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  1. Bobby14

    Season tickets

    None, but that’s not my point. they went to games, bought pies, juice, sweets etc. All money the club would never have had. Aside from the financial aspect, they got the chance to watch premier league football on a Saturday afternoon and we still talk about it now. You don’t need to be a Killie fan to go to Rugby Park and enjoy watching a game.
  2. Bobby14

    Season tickets

    I often took friends to RP who supported the old firm when I was wee.
  3. Bobby14

    Incomings and outgoings.

    I’d have Spittal as well, young with plenty to improve but great from set plays and offers something different.
  4. Bobby14

    Would you rather

    They’re budget will be tiny in comparison and I doubt with the financial problems they’ve had over the years they will be willing to throw money at it to stay in the top league
  5. Bobby14

    Would you rather

    Livingston. “New” ground to visit. Whipping boys. Good story. 2 up, 2 down. Deserve it. Might be a bit hypocritical/egotistical after our performances in recent seasons but I think the top league should be 2 up 2 down to keep it fresh. Also, it’s easier to stay in the premiership than it is to get out the second tier. The play offs are good but are loaded in the favour of the Premiership team, so I’m glad to see a “wee’er“ team come up. f**k Partick, only negative is they bring more to the league than Hamilton (my preference for the drop). dare I say it... Livingston to go straight back down is a certainty!
  6. 119 dribbles more than any other player, that’s some stat!
  7. Bobby14

    Phyllis McLeish

    But Dave Kings a “Rangers man” so he can be trusted
  8. Bobby14

    Chris Burke

    We could let him go and use the cash to sign a younger player who would probably add more to the team than just dead ball deliveries. If he’s on the bench he can’t take a corner.
  9. Bobby14

    Stevie Clarke

    It’s class, you can go 1-11 and it’s original!
  10. Bobby14

    Opinions needed Derek McInnes

    There’s a lot of hate towards Aberdeen and in particular Derek McInnes on this forum so probably not the best way judge popular opinion of the manager. I think he’s done well with Aberdeen but as mentioned, doesn’t do well in the big games. He does have a bigger budget, but he’s put together a very strong squad who are more than capable of beating the smaller clubs in the league. He has lost a few of his top players over the last few years and will be in the same position this summer. Taking this in to account, his record and consistency over the last 3 years has been excellent, and a win on Sunday will secure second place despite a stronger challenge coming from Hibs and Rangers this season. His side are also regulars in the semi finals and finals of the cups.
  11. Bobby14

    Stevie Clarke

    Do do do do do do... Alex Dyer do do do do do do... Jordan Jones do do do do do do do... Disclaimer** anybody with a child under 3 will know this song.
  12. Bobby14

    Champagne Charlie

    He’s a fitba manager doing a good job, he’s going to be linked, get f**kin over it
  13. Bobby14

    Next season ambition

    We were going to win the Europa League three weeks ago I’d be happy with top 6 again next season.
  14. Bobby14

    Hearts match

    Queue the rage at the suggestion of lowering the ticket prices and the “we’re the cheapest in the league” bulls**t.
  15. Bobby14

    Rangers away, Fred

    That’s just a brain washed, narrow minded scheme goblin. Lived in a bubble all her life.

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