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  1. It's a simple process to join the Trust. PayPal fees are far higher than our GoCardless secure banking system so we're trying to phase that out. Become a member here - https://killietrust.killiefc.com/en/join-the-trust_48766/ You can also subscribe to our 'Trust in Killie' campaign here - https://killietrust.killiefc.com/en/trust-in-killie_56097/ You can also make one off donations of any amount to the Trust bank account and I will ensure that it goes to the Club on a monthly basis. Sort Code: 80 08 53 Account Number: 06046074 Every penny goes to the Club. Despite the current climate of financial uncertainty for everyone, there has been an overwhelming response from Killie supporters from all over the country. We'll get a financial update out to Trust members next week. Thanks to everyone for the contributions so far.
  2. The £40k was the money that we ring fenced for the wheelchair platform which I'm now led to believe has recently received a Building Warrant. It was going to the Club at the end of this project and was gathering stoor in the Trust bank account. As previously stated, BB and our Board are fully committed to seeing this project through and we will receive 40,000 shares in return as well, in addition to the £10k that we gave from our general funds. If you want to upgrade your monthly subscription, that'd be fantastic. As you say, please cancel your current direct debit to TiK, start again and I'll merge your donations at this end. Fantastic response today people.
  3. Just for clarification. The Trust will get additional shares in the Club and the wheelchair viewing platform WILL be constructed in the Moffat Stand as soon as it possibly can. BB and the board are totally committed to our project.
  4. We have suffered in the past from complete nonsense getting spouted about the Trust despite our best efforts........as has been well documented here. We've made a conscious effort to 'up the ante' and dispel the myths this year. We appreciate that better and more regular communications is key to recruitment, to show what we are up to whenever possible. If there are any Killie fans who work in the recruitment sphere and could spare time to get us even more on track, please, please, get in touch. Lochlin Highet is the Sports Editor of the Kilmarnock Standard. He's a diehard Killie fan, member of the Trust and monthly subscriber to our initiative. Lochlin gets all of our communications. I've sent stuff to him previously. I'm hoping to meet him on Friday when I'll give him 'carte blanche' to promote us in the local paper whenever he can. Lochie, you have been warned........and it's your turn for the coffee!!
  5. 336 Trust members have voted (51%) which is a fantastic response. As a spin off, I'm delighted at the number of people who have now become members, decided to subscribe to TiK and indeed those who have upgraded their subscription. I've been up to neck in positive email responses this morning and I'd like to personally thank everyone for taking the time to contact us late last night and this morning. WELCOME to our new members and subscribers and, of course, many thanks to our long standing members/subscribers for believing in what we are now achieving! You are strengthening our voice within the Club. Contributions are genuinely making a difference and are appreciated by all departments within the Club...including our board of directors. PLEASE NOTE: There are quite a significant number of TiK subscribers who are not members and therefore are ineligible to vote. We have tried to remedy this by emailing each person to inform them of this. If you've not received voting access, please get in touch.
  6. Apologies. Should be all sorted now. Trust badge inserts (and removals ) will appear soon.
  7. Although Safe Standing wasn't really on the Club's radar initially, the need for an upgraded wheelchair viewing platform certainly is. The recommended wheelchair capacity is 80 spaces for our crowd attendance. Ploughing money into projects that benefits supporters and the football club allows the Club to target money to other areas.......like the playing budget. Just taking an obvious opportunity to beat the drum as always.
  8. You are right. It is an open forum and football is all about opinions and being respectful of the opinions even if you disagree. I'm definitely not trying to be the big 'I am' here and, anyone who knows me will vouch that the profile that comes with being the democratically elected chair of this fans organisation doesn't sit easily. I'm consistent in preaching the gospel about trying to unite all our fans to join the Trust. To try and make us a bigger and more effective organisation in helping our Club and our supporters. I'd love our Trust to be the trailblazers in initiatives and community related projects and not be in the wake of Hearts, Motherwell, St. Mirren etc in this regard. Not easy when there's constant negativity hitting the Club on all fronts. Our aim has always been to do what we can to help the Club to be all it can be. I believe that every person on this forum cares about our Club and could maybe do that wee bit extra to make us better. This can't be done in a piecemeal fashion. There has to be a level of organisation. That organisation is the Trust. If you don't want to join, there'll always be something you might be able to contribute but we've created the mechanism for you to do it. I've always believed in meeting our biggest critics head on in an effort to turn the tide. DrewWylie did appear, just not at the time I'd initially arranged and I wasn't aware of that until much later. I contacted him to reschedule and hoped there would be a 'cease fire' until we had the chance of a blether face to face about his constant and completely misinformed criticism of the Trust and, in particular, our representative on the Club board. After nearly two whole days on Thursday and Friday working on stuff with various people from the Club, it's disheartening to read the 'same old, same old' on the forum from him. He rightly said in his PM to me that he 'didn't see what this was going to achieve' so I won't be wasting both my time and Cathy's again with further dialogue. The Trust will move on apace, leave these dinosaurs in our wing mirrors and we will attempt to communicate our business to one and all in a better fashion in the hope that it'll encourage others to join and help. I'm available to discuss all Trust stuff with anyone and everyone to achieve this. Ironically the Trust pay for these forums in their entirety to allow criticism to be levelled and everyone's opinions on all matters to be aired. Justified criticism I'll hold my hands up to and try and make us better. Lies, misinformation, back stabbing and abuse I'm quite prepared to take on and call out. Unfortunately, it comes with the role.
  9. Wasn't aware I had to clock in with you. What point were you trying to make her?
  10. Jeeeez! This is the kind of moronic rubbish that I was hoping to avoid you continually spouting about Mr Easterbook. Could you not have at least maintained 'radio silence' until we could reschedule? Cathy and I were both there yesterday at the time originally stated but unfortunately, as I was doing other Trust business that morning at the Club, I missed your PM on here trying to arrange an earlier time. If I'd known that, I'd have saved Cathy a needless journey. You and OldKillie should really keep schtum with your prejudices and negativity until you hear the truth instead of once again embarrassing yourself in an open forum.
  11. Brian, I know that you are a long standing critic of the Trust ..........and Cathy too. Your constant public criticism has warranted a genuine public response. Rather than continually spread unfounded negativity about us and damage your credibility any further, can I invite you to come and meet both Cathy and I to discuss any issues you have face to face? Please feel free to invite Robert along too. PM me with some suitable times/dates and I'll happily try to resolve this.
  12. Jeeeez!! Cannae believe I omitted that point! Thanks.
  13. Just to clarify the above, you can donate/subscribe ANY amount to TiK as and when you like. We have one member subscribing a very welcome £2.13/month (after exorbitant PayPal charges....... please everyone, consider GoCardless). Looks like a standing order/direct debit was changed in this instance. Great gesture, thanks. The £10/£15/£25 monthly subscription packages get you involved in our monthly prize draws. We are slowly but surely growing our shareholding through TiK investment. David Heath, our former Chief Executive has donated his shares to the Trust as well. @Thebigguy68 says "It is not a fans obligation to find investment or creative thinking to move a club forward" but it's the Trust's vision to help, maintain and support a modern, sustainable professional football club in any way we can and we do this financially via TiK. I respect his viewpoint (and it's held by an awful lot of our support) that "Fans should be that. Fans. The investment should be buying season tickets or match tickets. A scarf or hat. There should be no expectation of a fans investment beyond that." By purchasing a season ticket and club merchandise your financial input in this regard is, of course, vital but I seem to recall at an AGM a few years ago that season ticket money accounted for around about 11% of the Clubs income so we need to be a bit creative if we all want the type of competitive Club that'll keep us in the top half of the league. We also want supporters to be more than customers. We want supporters to feel like they are a member of Kilmarnock Football Club. TiK is certainly not about creating an Uber Fans group or creating any sort of division between those who subscribe and those who do not.. Now, the Trust are part owners in the Club and are one third of the current board. We have given supporters the strongest voice within the Club’s structure since the Club was founded. Trust members now have a responsibility to do all we can to drive the Club forward and we are determined to do that in as many ways as we can. The more members we get, the stronger we are as a Trust and the greater benefits we can bring to the Club and community. Has there been a better time to join up and/or help with the TiK campaign? (Acht! Never could resist an opportunity to beat the drum......and lets face it, you expect it from me! )

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