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  1. Big move to Motherwell, that went well for him.
  2. Correct, as long as parents teach there kids to hate the old filth for what they are and nothing to do with religion
  3. He’s waiting on the poll results of him or Griffiths
  4. Thought it was between Kabamba and Dicker for man of the match on Sunday
  5. Played with a s**te team with a s**te defence wouldn’t bother what those c**ts say
  6. He’s almost 37 and probably one of the fittest and most talented players at the club , spare me all this crap about resting players after 2 games.
  7. Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to rest Burke a few games into the season, one of the only potential match winners in the side.
  8. Never underestimate Gary Dicker in Old Filth games, immense.
  9. Spot on , cover in every position.
  10. You’re the idiot responding
  11. Stupidity? That’s your take on it, pretty sure there is plenty out there who think the same as me but because of all this pc s**te they feel they must go along with it.
  12. So you sit in your living room and think she talks sense? These ladies are in the studio to keep everything pc

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