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  1. AyrshireKillieG97

    Club v country

    From a supporter perspective, there's such a disinterest and lack of excitement surrounding international football in Scotland, largely down to the fact we haven't qualified for a competitive major tournament in almost 20 years. With that said, it's easy to say we'd rather follow Killie than having to go through a week of talking about and watching Scotland. But aye, as some have said, we can follow both. It's not a competition...
  2. AyrshireKillieG97

    Youssouf Mulumbu

    Mulumbu clearly has a lot of respect for SC, especially when he's travelled up here just to get himself fit. In all honesty, I'd be surprised if we manage to clinch a deal with him, especially re wages...would eclipse the surprise I felt when Clarke became boss. But aye, he'd be a good signing imo who'd bring a wealth of valuable experience. Hope Clarke plays his cards right providing he is seriously interested in signing him.
  3. AyrshireKillieG97

    Next Manager Thread

    Fully behind Steve Clarke becoming our next manager.
  4. AyrshireKillieG97

    Next Manager Thread

    Nah I’m not buying this. I can see your point but games are won by the team. Of course, Boyce was a crucial player, you’re right - but it’s a team game. McIntyre clearly had a bit of tactical understanding in terms of how to utilise Boyce and build a team around him.
  5. AyrshireKillieG97

    Jimmy Calderwood

    Far too young to be struck down by such a soul-destroying illness. Thoughts go out to him and his family. Hope he fights it as hard as he can.
  6. AyrshireKillieG97

    Starting 11 for celtic

    Waters was pretty bad v Berwick on Tuesday night so I'd be fearing for his career if he lines up v Sinclair or Forrest etc.
  7. AyrshireKillieG97

    Starting 11 for celtic

    Here's my team: GK - MacDonald RB - O'Donnell CB - Wilson & Greer LB - Taylor DM - Smith (lying deeper) CM - Frizzell (roaming forward) LM - Jones RM - Thomas CAM - Burke ST - Erwin Either that or play 4-5-1 and drop Frizzell or Burke for Power and clog up the midfield, defending for our lives.
  8. AyrshireKillieG97

    1 or 2 new players?

    The striker McCulloch is leaning towards is most probably Brophy. But as others have said, the midfield dilemma sticks out like a sore thumb, especially with the absence of Dicker and Power's fitness - that needs to be his priority. If there is a bit of manoeuvrability in the wage budget, then hopefully he does go all out to sign an experienced midfielder AND Brophy. But right now, he really needs to turn his attention to central midfield. A quick fix loan deal or the signing of a decent free agent is what he should be browsing for.
  9. AyrshireKillieG97

    Irn-Bru Cup v Berwick

    Smith has lasted one whole half so far - scenes.
  10. AyrshireKillieG97

    Irn-Bru Cup v Berwick

    No the whole idea of Colt teams playing this competition is nonsense. "Experience wise" it means nothing because most of the U20 teams will get knocked out after R1, so they'll get next to nothing out of it. Also, the SPFL are using the Challenge Cup to test the waters for eventually bringing Colt teams into the senior pyramid setup which would be disastrous for teams like Berwick and others in Champ, League 1/2.
  11. AyrshireKillieG97

    Irn-Bru Cup v Berwick

    And Innes Cameron is here but not involved in squad.
  12. AyrshireKillieG97

    Irn-Bru Cup v Berwick

    This is terrible. Mismatches all over the pitch. Berwick thoroughly deserve their 0-2 lead. Will Graham is the only real bright spark. Samizadeh has had a few decent touches but as for the rest, not much.
  13. AyrshireKillieG97

    Irn-Bru Cup v Berwick

  14. AyrshireKillieG97

    1 or 2 new players?

    This. Why didn't we use that part of the wage bill on a midfielder. Not another goalkeeper! Not saying I'm unhappy to see Cammy back but pushing sentiment to one side, think a midfielder instead would've been more wise.
  15. AyrshireKillieG97

    1 or 2 new players?

    We need a dynamic and creative midfielder, another Liam Kelly if you like. Someone who can pick out players ahead of him and cause a bit of bother for the opposition defences in the final third. Defensively, I think as the season progresses, it will become apparent that we'll be fine. I'd like to see Higgins given a chance in place of Broadfoot, especially after the uproar among Dundee supporters when he left - some were really sad to see him leave. And in the striker department, I think Brophy would be a welcome addition. Nippy, fast and would offer a different dimension as opposed to the burly figures of Boyd and Erwin (not saying being big and strong is a bad thing). But most of all, we need someone that we've already got, just injured...Dicker. We are desperately missing his calming influence and experience in the middle of the park. Perhaps, as someone said, a loan in this area would be ideal, even until January.

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