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  1. "...Dyer should do the right thing for the club and walk away before his reputation is left in tatters." https://www.thetwosquirrels.co.uk/post/sorry-alex-it-s-time-to-go Hi, folks. Not a great read here, but necessary to lay down why Dyer needs to go. Is this worse than when Lee McCulloch was in charge near the end of his tenure (just before Clarke's arrival)? Gary, The Two Squirrels.
  2. "C'mon, Killie. Three points and a small resurgence in the week before Christmas would spread a bit of joy and hope." https://www.thetwosquirrels.co.uk/post/aberdeen-h-can-we-conjure-up-a-christmas-miracle Hi, folks. Preview of tomorrow's 12pm clash with Aberdeen is now up on the blog. Is this as negative as you have been this season heading into a Killie game? Or is there hope in us getting an encouraging result? Gary, The Two Squirrels.
  3. "Fresh faces, 4-4-2 and three goals scored despite a red card after eight minutes - it was an eventful yet joyous afternoon at Rugby Park on Saturday for Kilmarnock." Analysis of Saturday's win vs Ross County, now up on The Two Squirrels. https://www.thetwosquirrels.co.uk/post/10-man-killie-source-winning-formula-to-sweep-aside-sorry-ross-county Gary, The Two Squirrels.
  4. He definitely can ability-wise. It’s a question of whether his current state of fitness can allow him to. I’ve heard he played well in the cup games so I think, to keep his momentum going, start him tomorrow. And if he does tire, take him off at some point after the interval. Dropping out, for me, would have to be Dicker or Power. It’s a tough one...
  5. A preview of the Ross County clash tomorrow, folks. Will we change our regular league line-up and go with 4-4-2? https://www.thetwosquirrels.co.uk/post/ross-county-a-time-for-some-fresh-faces-and-4-4-2 Gary, The Two Squirrels.
  6. Hi, folks. A historical article for you all this time, as I write about former Kilmarnock goalkeeper Jim Stewart and his unique record. Hopefully you all enjoy. Comments appreciated. https://www.thetwosquirrels.co.uk/post/the-story-of-killie-s-only-player-to-feature-in-a-scotland-major-finals-squad Gary, The Two Squirrels.
  7. I completely agree with your first point. A stuffy midfield is needed against teams who can hurt you, like the current top 4. I also agree with your last point. I genuinely think we have a really strong squad that can finish sixth or at the worst, seventh.
  8. Completely agree. We got an inkling of his talent in his cameo vs Rangers and from what I’ve heard, he strolled it against Clyde. He’s far too good a player at this level to be left on the bench. I’m surprised there’s rumours flying around saying he’s still not fit enough, after 4 months at RP. He just needs game time and we’ll have an excellent player at our disposal every week.
  9. An article I wrote for my Killie blog, The Two Squirrels, discussing what Alex Dyer could do to turn around Killie's recent poor form. https://www.thetwosquirrels.co.uk/post/how-does-alex-dyer-smoothen-killie-s-topsy-turvy-campaign Thoughts below would be appreciated. Gary, The Two Squirrels.
  10. Thanks for the support! I have plenty of time on my hands so I'll do my best to get as many compelling features out as possible.
  11. Afternoon, ladies and gents. Hope you're all keeping safe. Not sure if this is even allowed but if it's fine, I just wanted to let you all know about a Killie blog I've started that you may be interested in. It's called 'The Two Squirrels'. I have already posted twice on the website and the associated social media channels are active as well - you'll find them on the website. Here's the link: www.thetwosquirrels.co.uk I'll be writing features, news and other general Killie content. Not much to write about just now which means the content will be heavily featu
  12. From a supporter perspective, there's such a disinterest and lack of excitement surrounding international football in Scotland, largely down to the fact we haven't qualified for a competitive major tournament in almost 20 years. With that said, it's easy to say we'd rather follow Killie than having to go through a week of talking about and watching Scotland. But aye, as some have said, we can follow both. It's not a competition...