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  1. This. ......and there's always the option of joining the Trust and subscribing any amount to our 'Trust in Killie' campaign, where every pound goes to the Club. £73k from subscribers since mid-March is an absolutely fantastic effort.
  2. The Club are well aware of supporters concerns regarding pricing and will come up with a fair deal. It goes without saying that they need supporters to really get behind the Club when the sale of season tickets and the new strip begins, as there are concerns about balancing the books too.
  3. Exactly this! The Club liaised with the players union on this too. Wages were made up to 100%. Player's had to agree to all this so where is the breach of contract? No one can nip in and sign our players while they are furloughed if they have an ongoing contract. I believe that the current plan is for players to return to training on 15th June so they'll come off furlough then. This is all quite simple compared to other stuff that the Club is having to deal with.
  4. Totally get your cunning plan G. It's just that the Club are devising their own where they won't have to pay the initial cost.
  5. Should have added above that the Club have plans in hand where they don't need to pay for a machine, just the tests......which will of course, cost money also.
  6. As everyone probably realises, Covid-19 is providing many financial challenges to our Club which previously didn't exist. In fact these financial challenges will continue to arise for some time to come and some stark choices will have to be made and the cloth cut accordingly across many departments. With the obvious lack of income since mid-March, it's been great to see our support react so positively by purchasing shares in the Club, signing up to the Trust and also our 'Trust in Killie' campaign, while also refusing, where possible, the option to have last seasons season ticket money refunded. Currently the Trust is transferring £7,000/month to the Club (nearly £73k since the start of lockdown) and this money is gratefully received and prioritised accordingly. The Club more than ever need the backing of our support when the new season ticket sale begins too, in whatever form it appears. I know that a lot of time has been spent working on trying to get a fair pricing package whilst also trying to balance the books. Hopefully word on that in the very near future. The virus has also conspired to delay the physical launch of the new strip but hopefully pre-orders will provide much needed revenue here too. The Trust will continue to work very closely with the Club and do what we can to provide funding, particularly in areas where finances will definitely be necessary to allow supporters to eventually return to Rugby Park. We will, through Cathy's monthly updates, keep you up to speed on what is happening at the Club, where the financial challenges are arising, and what projects we can take on to help ease the burden. If ever there was a time to join the Trust and also, if possible, our Trust in Killie campaign then it is surely now.
  7. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the £55 raised to date. This will be added to our 'Trust in Killie' money totalled at the end of the month and then transferred straight to the Club to help during these very challenging financial times.
  8. This isn't a new share issue. Shares have always been available to purchase for £1/share for a minimum of 50 shares. The more supporters who are individual shareholders the better imo, particularly during this severe financial time for the Club when there currently is no income coming in and ongoing costs to continually deal with. As was said previously in this thread - "This has had to be dealt with very carefully as the sales of shares in a private company are different to shares in a PLC which are openly traded. Sales of shares are open to anyone, not just season ticket holders, and always have been, so that is not an issue...it just had to be worded like that." Every £1 contributed to the 'Trust in Killie' campaign on a monthly basis is also buying a share for Trust members and the money received by the Club is greatly valued, particularly just now. The company dealing with the administration of this process, like a lot of other businesses, have extremely limited staff to deal with applications and obviously have to prioritise their own workload. Club staff too are mostly 'furloughed' and the shares are being processed in batches. Indeed, Billy Bowie signed a couple of hundred share certificates this week so they should be arriving on doormats very soon. If you have considered becoming a shareholder in our Club and can afford to purchase some, your application will be appreciated. Please, just be patient with the process just now.
  9. It's a simple process to join the Trust. PayPal fees are far higher than our GoCardless secure banking system so we're trying to phase that out. Become a member here - https://killietrust.killiefc.com/en/join-the-trust_48766/ You can also subscribe to our 'Trust in Killie' campaign here - https://killietrust.killiefc.com/en/trust-in-killie_56097/ You can also make one off donations of any amount to the Trust bank account and I will ensure that it goes to the Club on a monthly basis. Sort Code: 80 08 53 Account Number: 06046074 Every penny goes to the Club. Despite the current climate of financial uncertainty for everyone, there has been an overwhelming response from Killie supporters from all over the country. We'll get a financial update out to Trust members next week. Thanks to everyone for the contributions so far.
  10. The £40k was the money that we ring fenced for the wheelchair platform which I'm now led to believe has recently received a Building Warrant. It was going to the Club at the end of this project and was gathering stoor in the Trust bank account. As previously stated, BB and our Board are fully committed to seeing this project through and we will receive 40,000 shares in return as well, in addition to the £10k that we gave from our general funds. If you want to upgrade your monthly subscription, that'd be fantastic. As you say, please cancel your current direct debit to TiK, start again and I'll merge your donations at this end. Fantastic response today people.
  11. Just for clarification. The Trust will get additional shares in the Club and the wheelchair viewing platform WILL be constructed in the Moffat Stand as soon as it possibly can. BB and the board are totally committed to our project.
  12. We have suffered in the past from complete nonsense getting spouted about the Trust despite our best efforts........as has been well documented here. We've made a conscious effort to 'up the ante' and dispel the myths this year. We appreciate that better and more regular communications is key to recruitment, to show what we are up to whenever possible. If there are any Killie fans who work in the recruitment sphere and could spare time to get us even more on track, please, please, get in touch. Lochlin Highet is the Sports Editor of the Kilmarnock Standard. He's a diehard Killie fan, member of the Trust and monthly subscriber to our initiative. Lochlin gets all of our communications. I've sent stuff to him previously. I'm hoping to meet him on Friday when I'll give him 'carte blanche' to promote us in the local paper whenever he can. Lochie, you have been warned........and it's your turn for the coffee!!
  13. 336 Trust members have voted (51%) which is a fantastic response. As a spin off, I'm delighted at the number of people who have now become members, decided to subscribe to TiK and indeed those who have upgraded their subscription. I've been up to neck in positive email responses this morning and I'd like to personally thank everyone for taking the time to contact us late last night and this morning. WELCOME to our new members and subscribers and, of course, many thanks to our long standing members/subscribers for believing in what we are now achieving! You are strengthening our voice within the Club. Contributions are genuinely making a difference and are appreciated by all departments within the Club...including our board of directors. PLEASE NOTE: There are quite a significant number of TiK subscribers who are not members and therefore are ineligible to vote. We have tried to remedy this by emailing each person to inform them of this. If you've not received voting access, please get in touch.
  14. Apologies. Should be all sorted now. Trust badge inserts (and removals ) will appear soon.

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