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  1. I agree with you, but I think there will be rewards for the clubs who work fast and get their squads sorted. Unfortunately in recent times, that has not been us.
  2. I completely agree with that. By “no further benefits” I meant things like priority when buying cup tickets.
  3. There will be a lot of supporters who see season ticket money as a donation to the club and can afford to do so. If the club want to sell season tickets on that basis, then it is a revenue stream worth opening up. In doing so, the club should stress that football will likely be behind closed doors and those who purchase tickets are doing so with no prospect of attending live football. They should also stress that, whilst the gesture is appreciated, they will receive no future benefits at the expense of others, and all supporters will be catered for when we are allowed back into the ground. Effectively, no supporter will be punished for putting personal finance before that of the club.
  4. I take your point on Waters. By the time the season kicks off, Kirk Broadfoot will be 36. He played in 17 and missed 13 games thru injury last season. I don’t see him being first choice.
  5. I don’t want to be too critical, but that’s a ridiculous idea. First of all, in all honesty, I don’t think we’d have a problem with social distancing at RP. Second, why would the club spend money on the initial outlay for “hampers”. Who wants a Hamper at the football? third, why would the government relax the alcohol ban? Finally, how many of our avid supporters can afford to spend £50 on a ticket for a home game? The club would be pricing people out of watching matches, which would have a negative long term impact.
  6. I’d let McDonald move on. Millen, Broadfoot and Waters are back up players. As above, think we’d accept an offer for Findlay. Midfield looks solid if unspectacular, I think Kiltie would push for a start in there but we definitely need to sign the much talked about “creative player” we’ve missed for a couple of years. Think Brophy could be off if a decent offer comes in. Kabamba may not be the best striker we’ve ever signed, but has a decent work rate and chips in with the odd goal. Long and short is that we need a Goalkeeper, a whole new defence, probably two midfielders and two strikers, all of whom would need to be first team ready and Premiership quality. Very big ask.
  7. Bobby14


    Wes Foderingham releases by Rangers, would you take him for us? I think he’lol end up back in England, but he’d be an upgrade on McDonald and both GK from last season.
  8. Bobby14


    From a board point of view, due to current circumstances, there would be no rush to make a decision.
  9. Horrible. The neck designs hideous.
  10. "Just now you're thinking, 'is it going to be July, August before teams are actually building for next season'? "Just now I'm not worried. Maybe in two months' time I'll be a slightly more stressful man. I've been fortunate, I've been offered something and it's my choice."
  11. Sounds very much like he’s on the lookout for a new club.
  12. Aye I’d say so. Each manufacturer‘s kits are a variation of probably 2 designs, so clubs supplied by Hummel across the world will have (for example) shirts with the same collar design. I think bespoke means that we won’t have the exact same kit as another Hummel supplied club who play in blue and white stripes, as happened with Nike on a couple of occasions. The collar design on the Ayr shirt is hideous IMO. Let’s hope it’s not the same on ours.
  13. Do they? All kits follow the same basic design, so if we do, I’m sure it’ll be pretty limited.
  14. Really not a fan of Hummel kits in the last few years, and if it’s a design similar to Ayr’s then I can’t see it being a classic.
  15. I quite like it as it is, might be a bit busy if it were across the full body.

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