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  1. Think tshbola still has a lot to do before he can be considered with them. started well but we’ve seen his inconsistencies before. Power is excellent. His range of passing never gets mentioned, but he plays a 60yrd diagonal as good as anyone. Dickers come in for a bit of stock recently, but his performance on Sunday showed exactly why he plays every week. Breaks up play, wis second balls, very rarely shells the ball and the majority of the time keeps possetion.
  2. Think dyer will stick with the tried and rest. McKenzie always plays in these games, his work rate means he is a must. Think Brophy will start ahead of Kabamba, both work hard for the team, but he is more likely to hit the net.
  3. Could we, and Scottish football as a whole stand to benefit? I realise that wage bills of £1.5m and £2.5m are probably north fo what we pay currently, but it may force clubs in L1 & L2 to work with smaller squads, potentially creating a bottle neck of players who are of a higher standard to those where we are already shopping.
  4. In my eyes, Iain Wright lost any credibility as a pundit when he proclaimed the Arsenal defence “Can get got at”. Still trying to make sense of his use of past tense to describe the present tense. An unstoppable moron. Jenas gets a hard time, but he’s far from the worst. Quite liked him on BT Sport with higher grade of pundit.
  5. I really like Alex Scott. Theres not much competition with regards to Shearer and Wright, but she definitely seems the most knowledgeable on the bbc panel.
  6. “I’m not sexist but...” is something an idiot says, before said idiot goes on to say something sexist... Regardless of your take on “snowflakes” and “political correctness s**te”.
  7. Shelly Kerr? Not particularly. But that’s not the point you made, and my comment was mostly in reference to the stupidity of yours.
  8. Been a record and fast forward job for years. Glad that Jonathon Sutherland is off it tho, need rid of the main commentator too imo.
  9. I actually agree with the OP. They could have been a bit more accommodating. I’m sure small businesses across the country would be more flexible if it guaranteed some custom, especially the way things are just now.
  10. Or maybe he enjoyed his time at St. Mirren and sees his future there.

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