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  1. Katrina has been in situ since returning from furlough.
  2. Anyone wishing to purchase a season ticket in person can visit Katrina at the Ticket Office at the stadium. Contact details are on the website and she's very keen to help. For ease, number is 01563 545311 or Katrinawatson@kilmarnockfc.co.uk OFFICE OPENING HOURS Weekdays - 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm. (Tuesday 4th August 1pm - 4pm only as Katrina has a morning meeting)
  3. At the risk of spoiling pages of 'moanfest' fun on this thread by the usual suspects, could I suggest that anyone wanting to purchase a season ticket 'offline' should contact Katrina or visit the Ticket Office at the stadium. Contact details are on the website and she's very keen to help. For ease, number is 01563 545311 or Katrinawatson@kilmarnockfc.co.uk AVAILABLE Weekdays - 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm. *Tuesday 4/8 only: 1pm - 4pm (Katrina has a meeting that morning)
  4. https://www.thekillietrust.com/join-the-trust
  5. Here's a thought..... The Trust have a hidden team board. 100 teams @ £10/team = £1,000 for the Club. Prize 1. Adult season ticket (hidden team) Prize 2. Choice of home/away shirt (hidden team) Family season ticket to the Trust to give to local Social Work Department for allocation to vulnerable families. You up for taking this on?
  6. I think all of this has been well documented in at least one other thread on here. Let's try, at least, to keep this encouragingly positive message 'positive' ..........please??
  7. I really don't think a rocket is required. I'm absolutely certain that no one took any satisfaction from this episode.
  8. That would be a fantastic landmark. In real terms, having 500 subscribers per month would mean almost £100k going into our Club on an annual basis.
  9. This. ......and there's always the option of joining the Trust and subscribing any amount to our 'Trust in Killie' campaign, where every pound goes to the Club. £73k from subscribers since mid-March is an absolutely fantastic effort.
  10. The Club are well aware of supporters concerns regarding pricing and will come up with a fair deal. It goes without saying that they need supporters to really get behind the Club when the sale of season tickets and the new strip begins, as there are concerns about balancing the books too.
  11. Exactly this! The Club liaised with the players union on this too. Wages were made up to 100%. Player's had to agree to all this so where is the breach of contract? No one can nip in and sign our players while they are furloughed if they have an ongoing contract. I believe that the current plan is for players to return to training on 15th June so they'll come off furlough then. This is all quite simple compared to other stuff that the Club is having to deal with.
  12. Totally get your cunning plan G. It's just that the Club are devising their own where they won't have to pay the initial cost.
  13. Should have added above that the Club have plans in hand where they don't need to pay for a machine, just the tests......which will of course, cost money also.
  14. As everyone probably realises, Covid-19 is providing many financial challenges to our Club which previously didn't exist. In fact these financial challenges will continue to arise for some time to come and some stark choices will have to be made and the cloth cut accordingly across many departments. With the obvious lack of income since mid-March, it's been great to see our support react so positively by purchasing shares in the Club, signing up to the Trust and also our 'Trust in Killie' campaign, while also refusing, where possible, the option to have last seasons season ticket money re
  15. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the £55 raised to date. This will be added to our 'Trust in Killie' money totalled at the end of the month and then transferred straight to the Club to help during these very challenging financial times.