you?
  14. Killiesub

    Questions for David Moran

    Folk on here very quick to slag the club off for making an arse of things - some right and some wrong, yet the same folk cant even upload the answers from a failed director ffs Hippo just upload them yourself lets no complain about the club until we do stuff right ourselves I've seen nothing of nobody on here or outside who could be making a difference from organising a egm to organising a petition to getting answers out to supporters
  15. Killiesub

    Stop fighting among us!!!

    I have a dream the dream is that the Kilmarnock football club is reunited with the Park Hotel that should be every Killie fans ultimate dream at this time forget about directors, forget about mj going, forget about this nonsense session with dAvid Moran. Get over your troubles and issues. Regaining the rightful asset of the hotel to the club should be the priority of evryone if u can't see it for the hatred now your heart, move over so others can take up the fight

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