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  1. Would love to see him and Findlay together for a full season but would be surprised if Findlay is still here by Xmas never mind getting Del Fabro back.
  2. Aberdeen are c@nts
  3. Knew Baker had some story in that game
  4. Was it not Martin Baker at Parkhead
  5. Can’t remember him much playing against us but Alex Rae just now is the biggest prick around.
  6. Still painful watching that sheep game.
  7. Definitely old terracing
  8. Here’s hoping, self entitled w@nkers
  9. That’ll be good for small businesses
  10. Couldn’t afford him.
  11. If ever a manager was suited to manage Rangers it’s McInnes. Horrible wee man that always has to blame someone/ something else, moans at the officials continuously ,encourages his players to cheat and never credits the opposition. Can’t stand the wee gorgeous man.
  12. Was the guy not injury prone before we signed him? We’re now down to the bare bones if we were going to get someone whose out of contract surely early February was the time to give him a chance to get up to speed, sign someone now what’s the fitness going to be like. Another few injuries and we’re going to struggle big time.
  13. Somebody’s surely accountable for signing someone like Bunn , players getting to the stage of signing then failing a medical then we sign Bunn. A very small squad when we seemingly upped the budget.
  14. Alex Rae thinks it’s shocking that Hearts have 7000 empty seats when you could have had more The Rangers fans there, heard that one before “ f**king hilarious “
  15. Was a shame to see all those sad faces.

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